Why we should use food contact gloves and how to choose

More and more  bacteria and viruses invade human’s lives, especially in the air and water, then go into the foods, finally get into people’s body, make we sick and not healthy before we knew it.

People new has increased the sense of hygiene in last years, the average of chinese human longevity has increased to 73, but it is only 44 in 1960s, people protect themselves much better when they have better life. It is not happen in China, also happen in the world. From 1960 to 2016,world’s average human longevity increased from 52 to 68 years old.

Eating food is the main channel that bacteria and viruses go into people’s bodies, so it is very important to keep food clean and hygiene. Hands are what we use to eat foods, it is very important to keep hands clean and hygiene.

Clean and disinfect hands or wear gloves on hands is the main way to protect hands and foods, especially in food making factory or food market, workers are needed to do both, clean, disinfect hands, then wear gloves. I suggest you to use disposable gloves to avoid cross infection between foods.

Recently in the world, disposable gloves mainly include Poly gloves, CPE gloves, TPE gloves, Vinyl Gloves, NBR gloves and Latex gloves. I suggest you use poly gloves or CPE gloves or TPE gloves. Some food is acidic or alkalinity, Vinyl gloves, NBR gloves are not able to resistance them and easy to drop its material into the food. So Europe and Japan has forbidden to use Vinyl gloves in food industry. Latex gloves are very rich and may cause allergy to human, so very less people like to use it in food contacting. Poly gloves, CPE gloves and TPE gloves are made from PE, Polyethylene. It is high resistance to acidic and alkalinity, and also because PE material are very cheap and easy to get, the prices of those gloves are cheapest!  And another important is PE also resistance to bacteria and viruses! That cause those gloves widely used and are the biggest quantity in the world.

Japanese mainly use Blue CPE gloves in food factories for workers, because they are thicker than PE, can used for a whole day, good water tightness. American customers mainly purchase HDPE for food factories, because they are very easy to use and cheapest!

How much time you will use the disposable gloves on your hands is very important reason to choose gloves. If you will wear a pair of gloves for a whole day, i suggest you use CPE or TPE gloves. If you just wear a pair of gloves for a while, Poly gloves is ok enough. If you will do something complex food or work, TPE can help a lot, because they are fit you hands well.

When you choose PE or CPE or TPE gloves, first test them, wear a piece of glove, make fist 50 times to see whether it’s broken or not. Secondly you need to open a box to check is there any broken gloves and count one boxes whether the quantity is enough for printed quantity on the box. Finaly fill the glove full of water to check whether it can bear the weight. If all test past, congratulations, you have chosen the good one.

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  1. Jessie says:

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    My name is Jessie.

    Thanks for your work, how can i get your gloves. We need the healthy and food contact gloves.

    Jessie Hanson


  2. Pawan says:

    Hi, I’m Pawan,

    I just agree your words, and surely we all choose the food contact gloves when we need them.

    Have a good day!

  3. Jeniffer says:

    Hi, this is Jeniffer.
    Thanks for your introducing of the Food Contact gloves, i now know how to choose.

  4. Anna says:

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    I’m interested in you food contact gloves, could you help me to buy some. I have wrote you email, pls reply me.

  5. Emma Irina says:

    Hi, this is Irina.
    I will use the disposable gloves for food contact as you suggest.
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Jeniffer says:

    Hi, this is Jeniffer. I will send you quotation about the food contact gloves soon, pls reply.


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