Why more and more people choose TPE and CPE gloves

More and more persons choose CPE and TPE gloves instead of PVC and Nitrile gloves, no matter they are cheaper, but also they can cover most of daily work, and also better for environment.

What are CPE and TPE gloves

CPE and TPE gloves are made of the most PE material and made by T-die casting machines, not use CPE material, just normal PE material, so they are accepted for food contact.

Use 2-4 different types of PE material mixing and melted, after suddenly cool down, it will be a very thin film. After made with a roll, it will be stamped by a glove model, packed into a bag and box as required.


Strong tensile, Good grip

Strong enough and good grip make sure the gloves can be easily used in food contact and food preparing industry. TPE gloves’ tensile is above 3.0N and elongation is above 500%, nearly same with PVC gloves, and it is fit for hands, can be used in lots of works. CPE gloves are strong enough and much cheaper than PVC gloves.

The material of TPE and CPE gloves

The main material of TPE and CPE gloves are mostly same, they are LDPE, LLDPE and MLLDPE, but TPE contain the most different component is TPE. That material can increase the elongation and tensile of the film, and also make the gloves feeling soft and better fit.

And no matter LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE and TPE are all food contact, and no harm to the environment.

How to produce the TPE and CPE gloves

1, Material mixed, this first step is very important, mix the several types of material enough time, that will help the film equality and easy to melted and stamped.

2, Film cast, put the mixed material into the T-die casting machines, the machines will melt the material and press it into film, then roll it.


3, Gloves stamp, take the rolls of film on the gloves stamp machines, use the gloves model to heat the film into glove appearance, tear off the offcut.


4, Quality inspect and packing, after making the gloves and packing them into bags or boxes, the workers will inspect the quality firstly. And after packing, the QC will exam the tensile, elongation, quality, sealing tensile.


Less harmful to environment

Environment is more important than ever before, we should choose less harmful gloves, Though the PE film and also hard to biodegrade, but in the production time, it is very litter harm. The TPE and CPE and PE gloves are much better than PVC and Nitrile gloves.

Gloves’ Future

No one want to destroy the environment and our earth mother, but we also need to survive. 2020 we are experiencing the 2019-COVID, the gloves are demanded most than ever before, but we also know it is very harmful to the environment, we searching and trying a lot of material that called biodegradable material, but no one type can meet our requirements, no matter the performance and feeling, and also because of the biodegradable function, it is not allowed in touching food. Of course the price is 3-5 times than normal gloves.

We hope some one can develop the real biodegradable additive, or some new plastic than can be biodegradable 100% but also can meet the requirements of users, that is real helpful for all the industry. I hope the day will come soon.



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