Why CPE Elasticated Long Gloves are more and more popular

Key Point is the gloves are much stronger, Will Not drop when using, also can protect clothes away dirty, do not need to wear sleeves together, especially when you need to touch water.

Why We develop it into more types

Elasticated Long Gloves are very popular in nursing and cleaning, also in veterinary. A lot customers like it after trying samples.

Strong: Thicker than normal gloves, maybe they are expensive, but can do a lot work. More than 30 microns make sure it is not easy to be broken when using.

Economic: Though it is a little expensive than normal short gloves, but because it has elastic band on it, can protect your clothes away from dirty, also can do some jobs that normal gloves can’t do, such as when you using your two hands do work together, can you imagine one glove drop from hand when working? With elastic band, it will not happen.

Never Drop: With elastic band the gloves will wrap on your arm or shoulder tightly, especially when you dip your hands into cattle’s body, it is tight and sticky, long examination gloves are easy to be drop from your hands and arms, elastic band will help a lot, or you will need to use another hand to help.

Water proofing: A lot of food contact work need to touch water or other liquid, our elasticated gloves can proof water, also with rubber band, no matter what kind of liquid, the gloves will be fell off from hands when washing food. All gloves are AQL 1.5.

Clean hand: No one want to touch dirty no matter you washing, cleaning or working. Strong gloves and protect your hands away from dirty and bacteria.

Many many advantage make we believe that every one like this long type elasticated gloves. So we develop it into 3 types

Three main types of elasticated long gloves

Divide by length, this type gloves mainly have forearm length gloves (42cm), arm length gloves (60cm), shoulder length gloves (90cm).

Forearm length gloves: It is around 42cm length, protect your clothes not wet when touch water, can do some easy work, such as cleaning room, washing dishes, clothes, meat, vegetables and so on, very fit for home daily use.

Arm length gloves: It is around 60cm length, no need of sleeves, can protect you when you nusing older away from bacteria, also make sure water will not make your arms or clothes dirty. More uses than forearm length gloves.

Shoulder Length gloves: It is around 90cm length, because it is mainly using in veterinary and artificial insemination, length needs 90cm, and smooth enough, not harmful for cattle’s body.

Better feeling better living

Enough thick is needed to make sure the strength of the film and gloves. To protect your hands, arms and clothes, elastic band is needed.


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