Why choose our best quality CPE TPE Gloves

CPE TPE Gloves are new types from  PE Poly Gloves, a little expensive than PE Gloves, but much better than them.

When you use Poly Gloves to prepare food or do something dirty, it is very easy to broke, it is dangerous for your family’s health, especially for children and old people. Why cheap poly gloves are easy to be broken, because the gloves are very thin and manufactures do not care about the quality, and very hard to make it stronger.

Our factory has full QC department, every step has its own separate quality inspector. Let me introduce for you, firstly when the material and packages purchased into our warehouse, we will inspect them by AQL 4.0. If appearance or performance fail to meet our requirements, we will reject and send them back to our suppliers. Secondly, after material and packages go into our workshop, it will be tracked at every step. Our production steps mainly contain material mixing, casting or blowing, film rolls sign, stamping , packing and finished warehouse, every step has its own tracking number.

CPE Gloves can be produced 20 to 30 microns, tensile is more than 2.0 N.  TPE Gloves can be produced 25-50 microns, tensile is more than 2.7 N, and some thicker gloves and be more than 3.6 N, so they are better than PVC gloves, especially for environment.

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