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I here teach you about how to choose the best disposable gloves you really need. Hope it useful for you.


What is disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are literally gloves that can only be used shortly. Why do we need disposable gloves? Because in daily life and work, we need to wear gloves to prevent our hands from being hurt or contaminated, or to protect objects from contamination, compared with traditional gloves, disposable gloves are lightweight, close to the hand, cheap but value.

If you want to learn more, please read my another article: What is disposable gloves?, here i don’t describe details.

How many kinds of disposable gloves

Disposable gloves on the market are generally classified by material and can be broadly divided into the following categories: natural latex gloves, Nitrile NBR gloves, PVC gloves (also known as vinyl gloves), CPE gloves, polyethylene gloves, newly developed thermoplastic elastomer gloves(TPE gloves) in recent years, and fully degradable gloves what are still in the sample development stage.

1, Natural Latex gloves;

2, Nitrile NBR gloves;

3, PVC gloves;

4, PE gloves;

5, CPE gloves;

6, TPE gloves;

7, Fully degradable gloves

Kinds of disposable gloves

What are these gloves

Natural latex gloves are the first type disposable gloves invented, mainly used in hospital surgery, so the quality of natural latex gloves among all disposable gloves is the highest lever. Natural latex gloves have high elasticity, high puncture resistance, not easy to break, feel good, sterile and other characteristics, but because the material is latex, it is easy to cause users allergic to latex protein. And it uses raw materials prices are high, the finished product price is several times or even ten times the price of other materials gloves. So although its performance is very good, but the sales are not very good. Nowadays, hospitals in most countries around the world use only latex gloves when performing surgery because these gloves are the strongest and most resistant to bacteria, preventing infection in doctors, nurses or patients.

Nitrile NBR gloves can be used to replace latex gloves. They are closer to latex gloves in performance, having the high elasticity and puncture resistance of latex gloves, but at a much cheaper price than latex gloves. The advantage of these gloves is that they are rarely allergic to the user and are very thin, with a thickness of even less than half that of latex gloves. Therefore, in recent years, most hospitals are willing to use these relatively inexpensive gloves when they are not doing surgical procedures.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves can also be used instead of latex gloves, and it is cheaper than nitrile gloves, being half or less than nitrile gloves. Although it is not elastic, it is not easy to break and can meet the needs of most people in life and production. However, its use has been greatly reduced because of the plasticizers required in its production. Many countries do not choose these gloves because of the plasticizer problem. In recent years PVC gloves have started using edible plasticizers, but the results are not very good at the moment. If it is to be accepted by everyone, it may take some time.

Polyethylene (PE) gloves are simple inexpensive gloves made by blowing polyethylene into a film with a blow molding machine and heat-synthesized by a heat sealing machine. It can be made to a thickness of 0.005 mm, which is very thin. Therefore, its defects are also very obvious, that is, the tensile force is not good, elongation and strength are very low, this glove can only play a general role in isolation, in most cases, it is only suitable for less intense and short time work.

CPE gloves are an improved product proposed in Japan based on PE gloves to enhance the strength, elongation and tension of polyethylene (PE) and to improve the fastness of glove seams. The material used for chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) gloves is almost the same as that used for polyethylene (PE) gloves. However, it is strong and durable enough to meet the needs of most food processing plant employees for half or a full day without damage, and it is very inexpensive at one-fourth or one-fifth the price of nitrile gloves. This is why these gloves are most used in food processing plants in Japan.

CPE gloves use the same material with PE gloves, so it’s also food contact grade, i also write a detail article for you: What is Disposable CPE Gloves.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are an improved product of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) gloves, which are used to replace polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves and even Nitrile NBR gloves. TPE cast film gloves made from pure raw materials are more high-end disposable plastic glove products. It has strong tensile strength, good elongation, high hand bonding effect and strength, and is cheaper than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and much cheaper than nitrile. Therefore, these gloves are very popular as soon as they are introduced.

Fully degradable gloves are generally polylactic acid (PLA) + polyadipic acid (PBAT), and for more softness, some manufacturers add corn starch. PLA, made from corn, cassava and other plants, is natural and environmentally friendly in origin. The gloves made can be naturally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment, without polluting the environment. This kind of gloves is still in the stage of experimentation. And its price is high, whether it can be accepted by the public is still unknown.

What they usually used for

Latex gloves are suitable for automotive manufacturing, battery manufacturing; fiberglass industry, aircraft assembly; aerospace field; environmental cleaning and cleanup.

Nitrile NBR gloves are mainly used in domestic labor, electronics, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food and other factory protection, hospitals, scientific research and other industries.

PVC gloves are mainly used in clean room/clean room/purification workshop/semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD/DVD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedical, precision instrumentation, PCB printing and other industries, also widely used in health inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries for labor protection and household hygiene. PE gloves

PE gloves are often used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, machinery gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, dining and so on. Almost all disposable clear gloves seen in life are PE gloves.

CPE is often used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, machinery gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, dining, etc. At present, the gloves that we often see in life are all CPE gloves.

TPE is mainly used in food processing, catering (such as canteen staff often need to hand with disposable PE gloves to maintain hygiene), home hygiene cleaning, hairdressing (hair dyeing, care and washing), star hotels, painting, electronic dust-free workshop, daily care of pets, basic chemical protection, in addition to the hospital doctor surgery or to be used when doing examinations, etc..

Why there are so many kinds of disposable gloves

There are many different materials for disposable gloves, each with its own characteristics, let’s say latex is bacteria resistant, nitrile is puncture resistant, PVC is anti-static, TPE is flexible, CPE, PE is thin. With the development of the times, in order to meet the different needs of people, manufacturers are constantly trying to produce different products, they change the ratio of raw materials, add plasticizers, adjust the production process, etc. to produce disposable gloves with their own characteristics for people to choose.

Which is the best disposable glove

What is the best disposable glove? Everyone’s opinion is different. I always believe that what works for you is the best.

Different purpose need different glove

For example: medical surgery preferred latex and nitrile gloves, these 2 gloves good elasticity, puncture resistance, antibacterial effect. General inspection gloves can choose PVC gloves, clean room, semiconductor work can also choose PVC gloves, this glove anti-static, fit is also very good. General household work just choose CPE and PE gloves on the line, these 2 gloves are cheap, fastness general. People choose gloves to consider both its practicality and its value. Nitrile NBR gloves and CPE gloves can be used in general domestic work, but the price of Nitrile NBR gloves is several times that of CPE, in the case of domestic work such as the fastness and extension of the glove is not very high requirements, the general public will choose to use CPE gloves.

Different glove for different purpose

Surgical purpose need Latex glove

Why is it important to use latex gloves in the medical field? One of the characteristics of natural latex is that it has superb elasticity and fit, and doctors can be more flexible and convenient when wearing latex gloves for surgery than with other gloves. Another feature is that it is breathable and antibacterial. Surgery is a long process, and its breathability makes it possible for the wearer to work for a long time without discomfort, and its antibacterial properties are a necessity in the medical field. Latex gloves are highly conformable to the skin of the hand and have superb comfort. It is suitable for operations with high risk of contact with blood or body fluids.

Latex gloves

Right size glove is also important

Disposable gloves are generally available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, corresponding to small, medium, large and extra large models, but some gloves also have XS, extra small, XXL, plus size, to meet the different people hand type. The length and palm width of gloves exported to Asia and Europe are different. When choosing gloves, it is best to choose according to your own hand size and hand length. When you wear gloves than your own hand size is small, not only is it very difficult to bring in, long time wearing will also lead to finger blood does not flow, affecting health; when you wear gloves than your own hand size is large, you will always worry about gloves off the problem, resulting in inattentiveness and inconvenience. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right size.

Examination purpose need Nitrile glove or PVC glove

Compared to medical surgical gloves, medical examination gloves are relatively less demanding. Medical examination gloves do not need to be highly puncture resistant, highly elastic, or antibacterial. In consideration of the high cost of latex gloves, manufacturers have developed nitrile and PVC gloves to replace latex gloves. Nitrile gloves and PVC gloves have good tear resistance, puncture resistance, very close to the hand, the price is much cheaper than latex gloves. And general inspection gloves are not divided into the left and right hand, nitrile gloves and PVC gloves also meet this requirement.

Nitrile glove for examination

General purpose only need cheapest PE gloves

If in work and daily life, we wear gloves just to let it play a general protective role, PE gloves are the best choice. PE gloves are made of 2 layers of PE film, gloves are very light and thin, although its elasticity is not good enough, but the version are relatively loose, it is easy to wear. Because the PE gloves production line is relatively simple, production with technology is not high, so the market is very much this kind of gloves, its price is the cheapest relative to other disposable gloves. PE gloves have certain characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof, etc., from time to time in the hair salon, snack stalls such as the consumption of a large number of places.

Cheapest PE glove for food

TPE glove is new popular kind in recent years

TPE gloves are disposable plastic gloves that have been developed in recent years. Thermoplastic elastomer has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic processing properties, is a new polymer material between rubber and resin, often referred to as the third generation of rubber. TPE cast film gloves made of pure raw materials, is a more high-end disposable plastic gloves products, in the basic application, can replace the use of PVC gloves. The product has excellent tensile strength and elasticity, strong thickness, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, not easy to break, feel good and other characteristics, a wide range of applications.

And for this new type disposable glove, i write a full article to discuss the details: what is tpe gloves. If you have interests on it, please read it and discuss with me, any suggestion or question will be replied very soon.

We always want the most fitting gloves

Each type of glove has its own characteristics, and we cannot deny its advantages because of its defects. When choosing gloves, what we consider most is its price and use. How can we balance the relationship between these 2 and find the most suitable gloves? This is a question worth thinking about.

How can we find the best disposable gloves

When we go into the shops, supermarkets, or website shop, too many types and gloves there. How we can find the best fitting gloves we need?

Experience brand owner

A brand can be known and stand for many years, it must be and the quality of its own products and reputation has a necessary connection. No matter what role you play in the industry, what you see must be the top of the industry. Whether you are new to the industry or have been in the industry for many years, you have to experience the products of the top ten brands.

Like: Blackbox plastic, Amercare co.,ltd.

blackbox plastic

Experience powerful gloves distributor

You may not know who the manufacturer of the gloves is, but you must find a strong glove distributor. Finding the right channel will make you take a lot less detours. A strong distributor must have very keen market insight as well as the best quality of service, and relying on its years of experience in selling products, it will definitely be able to offer you the best choice.

Experience glove manufacture

If you want to know about a glove, the best way is to go around the production plant, where you can see the production environment, the raw materials used for production and the various production processes. The production environment is different in each factory and the gloves produced are different, so a site visit is much more reliable than hearsay.

FDA acceptable, EU acceptable, GB acceptable tags

If a product is marked with FDA, EU or GB, you can buy it with confidence. These three represent the highest product standards in the United States, the European Union and China, respectively. These products have been tested by professional testing institutions and meet the relevant standards, you can rest assured that the use.


Reasonable price

The disposable gloves themselves are consumables and their production capacity is huge, destined to be priced not too high. 2020 outbreak of the new crown led to a sharp rise in sales of disposable gloves, many manufacturers of other things have invested in this industry, leading to uneven prices of disposable gloves. Many manufacturers produce gloves from scrap from the appearance of no difference at all, but rely on the low price to attract a large number of customers. As an employee who has worked in a glove factory for more than ten years, I can definitely calculate the price of each glove, and some manufacturers quote prices that are completely below our costs.

Quality lever

AQL represents the worst process average quality level that can be allowed when a continuous series of batches is submitted for acceptance. AQL is commonly used for quality inspection of products in various industries, and different AQL standards are applied to the inspection of different substances. In AQL sampling, the number of samples taken is the same, and the smaller the value following the AQL, the smaller the number of defects allowed, indicating that the quality requirements are higher and the inspection is relatively strict. AQL 1.5 for medical surgical gloves, AQL 1.5-2.5 for general examination gloves, and AQL 1.5-4.0 for everyday and industrial gloves.

Acceptance Quality Limit

Description on the glove packages

On the box of the glove, you can get some information. Let’s say the size, material, usage, manufacturer, contact number and website of this glove. If you can’t get in touch with the big brand names and big distributors, you may get an unexpected surprise when you go to the supermarket to purchase a box of gloves.

Description on the glove package

Perfect disposable glove in my mind

A thousand people have a thousand ideas about what the best disposable gloves are. Here are some of my own opinions, for reference only.

Cheapest price

We sometimes use disposable gloves, we don’t ask how strong and flexible it is, we just need it to protect our hands temporarily. Let’s say we are eating lobster, in order to make our hands less oily, we will wear disposable PE gloves. These gloves are relatively thin, but it can serve a purpose. Merchants are not going to provide gloves that are more expensive like nitrile or PVC. So in some industries, the cheap gloves are the best gloves.

Strong quality for 4 hours using

Gloves that can be used for up to 4 hours are, in my opinion, very good gloves.I think Nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, TPE gloves, CPE gloves all can meet this requirement. Disposable gloves are called disposable, but we also want the more durable the gloves are, the better. We sometimes use disposable gloves at work, while we working, it’s impossible to change frequently one by one, one glove must used more than 4 hours, of course the more durable the gloves are as an aid, the better.

Smooth surface for catching stick things

When we use disposable gloves to touch sticky objects, we want the surface of the glove to be relatively flat and smooth. A smooth surface makes it easier for us to detach from the surface of the object.

Smooth surface for catching stick thing

Grip surface for catching slip things

When we use disposable gloves to contact smooth objects, we want the glove surface to be embossed. Embossing as long as it includes: fine embossing, coarse embossing, and three-dimensional embossing. Adding embossing to the glove enhances the grip of the glove and makes the object less likely to fall from the hand.

100% recyclable material

One of the advantages of making disposable gloves from recyclable materials is the low cost. During the production process, sometimes the gloves produced do not meet the customer’s requirements because of the machine or other reasons, we will do the scrapping of this part of the gloves, and the scrapped gloves will be re-granulated and processed into new finished products.

100% recyclable material

100% no harm to human body

Gloves are in direct contact with our skin, and some jobs require long hours of wear. Therefore, we require gloves made of materials that are not harmful to the body. Only products made from safe and recyclable raw materials are the best disposable gloves.

100% bio-degradable

Most of the disposable gloves on the market today are made of plastic, because plastic gloves are cheap and widely used. But the convenience of people at the same time also produced a problem, that is, the plastic pollution problem. The decomposition of plastic is an extremely long process, and the speed of decomposition is far from the speed of production, more and more plastic waste piled up, which has a great impact on the environment. Plastic pollution has become a major problem for mankind to overcome. In order to solve this problem, the fully degradable glove was born. The raw material of this glove is obtained from plants and can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is a good solution to the plastic pollution problem.

This is every glove manufacture’s target, we hope someone can develop some cheaper material to take place the exist types.

Worlds companies are working on developing the best gloves

Cheaper and cheaper prices but still strong enough

At present, the production of gloves mainly relies on labor, and as the price level continues to rise, both raw materials and labor will become more and more expensive. Then the cost of gloves will also rise with it. If we want to make the price of gloves cheaper, the labor cost must come down. The best idea is that all production lines are done by machines, from raw materials to packaging. The gloves whose cost has come down and whose strength has not changed will naturally attract more customers to buy them.

Sure-grip gloves and slip gloves

The surface of plastic gloves is very smooth, in order to enhance its grip, we will add some embossing inside or outside the glove to enhance its friction with the object. So far, the effect is relatively good. We are also thinking of other ways to enhance its anti-slip force without affecting its own appearance state.

Totally recycled material gloves and 100% healthy

Gloves made from recycled materials will cost relatively little, but how can we guarantee that the recycled raw materials are 100% healthy? This requires companies to look for relatively regular enterprises when purchasing, not to use the waste produced by small workshops to produce again, or companies can collect their first production of gloves that do not meet the standards and then re-granulate them as raw materials. After all, to ensure that the products we sell are not harmful to the body is the most basic bottom line of a supplier.

100% bio-degradable gloves

Currently, fully recyclable gloves are still at an ideal stage. Because degradable gloves are mainly made by adding oxygen groups to the glove molecule, the glove molecule becomes a germ-friendly molecular group, destroying the glove’s molecular structure and making the glove a bacteria-prone product, which contradicts the glove’s use and function. Many companies have modified PLA and PBAT as well as plastic starch to improve their malleability, but their exorbitant prices have discouraged many customers.

Future of best disposable gloves

The best gloves of the future must be based on non-pollution. In the future, the most sought-after gloves in the industry will be those made from plant-based raw materials. What we can do is to build on the existing foundation and gradually move closer to fully biodegradable gloves.Of course, the cost of fully biodegradable gloves is very high, and we have to find ways to bring out all the existing advantages of plastic gloves in fully biodegradable gloves.


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