PE boots cover and non woven boots cover

What is shoe cover and boots cover

Shoe covers used in many industries, house, and other places that any place that you don’t want to dirt your shoes or house ground. This is a simple invention that choose little cost to reduce much work, small pay, big returns. Boots cover is one popular type of shoe covers.

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Kinds of shoe covers

In life, we have seen lots kinds of shoe cover. Cloth fabric, plastic film, non woven fabric, normal height, deep height. We used to use more cloth shoe covers, but now more disposable shoe covers are used, including disposable non-woven shoe covers, disposable PE, CPE shoe covers.

Cloth shoe covers are mainly used for home hygiene, the advantage is that they can be washed and used repeatedly, the disadvantage is that they are larger, take up more space, and have limitations in the scope of use.Fabric shoe covers are easy to make and can be hand sewn or machine sewn.

Kinds of shoe covers

Cloth fabric shoe covers, as named, they are made by cloth fabric, can’t used outside of house, they are mainly used for protecting the good room ground, or the house keeper want to make the ground always cleaning, reduce the cleaning work. Because the cloth fabric, the shoe covers are very soft and won’t shed, especially fit for wood ground. Also because it is made with cloth, it can breath, so good feeling and better for shoes.

At present, more disposable shoe covers are used in families, whether it is a guest visit or cleaning, disposable shoe covers are more convenient to use. Disposable non-woven shoe covers are made of non-woven fabric, with a rubber band at the mouth of the cover, and the rubber band prevents the shoe cover from falling off.

Non-woven fabrics are naturally biodegradable and harmless to the environment, which is one of the advantages of these shoe covers.

Disadvantages: poor strength and durability compared to textile fabric, and not washable.

Plastic shoe covers, most widely used in daily life and all places, cheapest and disposable, it has divided into PE shoe cover, CPE shoe cover and machine making, hand making.

Disposable PE and CPE shoe covers are all belong to plastic shoe covers. PE shoe covers have good water and moisture resistance, but poor gas and organic vapor resistance, outstanding chemical stability, and do not work with general acid shouting at room temperature.

CPE shoe cover is a different film making production technology of PE material, CPE shoe cover has anti-slip particles on the surface, which is more anti-slip than PE shoe cover also stronger because it is thicker, and has the functions of heat-resistant oxygen aging, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Types of PE CPE shoe covers

Non woven shoe covers, also one new type of shoe covers, mainly used in dust-free workshop or even sterile room, it can breath but also can resist the bacterial, soft and disposable, very fit for long time using with strict health care requirement. It mainly use SMS fabric, strong enough and breathable, and also can resist water, blood, dust, bacterial and virus.

PVC shoe covers, thick and very strong, water resistant, can use very long time, made with PVC film.

Zipper shoe covers, better for users wearing, easy wear and easy take off, and can wash all the time, of course, it is non disposable, it’s very expensive. Better protect, good feeling, water resistant, can protect your good shoes in the rainy day. Transparent film can make it beautiful all the time and show your beautiful shoes.

In terms of length, shoe covers can be divided into long shoe covers and short shoe covers.Short shoe covers generally refer to shoe covers that can only cover the whole foot and the elastic band only reaches the ankle after wearing.

These shoe covers are generally only suitable for home visitors, home hygiene and places where the environmental requirements are not high. Cloth shoe covers are generally short shoe covers, and there are more short shoe covers of non-woven fabric, PE and CPE.

Boots covers, today’s super star here, mainly introduce this type to you. Boots means long shoes, higher than ankle, some even higher than knee, very beautiful type shoes, especially fit for girls and women, it can make your legs looks longer. Boots covers are looks similar, normally it is similar high to knee, some is shorter. Boots cover has many types, here i introduce for you carefully.

Types of boots covers

Long Boot covers generally have a difference between medical and non-medical. The non-medical ones are generally made of rubber, PE, and CPE. The traditional boot cover is made of rubber, the sole of the boot is natural rubber and recycled rubber processing, the boot top is natural rubber, some will add butyl rubber and all kinds of powder processing, the lining can add a layer of fleece. The traditional boot cover is die-cast molding, insulation and corrosion resistance are better; anti-slip breathability is better; the main thing is high comfort, winter wear also has a certain role in insulation, durable.

It’s very popular in lots of medical purpose or protect purpose. Types of it developed to meet more and more different demands.

Types of boots cover

PE boots cover, the most common type, mainly used in medical nursing, veterinary, livestock farm, farms. It is disposable, very thick, can use in a whole day, protect your body and shoes, also protect your animals off human virus and bacteria. It is very popular especially in such dirty environment, with many bacteria and virus that we can’t seen.

It is made of PE film, most customers prefer the embossed film, feels thicker and more slip. Film is blowing with blowing machines, mainly has transparent and blue colors. Common type is 70um thickness, some customers prefer thicker type, 100um is the most thick type that we made, some customers even want thicker than 100um, such as 130um, it is very hard to produce with machines, mainly made by hand, so it is very expensive.

After the film finished from the blowing film machines, we make it with a boots cover model like gloves, stamp it, but much slower than PE gloves.

PE boots cover also has 3 types, one is elastic top, with a elastic band on the top, to make sure the cover will not shed from your foot. Another popular type is boots with ties, also to help boots not shed from foot, but much cheaper, but also useful, one is ties on the ankle, another is on the top, but personally i prefer the one on the ankle, because the top one don’t help a lot.

PE boots cover and non woven boots cover

Non woven Boots cover, a new type that mainly used in hospital or even surgical operation room, with special breathable film, can use long time and protect users off bacteria and virus. Because non woven fabric can’t be sealed as PE, so it need to stick a label on the seams, usually use TPU film, because it can stick very well and also melt very well with non woven fabric, make sure the seams sealed very well.

PVC Boots cover, thicker type like PE boots cover, and big flavor, though the film is very strong, but we don’t recommend it.

PVC boots cover is very strong, and low elongation, so usually the barrel of it will be bigger for easily wearing, because of the bigger size, it need to add a tightener to make sure it will not drop when using. Also this PVC boots cover has a special type that can be use very long time, very thick type like rain boots, but bigger, transparent, very beautiful, there is a zipper on the front, can easily wear on, like a new type rain boots, it is mainly used in rainy day, to protect your shoes without dirty of rainy and water.

Types of PVC boots cover

Laminated plastic boots cover, more and more customers need special boots cover to meet their special requirements, sometimes one type film can’t meet their demands. Laminated technology help to solve such questions. PVC laminated PVC boots cover.

Because more and more people found the bottom of the boots cover is easily broken with long time working. This special bottom will help to increase very very long using time and not broken, to reduce the pollution risk for users and room environment. Another laminated type is PP film laminated on the PE film, also for the same purpose, to extend the using time. This type is more environmental and cheaper, of course no odor. This type is very welcome is livestock farms workers.

Thick PVC laminated Embossed Boots coverDeep embossed PP film laminated PE boots cover

How the boots cover made?

Different types need different production method, plastic boots cover include PVC boots cover, PE boots cover, CPE boots cover, even the laminated boots cover, are all used heat to seal two piece of film, easy and machine is not big.

PE boots cover is stamping the PE film blowing with a blowing film machine, the material is mainly LDPE and LLDPE, raw material, sometimes factory will add some recycle material because they think it is worn on foot, doesn’t matter, don’t touch skin. Yes, they are right of course, but the recycle material has odor that we don’t know the customers can accept or not.

With the film roll, we just use boots cover model to stamp on the stamping machine, same like PE gloves, but bigger and slower. After the boots cover formed from the machine, we need to add a elastic band on the top, to make the boots not dropping while worn. The elastic band should be wide width and enough strong, we usually use two band to take instead of one bigger band, you will find it’s better when you use, won’t drop and strong enough, but not very tight and good feeling.

Automatic elastic band type plastic boot cover machine is a special machine for producing disposable boot covers, this machine is suitable for making PE and CPE boot covers, only one person needs to operate immediately. The machine is fully automatic controlled from feeding to forming, counting and collecting.

PE CPE boots cover productionHow the boots cover made

Let go to Youtube, you will know how it produced.

Non woven fabric boots cover is different from the normal PE plastic boots cover, so can’t use heat the seal the fabric, usually we use ultrasound or sew, ultrasound is better, can sealed the non woven fabric very tight without a hole. For medical, must use ultrasound to seal it.

Before sealing it, you need to cut the fabric as the boots cover model from the fabric, then seal it. After sealing, if for medical purpose, we need to stick a rubber strip on the sealing strip, mainly we sue TPU strip, because after heated, it can stick very strong on the fabric surface.

Non-woven boot cover machine produces boots covers through the combination of ultrasonic and heat fusion, from the fabric into the material, automatic wrapping on the elastic band, fusion forming, finished products automatically output, the whole production machine is fully automated, only one person can operate the equipment.

The whole production machine is fully automatic, only one person needs to operate the machine. The machine has built-in PLC program control, the operation is accurate and stable, and different specifications of non-woven boot covers can be produced by changing the mold.

The raw material bonding of PE or CPE is combined with controlled electric fusion, and the non-woven shoe covers are fused with adjustable ultrasonic waves. The two ends of the shoe cover rubber bands are reinforced and welded with non-woven strips to make the product more sturdy and stable. Non-woven shoe covers and plastic shoe covers can be produced by one machine with a change of mold, or one machine for separate products.

Different Boots cover has different market

As introduced, such product has many types, different boots cover has different market, because they has their own advantages and disadvantages. Also their different thickness and material decide the time they can use.

Performance of different boots cover

Advantages: Plastic boots cover normally can proof water, dust and even air, so it is very clean, can refuse bacteria and virus. Non woven boots cover can also proof water, dust, but not very good if with strong water pressure. All the boots cover can protect your legs, trousers, also the rooms, grounds.

The disposable boot cover solves the need to change the boots when guests visit, and the need to clean the floor and mop the boots when they leave; it prevents the private mopping boots at home from becoming the public mopping boots of guests and stops the cross-infection of foot diseases; it reduces the need for frequent mopping and prevents the existence of dirt in the room; it improves the unpleasant smell caused by changing the boots and prevents the embarrassing atmosphere caused by changing the boots when friends and relatives visit the house.

If there are too many visitors, you can avoid the awkward atmosphere caused by not having enough boots to mop.

Some guests are not used to using the disposable slippers or plastic slippers prepared by the host family, so non-woven boot covers are a good choice for home visitors. Disposable non-woven boot covers are light and soft, and the production can be added to the bottom of the boot cover with a pattern to prevent slipping, so children can also wear these boot covers to walk freely on the floor without worrying about slipping.

Nonwoven fabric is a fabric formed without spinning and weaving, but only the textile short fibers or filaments are oriented or randomly arranged to form a fiber network structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. The strength is non-directional and can be extended from left to right, so the non-woven boot cover can be pulled up strongly and is suitable for any size of boots.

The surface does not absorb water and plays a very good waterproof. The raw material of most non-woven fabrics is polypropylene, which has a weak chemical structure and the molecular chain can be broken easily, so that it can be effectively degraded and enter the next environmental cycle in a non-toxic form, in line with the current stage of people’s expectations for environmental protection.

Disposable plastic boot covers are made of thin plastic film with good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, and non-toxicity.

CPE boot covers have non-slip particles on the surface, which are more non-slip than PE boot covers. PE boot covers have good water and air resistance.

One feature of medical isolation boot covers is the high boot surface, which can isolate the socks and pant legs of medical personnel by wrapping them together, preventing the bacteria on the boots or pant legs from being brought into the isolation area.

The bottom has a non-slip tread that reduces slippage for medical staff in the operating room or where they are working. The upper of the boot is made of medical non-woven fabric, and because of its good breathability and waterproofness, medical staff can wear it on their feet for a long time without being stuffy. Even long hours of high-intensity work will not affect their bodies. Medical isolation boot covers are used by medical personnel in medical structures to prevent contact with potentially infectious patient blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. and act as a barrier protection.

Disadvantages: production efficiency is relatively low; the finished product appearance is relatively rough; process is not easy to control the fineness; material prices are also more expensive. Will be oxidation, sun and high temperature can accelerate the aging rate of rubber products, making it hard, soft, and single style, monotonous color, for the younger generation is not much attraction, sales are very cold.

With the development of society, PE, CPE boots cover came into being. PE, CPE boots cover than short boots cover more than a leg cover part, can better protect the leg from pollutants erosion, away from water, oil, etc.. It is easier and lighter to wear. Can be used in general surgical environments.

Disposable medical isolation boot cover, including boot sole, boot surface and boot upper three parts, the boot sole and boot surface are fixedly connected, the upper end of the boot is movably connected to the boot upper; the inner layer of the boot upper is equipped with an elastic band, and the upper port of the boot upper is provided with a tightening tie. The upper and the upper are bonded by textile bonding fabric. One side of the boot top is equipped with an opening that can be opened to a flat surface, and the opening is welded by the textile bonding fabric. The sole of the boot is made of waterproof cloth.

The boots surface and the boot upper are made of medical non-woven fabric. Isolation boots cover can be medical personnel socks and pants wrapped together for isolation, reduce medical personnel infected with germs, block medical personnel will boots and pants on the foot of the dirt, dust, etc. brought into the isolation area, causing pollution. Waterproof effect is good, wear-resistant, with corrosion resistance, tear resistance, peel resistance performance, not easy to wear, good ventilation, solve the plastic film boot cover is not breathable and other problems.

The stitching should be neat, no off-line, off-copy phenomenon. High temperature performance shoe cover by 60 ℃ high temperature test, should still be able to normal use. Elongation of rubber band rubber band should be free, rubber band elongation should be not less than 50%.

With certain waterproof performance, there should be no drip and leakage after the test. The appearance of the surface should be clean, no stains, dirt. The thickness should be uniform and soft to the touch. The hot pressed shoe cover should be hot pressed firmly, and there should be no open seam and no damage. The size of the shoe cover shall conform to the provisions of 1.3, with a tolerance of ±50 mm. the thickness of the plastic film used for the shoe cover shall not be less than 0.012mm.

General electronics industry, LCD manufacturing, pharmaceutical products manufacturing, semiconductor industry, magnetic head production industry, chip manufacturing, wafer and other enterprises with high requirements for the production environment, the requirements for protective boot covers are also relatively high, anti-static boot covers were therefore born.

Anti-static boot cover material for the fabric for 5mm stripes or grid anti-static fabric, fabric color: white, blue, navy, pink, etc., the bottom of the boot cover added green anti-static PVC material, both wear-resistant, but also to achieve anti-slip, anti-static and other functions, wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated boot mat, the boot cover can add conductive wire, wear the conductive wire into the wool thick socks and close contact with the body To achieve a better anti-static effect, can be washed and used repeatedly.

Boots cover’s future

As for most plastic products, environmental is the all purpose, biodegradable plastic, such as PLA, PBAT, cornstarch, PCL, PHA, PPC and so on, but these material are too expensive to use, no users will accept once they have available alternatives, though many countries governments establish some laws to force the shops, super markets, factories to use biodegradable plastic, but still many customers want to use normal type, not only the price, but also the function.

Boots cover mainly used in farms that will use a long time, the film need to be strong enough, by now, the biodegradable plastic materials are not strong enough, hope some material factories can develop some new cheaper and better types. With the more strict laws list, more and more factories will join into this big industry with good future.

Automatic machines, by now all types boots cover are made by hands, for normal PE boots cover, the elastic band need to use hand to add and sealed, very expensive, and very slow.

Non woven boots cover and cloth fabric boots cover even can’t use stamping machine to make, need to cut fabric into boots pieces, then sew them into boots cover, very expensive and inefficiency, after this step, then sew a elastic band on the top, also by hand, you can imagine, how many pieces can done by one worker each day, this cause the boots cover very expensive.

Now the short shoe cover has automatic machines, though the elastic band is not very strong, but i think that is a good direction, if someone can perfection it and use another elastic band material, i think maybe can solve it.

With the development of the society, the boot covers are also developing and innovating. People can choose the right boot covers for them according to their needs.

Hope some one can give us new ideas with the boots cover, cheaper but better!


Thanks for your reading, have a nice day! You are welcome at any time visiting our factory.

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