What is Disposable CPE Gloves

Disposable CPE gloves are mainly made of polyethylene (LDPE and LLDPE). As a kind of healthy poly material, polyethylene have white powder appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance, and good oil resistance, flame retardant and coloring properties. Good toughness (flexibility at – 30 ℃), good compatibility with other polymer materials, high decomposition temperature.

Beautiful Super thick TPE premium gloves

CPE Gloves Manufacturing Process

CPE gloves are made of CPE film. In the production process of CPE film, the steps of proportioning, mixing, no need of plasticization, tape casting, cooling, corona cutting and so on are needed. The proportioning has an important influence on the properties of CPE film.

In the production of CPE casting film, a variety of raw material particles need to be proportioned and evenly mixed. Due to the different sizes of various raw material particles, in the process of stirring, the raw material particles with smaller diameter will fall down from the gap between the raw material particles with larger diameter, causing the particles with smaller diameter to gather at the bottom. In the process of feeding, the proportion of raw material components in unit time will be different, which will seriously affect the quality of the film.

Raw Material choosing

It is very important and the first step, we need to choose food acceptable material and models, also need to choose the model that can be produced by T-die casting machines, fusion index should be between 2.0-6.0, too high will cause the film no strength, too low will very hard to produce.

Raw material will make sure the gloves don’t have any odor, because all CPE gloves are mainly used for food contact, it’s very important.


The mixing device is used for mixing. The mixing device consists of a frame, a mixing cylinder, seven raw material boxes, a box frame, a baffle and a mixing mechanism. The mixing cylinder is fixed on the frame, and the box frame consists of a center frame and seven side plates.

The seven side plates are fixed on the center frame equidistant in the circumferential direction, and the side plates and the center frame are integrated. The shape of the raw material box is the same as that of the space between two adjacent side plates, the raw material box can be detachably connected between two adjacent side plates, each side plate is provided with 15 vertically arranged protrusions.

The side wall of each raw material box in contact with the side plate is provided with a groove matched with the protrusion, the protrusion can be slidably connected in the groove, and the lower part of the side wall of each raw material box facing the center frame is provided with a discharge port.

The top wall of each raw material box is provided with a feeding port, the center frame is fixed on the upper end of the mixing barrel, the discharging port is connected with the mixing barrel, a baffle plate is slidably connected on the box frame, the baffle plate can close the feeding port, and a discharging port is arranged at the bottom of the mixing barrel.

No need of plasticization

Polyethylene don’t need anything else to produce film.

Tape casting

T-type die is used for tape casting.


The film is cooled by water ring cooling.


In the tractor, the corona device is used to treat the film to eliminate static electricity, the treatment time is 18-30min, and the corona voltage is 38-60kv.

Slitting and Rewinding

The film slitting machine is used to slitting the film; The film is wound by the winding device.Glove film casting

Application and Market

Disposable CPE gloves can be used in food processing, kitchen cooking, home cleaning, hair salon hair dye, hotel catering. The main market is Japan. But after COVID-2019, other customers has started to accept and purchase this glove.

Advantages of CPE gloves

CPE cast film gloves are high-grade disposable plastic gloves made of pure raw materials. The product is thick, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, strong, not easy to damage, excellent handle, anti adhesion, easy to wear, good permeability, and can be used as a high-end product to replace the traditional disposable plastic gloves.

Commonness of CPE gloves and TPE gloves

Both disposable gloves can be used in food processing, kitchen cooking, household cleaning, hair salon hair dye, hotel catering and other general food industry and general protection.These gloves are not allowed to be used in medical and surgical fields that can contact human or animal bodies or dangerous liquids

Compared with vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves and rubber gloves, the two kinds of gloves are much cheaper and can be used as substitutes for the three kinds of gloves.

Both gloves are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Such as transparent, white, blue, pink and black. Small, medium, large, super large to extra large.

The two kinds of gloves are sewn gloves. Compared with three-dimensional seamless gloves, the production process of film heat sealed gloves is relatively simple, that is, the raw materials of gloves are mixed and heated, the solid particles are directly melted at high temperature, without any liquid, and the film is formed by blowing or casting, air cooling or water cooling. After cooling, the film is rolled into a film roll, rolled up, and heat sealed into a hand shape.

The two kinds of gloves are more wear-resistant, although they are disposable gloves, but wearing these two kinds of gloves can maintain half a day’s work without damage.

The raw materials of the two gloves do not contain natural latex, so the wearer will not have allergic reaction, and the waterproof effect is also very good.

Bitoor disposable gloves stamping

Differences between CPE and TPE gloves

TPE gloves have high elasticity, high tension, relatively thick, corrosion-resistant, oil resistant, relatively soft, and are suitable for general medical examination. CPE gloves have low elasticity and tension, which are thinner, harder and less close to hands than TPE gloves.

TPE gloves have excellent weather resistance, good resistance to ozone, ultraviolet and electric arc, resistance to general chemicals and electrical insulation, which are suitable for the electrical industry,

The production and processing of CPE gloves will pollute the environment with low safety; Thermoplastic elastomer glove is a kind of environmental protection material. The waste can be recycled. It will not produce toxicity at high temperature and is safer to use.In recent years, people pay more and more attention to environmental problems, so TPE gloves are more and more favored by customers.

CPE gloves and TPE gloves from the initial production process is not the same, regardless of the pressure, crystallization, flow are different, the production of hand, tension, sheet naturally have relatively large differences.

TPE gloves are not as transparent as CPE gloves and are more expensive than CPE gloves.

When to Use CPE or TPE Gloves

If your industry needs to use disposable gloves, including wholesalers or distributors working with food service and food processing customers such as food contact, kitchen hygiene, etc., or you are evaluating TPE or CPE gloves as alternatives to vinyl or latex gloves, we recommend that you contact your trusted glove partners. They can help you choose the best alternative solution for a particular application

CPE glove is cheaper than TPE glove, but TPE glove can use much longer than CPE glove.

Is this something you’re considering? You can contact us, we have more than ten years of experience in the production of gloves, can provide disposable CPE and TPE gloves to meet your requirements.

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