What disposable protect covers we must use in veterinary and livestock

The world’s population has increased to 7.5 billion in 2019s, meet products and pets products has been needed 10 times to 1990s. A lot of new stock farms and animal hospitals built in these years. So it is inevitable that every person will contact stocks and animals, especially for people who work in the farms and hospitals.

To protect people and animals, disposable gloves, gowns, boots, sleeves are basically needed when they touch animals. It can avoid a lot of disease. If everyone can wear them really, there will be not so many new virus happened on human.

For the livestock farm workers, before they go into the farm, firstly they need to take off all their own out clothes, sterilize themselves,  then put on disposable pe gowns, wear the disposable cap, face masks, disposable gloves, last put on the disposable boots before they get into. And if they need to artificially inseminate the livestock or exam the cattle stomach hole, they should wear on the disposable shoulder length gloves in stead of the short ones.

For hospital doctors or nurse, before they work, firstly they need to take off all their own out clothes, sterilize themselves. When they exam the animals,  then put on disposable gloves. If they need to do operation, they need to put on disposable gowns , and put disposable operation cover on the table, last put on the disposable shoe covers before they do operation.

If any customers or visitors need to go into livestock farm or hospital, they also need to sterilize and put on all disposable protect covers. Those things can protect a lot.

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  1. Frabe says:

    Really, the veterinarian and livestock farmers need them to protect themselves and animals.


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