We are the top manufacturer of Vinyl gloves in China. Disposable vinyl gloves is the first type of disposable gloves that be invented, good feeling, cheaper price, smooth, and also it is non seal gloves, can protect you very well.

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

ce certification pvc dipped gloves supplier
ce certification pvc dipped glove
Disposable Powder Free Blue basic nitrile Stretch Vinyl glove
Powder free PVC vinyl gloves for food contact
PVC206 Disposable PVC Vinyl examination gloves
Transparent waterproof good elasticity Pvc Gloves
Disposable Waterproof PVC gloves for kitchen
For kitchen cleaning disposable PVC glove
Hand protective Disposable Powder Free PVC Gloves
Powder Free Disposable Hand Clear PVC glove

Brief Introduction

Though vinyl gloves have chlorine, but it is only an element in the entire polyvinyl material, so it is very stable, will not decompose or run out of the film.


Disposable vinyl gloves is made of mainly polyvinyl chloride materials, it is also called PVC glove. And it is safe for food contact industry use, this grade lever PVC glove is ambidextrous, powder free, with a beaded cuff, and contains no natural rubber latex, and no DOP, no BBP, no DINP, no DEHP. Approved EU 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR.

Usage Field

Vinyl gloves is so widely used in industry protect, home, food preparing, nursing, medical, farm, and any place that you want to protect your hands and fingers or your products. Sizes from Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, can fit most people’s hands. Usually 3.5gram to 4.5 gram is for industry purpose, mainly AQL 4.0, 4.5-5.5 gram is for nursing or medical, AQL 2.5, some special material or Vinyl gloves can be used for operation, it will be over 5.5 gram.


Bitoor plastic has years manufacturing vinyl gloves experience. We mainly produce nature color now, 12 double model lines, 180 million pieces per month. All material are raw material and food contact accepted, no recycle at all.