TPE Gloves Vs. CPE Gloves

Both TPE and CPE gloves can be used in food processing, kitchen cooking, household cleaning, hair salon hair dye, hotel catering and other general food industry and general protection. These gloves are not allowed to be used in medical and surgical fields that can contact human or animal bodies or dangerous liquids.

Compared with vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves and rubber gloves, the two kinds of gloves are much cheaper and can be used as substitutes for the three kinds of gloves.

Both TPE and CPE gloves are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Such as transparent, white, blue, pink and black. Small, medium, large, super large to extra large.

The two kinds of gloves are sewn gloves. Compared with three-dimensional seamless gloves, the production process of film heat sealed gloves is relatively simple, that is, the raw materials of gloves are mixed and heated, the solid particles are directly melted at high temperature, without any liquid, and the film is formed by blowing or casting, air cooling or water cooling. After cooling, the film is rolled into a film roll, rolled up, and heat sealed into a hand shape.

The two kinds of gloves are more wear-resistant, although they are disposable gloves, but wearing these two kinds of gloves can maintain half a day’s work without damage.

The raw materials of the two gloves do not contain natural latex, so the wearer will not have allergic reaction, and the waterproof effect is also very good.

Bitoor disposable gloves stamping

Differences between CPE and TPE gloves

TPE gloves have high elasticity, high tension, relatively thick, corrosion-resistant, oil resistant, relatively soft, and are suitable for general medical examination. CPE gloves have low elasticity and tension, which are thinner, harder and less close to hands than TPE gloves.

TPE gloves have excellent weather resistance, good resistance to ozone, ultraviolet and electric arc, resistance to general chemicals and electrical insulation, which are suitable for the electrical industry,

The production and processing of CPE gloves will pollute the environment with low safety; Thermoplastic elastomer glove is a kind of environmental protection material. The waste can be recycled. It will not produce toxicity at high temperature and is safer to use.In recent years, people pay more and more attention to environmental problems, so TPE gloves are more and more favored by customers.

CPE gloves and TPE gloves from the initial production process is not the same, regardless of the pressure, crystallization, flow are different, the production of hand, tension, sheet naturally have relatively large differences.

TPE gloves are not as transparent as CPE gloves and are more expensive than CPE gloves.

When to Use CPE or TPE Gloves

If your industry needs to use disposable gloves, including wholesalers or distributors working with food service and food processing customers such as food contact, kitchen hygiene, etc., or you are evaluating TPE or CPE gloves as alternatives to vinyl or latex gloves, we recommend that you contact your trusted glove partners. They can help you choose the best alternative solution for a particular application

CPE glove is cheaper than TPE glove, but TPE glove can use much longer than CPE glove.

Why we should choose CPE or TPE gloves

More and more people use disposable gloves in 2020 than ever before, especially now, the strongest B.1.1.7 COVID-19. We need to protect ourselves and also protect others.

I have discussed it before in article “Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves ”, you can learn it there, and if you want to know more things, you can email me and discuss, welcome anyone discuss with me.

These PE film gloves also can protect you

CPE gloves and TPE gloves are not thick as PVC or Nitrile gloves, usually they are half thickness of them, from 20 microns to 40 microns before embossed. After embossed, it will be very thickness on the wrinkle, different embossing have different thickness, but i don’t suggest you to choose the very thick emboss gloves, because on the wrinkle it is very thick, but the other space will be very thin.

No matter PE, CPE, TPE gloves, they are all belong to PE material, made with PE film, it is a very good film that can isolate air and liquid than other film. So they can protect you as well as Nitrile and PVC gloves. But the first thing is to confirm there are no pink hole on them and the gloves are good appearance in water test. That’s why i suggest you to choose high weight CPE gloves and TPE gloves instead of HDPE and LDPE gloves. One piece 1.6 gram to 2.5 gram is your best choice, enough thickness and enough protect.

Air and liquid transmission of PE CPE TPE film

Less energy loss to protect earth environment

The energy to produce one piece of PVC or Nitrile glove and produce more than 10 pieces of TPE or CPE gloves, and produce more than 100 pieces of PE gloves. And during the production, the PE film gloves making lines will not influence the environment much, and not use plasticizer as well. After use, all types disposable gloves can’t be bio degradable, will be burn, during burn, of course less weight will use less energy too. That’s how we can help the earth, we have to use the disposable gloves to protect ourselves, but we also should protect earth too, or we will destroy this unique star.

WEIGHT-gram 0.6-1.5 1.5-2.6 1.8-3.5 3.5-6.5 3.0-5.5

Economical gloves

CPE and TPE gloves are very strong sealed and also can be done to fit AQL 1.5 quality lever, can be used nearly half a day or even a whole day, though PE gloves are cheaper than them, but PE gloves are so thin and so easy to broken, if we calculate the cost per hour, PE gloves will be never “cheap”, it is real disposable.

Sealed Temperature ( ℃ ) Elongation  ( % /100) Tensile ( N ) Used hours ( H )
PE GLOVE 120 1.5 2 1
CPE GLOVE 300 2.5 3 6
TPE GLOVE 280 5 4 8

performance of pe cpe tpe gloves
As you see in the table, PE gloves are sealed different from  CPE and TPE gloves, so the sealed temperature is much lower than them, this is one reason why it can’t be used so long time. Another reason is the material and thickness, it is much thinner and use cheaper material.

Simple work only need simple gloves

Average people like me use gloves to eat food, wash things, touch people or things, such as these simple works only need to use CPE gloves or TPE gloves. They are enough safe to protect people or others. Doctors or nurses who will touch patients need better gloves such as Nitrile gloves or PVC gloves, because they need to wear it long time and do much harder and more dangerous works. We should leave these better gloves for them, that’s also one way to protect ourselves. If they fall down firstly, then we will fall down of course. Hope every average people like me do not to use the PVC or Nitrile gloves in the future in not requisite situation.

Prepare food

TPE and CPE gloves are your best choice

You must use disposable gloves in the future, i have to say that. And not only you, but also you should suggest your loves. More bacteria has come to earth, because the permafrost melt. More extreme weather happens, it is really bad for human being, it has influence the survive of all people. We need to protect ourselves and our mother land, the earth too.

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