Different embossing type TPE gloves

Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves

What are CPE gloves, TPE gloves and PE gloves? Their names are very similar, many people really confuse their differences and don’t know how to distinguish them. Like 11 years ago, i just graduate from university and join into this company, i really don’t know what they are and don’t know how to make them. No one can help, but here i can help you to solve your questions, here we go.
disposable tpe glove

What is Disposable TPE GLOVES

Disposable TPE gloves also called Thermoplastic Elastomer gloves or Tensile PE gloves. So good tensile and better elongation are their most performance, it feels soft, strong, fit hands well, some types feel slip on the surface, some customers require it non-slip, sticky film will help them catch things better, especially in wet kitchen and labs. But for some sticky food, like cakes, noodles, breads, slip gloves will help more when workers making them.
TPE glove touch things

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Prepare food

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Soft Colored Household Cleaning TPE Gloves

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Disposable Thick CPE POLY Gloves of food preparing instead of PVC

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Food contact plastic gloves

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