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What is Disposable CPE Gloves

Disposable CPE gloves are mainly made of polyethylene (LDPE and LLDPE). As a kind of healthy poly material, polyethylene have white powder appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance, and good oil resistance, flame retardant and coloring properties. Good toughness (flexibility at - 30 ℃), good compatibility with other polymer materials, high decomposition temperature.
HDPE LDPE CPE different size and embossing

Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves

What are CPE gloves, TPE gloves and PE gloves? Their names are very similar, many people really confuse their differences and don’t know how to distinguish them. Like 11 years ago, i just graduate from university and join into this company, i really don’t know what they are and don’t know how to make them. No one can help, but here i can help you to solve your questions, here we go.
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Why we normal people should choose CPE or TPE gloves

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Why more and more people choose TPE and CPE gloves

More and more persons choose CPE and TPE gloves instead of PVC…
Disposable Strong CPE Arm Length Gloves with Elastic Band

Why CPE Elasticated Long Gloves are more and more popular

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Disposable Clear PE CPE Food Contact gloves

A lot of food factories and suppliers changed to use CPE TPE Gloves

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Disposable Thick CPE POLY Gloves of food preparing instead of PVC

Why choose our best quality CPE TPE Gloves

CPE TPE Gloves are new types from  PE Poly Gloves, a little…