Disposable shoe covers are widely used in food making industry, kitchen, houses for visitors, cheap and easy to get, they are all made by film, PE Shoe covers made by PE film, CPE Shoe covers made by CPE film, Non woven shoe covers made by non woven, easily produce but not very cheap because of the elastic band.

disposable Ankle cover
Strong Super Thick Blue Water Proof Antiskid Shoe covers
Disposable Plastic water proof virgin PE Blue boots with elastic rubber closure
Disposable PE Transparent Blue Rain Embossed long Shoe Cover Boot
Best selling Disposable medical surgical PE water proof long safety boot covers shoes
Disposable Good quality plastic waterproof oil proof PE plastic shoe boot covers factory
Disposable Elastic Protective PE Boot Cover with elastic closure
DISPOSABLE PE Water Proof Shoe Covers
PE Plastic Knee Length Long Shoe Cover Boots
top tie pe boots

It can keep feet and shoes away from water, oil and dust, also keep the house clean, mainly used in food contact, food prepare, food making industry, lab, nursing, examination, veterinary, farm, livestock industry, also mainly for visitors to any houses. Different types used different attitude, the short ones for home and labs, the long type for medical and livestock.

Disposable Shoe Covers mainly have one size, 38cm*20cm, with elastic band sealed by hand or auto machines. By now, the shoe covers made by auto machines are not strong enough, so many customers still purchase hand making, though it is more expensive than auto machines.

Shoe covers are mainly white and blue colour, but must use food contact master batches.  Thickness is from 20 micron to 40 micron, weight is from 2. 5gram to 5gram. Material is LDPE, LLDPE, every factory’s formulation is nearly the same. . They are packed in bags mainly, very few customers pack them in other packages.

Long deep type shoe covers mainly 38cm*50cm, made by hand only.

Bitoor plastic has more than 20 years manufacturing experience for shoe covers, we are one of the first factory producing disposable shoe covers. We have 2 auto shoe cover machines, can produce auto shoe covers and hand making shoe covers in white or blue colour, we produce more than 100 thousand pieces of disposable shoe covers per day. By now, we export to more than 20 countries and areas in the world.