Tensile Polyethylene, means strong tensile PE material


Cast Polyethylene, the same material of Polyethylene, different film making process.


Polyethylene, poly, the most seen in daily life.

Veterinary Glove

Long type gloves, usually used in Artification insemination, shoulder length, 90cm even longer.


One type plastic film manufacture method, usually use one steel setting roller and one rubber roller.

Very long screw to plasticizing the material and hot temperature, setting roller suddenly cool the film.

CPE film machine


Most common film making method, bags film are mostly made in this way.

Plasticizing the material in screw, than blow the melt material like a balloon, can blow it up, also can blow it down.



No matter PE glove, CPE glove and TPE gloves are all used stamping machines made, use heat up glove models stamp on the film into glove outlines, then tear away the left film.



Usually in English, gowns mean cloths that don’t have front and back hole, can only wear it from the bottom. In disposable gowns, PE gowns is the one that don’t have hole front and back. But the CPE gowns are usually open the back and with ties.

Compostable and Biodegradable

Earth will not disappear but human will. More and more persons realize it and want to do something to protect the environment, but at the same time we need to protect ourselves too, so Green Plastic come. Compostable means the plastic can be eaten and decompose by bacteria in any environment. Biodegradable has several levers, even 10% biodegradable plastic also called biodegradable plastic in some countries and areas.


Professional specification details, include name, size, weight,  thickness, storage requirement, valid time, dimension, packing way, photoes, and many specifications that needs to tell customers.


Casting film machine also called T-die PE film machine, because it looks like the character T.


SEBS is one kind material used for making TPE, it is very famous and have both plastic and rubber specifications.


TPO is belong to TPE, one type of TPE, some factories use TPO instead of TPO, because this material is more health care and food contact. POE is belong to TPO.

TPE Glove

General name of all kind strong tensile stamping gloves, strong tensile, good elongation, better grip, better fitting hands, and similar production process as PE poly gloves.

CPE Glove

Casting PE glove, not with CPE material, better elongation and tensile than PE glove, because different production process from PE film, the casting film machine produce the film with higher temperature,  can make the film softer. Use food contact healthy PE material.