Transparent PE Poly Food Bags factory

Transparent PE Poly Food Bags

Material: LDPE、LLDPE


Thickness:7-30 micron

Gram: 1.0g-20.0g/pc


Product Details

Transparent PE Poly Food Bags are used in every day by every person, some people like to use poly bags to carry foods, vegetables, fruits, waters, clothes, steels all kinds of things you can mind, some people like to use paper bags to carry breads, flowers, clothes and things are not wet and not heavy. We need them, they reduce our work and make our life better in fact!

Bags are simply made by machines, no matter plastic or paper material, they are made by film, every easy, you can buy one auto machine anywhere.

Poly bags mainly have 4 types, normal pe bags for food and cover, self sticky poly bags for clothes or packed things daily used, ziplock bags also called self sealing bags for reusing sometimes, pe rubbish garbage bags for taking house, medical, food, industry rubbish. All kinds of poly bags are easily produced, auto machines.