Pet Soft neck collar protector

PET Soft Neck Collar Protector/Non-woven soft collar

Material: NON woven
Size: R 20 CM
Gram: 17g/pc


Product Details

Blue non woven soft collar

Pet non woven soft collar neck protector are widely used in veterinary and pet care shop, made of non woven fabric, so it is very soft, easily produce, but not cheap because it is made be hand sewing. It can keep pet not lick themselves and not bite persons when they cure or take care of pets. It is also called Soft anti-bite collar, recovery non woven soft collar, non woven collar, buster soft collar, Elizabethan pet collars.

Bitoor plastic has more than 6 years manufacturing experience, we are one of the first factory who produce this collar. From 2017, we can produce more than 10 thousand pieces collars per day. By now, we export to Europe and USA mainly.