violet blue nitrile glove

Nitrile GLOVE/NBR Gloves

Material: NBR
Size: SS、S、M、L、XL

Gram: 3.0g-4.5g/pc


Product Details

nitrile gloves Nitrile glove production line

Nitrile Gloves are made from NBR, is a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadienemore, so it is also called NBR Gloves, best gloves that kept from oil and water.Because some body can’t use Latex Gloves, someone develop this NBR Gloves, smooth, much better tensile and elongation than PVC Gloves and nearly never cause allergic reactions.It is used more and more recently though they are very expensive, but they are really very fit to hands and good to use. Nitrile Gloves are near production method with PVC Gloves, but more strict for material warehouse and products’ warehouse, hotter or colder will make it broken. It not only has good tensile and elongation meets the Medical requirements, EN 455, but also it is ok to food contact. Now we can produce as thin as 3.0gram, industry quality lever, can keep hands away from water, oil and dust, mainly used in food prepare, food contact, hair dye, nursing, examination, garden, lab industry and medical service.

Nitrile Gloves also have different sizes from Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. It’s smaller than CPE or PE Gloves, because the kind of gloves can fit people’s hands better than them, even better to PVC Gloves.And they have different colours for different ways, such as white, blue, violet blue and black, but must use food contact master batches. Length is normal 9 inch(23cm) and 12 inch(30cm), Weight is from 3.0 gram to 4.5 gram, powdered or power free, from AQL 1.5 Medical quality lever, AQL 2.5 Examination quality lever, AQL 4.0 Industry quality lever. They are packed in bags or boxes mainly, depends on customers’  requirements.

Bitoor plastic produce this kind of disposable gloves on 2015, has 4 years exporting experience. We have 4 production lines, export 20 containers every month. We export it to Europe, USA, Japan mainly. If you want to purchase this type of gloves, we are your best choice!