tpe645 disposable tpe glove for kitchen supplier

  • Color as you want
  • Super Soft  and super strong
  • Meet EN 455-1-2-5 medical device
  • Meet Food Contact
  • Smooth and fit well
  • Water and Blood Proof
  • No Vinyl, No Latex, No Plasticizer, Powder Free

Mainly used for home, food prepare, animal hospital, nursing, laboratory.

Product Details

Bitoor disposable tpe glove meet food contact standard of (EU)10/2011, FDA 21 CFR, GB 4806.7, and also can meet EN 455 medical device, so you can use it for many many working environment or hospital.

  • Our normal disposable tpe glove’s  datasheet and information as below.
Item No.: TPE601
Film Type: Casting or blowing
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer, MLLDPE
Powder: Powder Free
Thickness: 35 microns or even thicker than Nitrile
Color: Translucent, white, black, blue, pink, grey
Brand: Bitoor and OEM support
Packing: 100pcs per box, 10boxes per carton
Capacity: 8 million pieces per day
Sea Port: Shanghai, China
Validity: 36 months
Certification: ISO 9001, FDA, BRC, ISO 14001, CE
Sizes Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (gram)
X-Small 255 100 1.65
Small 255 108 1.80
Medium 255 115 1.90
Large 255 127 2.00
X-large 255 143 2.15