Disposable thick embossed Blue CPE gloves

  • Thick embossing
  • Food Contact approved
  • Easy Wear and take off
  • Better catch and cheaper price
  • All World type
  • No Vinyl, No Latex, No Plasticizer, Powder Free

Mainly used for food prepare, nursing, laboratory, dust free workshop.

Product Details

Bitoor disposable thick embossed Blue CPE gloves meet food contact standard of (EU)10/2011, FDA 21 CFR, GB 4806.7, mainly use MLLDPE amd LDPE raw material, no recycle material at all.  Blue color make it easy for food prepare, and no mixing at all, totally no any other additives, so you can use it safety for food prepare and many many working environment.

  • Datasheet and information as below.
Item No.: CPE624
Film Type: Casting
Material: LDPE and MLLDPE
Powder: Powder Free
Thickness: 22 microns
Color: Blue
Brand: Bitoor and OEM support
Packing: 100pcs per box, 40boxes per carton
Capacity: 7 million pieces per day
Sea Port: Shanghai, China
Validity: 36 months
Certification: ISO 9001, FDA, BRC, ISO 14001,
Sizes Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (gram)
Small 270 134 1.70
Medium 280 152 1.80
Large 290 164 1.90
X-large 290 172 2.00


  • Blue color make it very easy to discover if mixed in food suddenly.
  • Deep embossed make it catch things easily and take off easily.
  • Thick embossing also make it looked thicker than normal PE glove even the same weight.
  • Much more cheaper than Vinyl glove.