CPE205 Surgical isolation disposable protective cpe gowns

  • Thicker type
  • European Model type
  • REACH approved
  • ASTM 1671 approved
  • PE material, water and blood proof
  • Easy Wear and easy take off
  • No Vinyl, No Latex, No Plasticizer, Powder Free

Mainly used for home, food prepare, nursing, restaurant, dust free workshop.

Product Details

Item No.: CPE205
Film Type: Casting
Material: LLDPE
Powder: Powder Free
Thickness: 35 microns
Weight: 30 GSM
Color: Blue
Brand: Ronare and OEM support
Packing: 1 piece per bag, 10 pieces per bag, 100 pieces per carton
Capacity: 50,000 pieces per day
Sea Port: Shanghai, China
Validity: 36 months
Certification: ISO 9001, FDA, ISO 14001,
Sizes Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (gram)
Large 1200 2000 55