Cheap Cleaning Blue Poly Aprons

Cheap Cleaning Blue Poly Aprons

Size: (60-85)*(90-150)CM
Thickness:10-40 micron
Gram: 5.0g-30.0g/pc


Product Details

Cheap Cleaning Blue Poly Aprons are widely used in food making industry, kitchen, supermarket and some anti free industries, cheap and easy to get, they are all made by PE film, easily produce. It can keep body, cloths and foods, things away from water, oil and dust, mainly used in food contact, food prepare, food making industry, lab, nursing, examination, veterinary, farm, livestock industry, also mainly for visitors to any factories.

Disposable PE Aprons have several sizes, width is from 60cm to 85cm, length is from 90cm to 150cm, small aprons are mainly for children or restaurant. For sizes, we called it bib aprons, food aprons, printed aprons, restaurant aprons. Disposable PE Aprons are mainly white and blue colour, but some other customers need it in pink or customization printed, but must use food contact master batches.  Thickness is from 10 micron to 40 micron, weight is from 5. 0gram to 30gram. Material is HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, every factory’s formulation is nearly the same. They are packed in bags or boxes, Japanese customers and medical customers need to fold them one by one, and some medical customers need to pack it in pouch. They called it folded PE Apron or Disposable folded aprons, we have start to develop the apron folding machines.