Everyone need body covers to do anything,especially in working,sometimes need a safety helmet,sometimes need a glass,sometimes need labor shoes.Here i introduce the disposable covers,from head to feet,such as non woven cap,pe cap,poly cap,non woven face mask,plastic ear cover,non woven ear cover,pe sleeves,poly sleeves,cpe sleeves,eva sleeves,bib,pe boots,plastic boots,elasticated top boots,boots with self ties,pe shoe cover,plastic shoe cover,cpe shoe cover,so many products.Anything you mind,we will have.
Those disposable covers are simple made and all made by film too the same as aprons and gowns,aprons and gowns are also belong to body covers.Non woven Face mask and cap are made by auto machines,very fast and sealed by ultrasound.Other plastic covers,no matter PE ,CPE,EVA material,are cut to piece first,then sealed elastic band by hand.
Disposable body covers are also called disposable personal protect equipment,though they can’t supply strong protect for users,but they are really cheap and useful especially in food contact,medicine contact,factories,machines repairing,farms,veterinary,livestock,they can keep off dust,oil,bacteria from foods,animals,human body,so they are widely used in every country and area.