Plastic Bags, Angles or Demons

Greta Thunberg, Times’ 2019 person of the year, youngest ever, use stronger sound to fight for the world’s environment than all of us. Though she do nothing just speaking, but her words are really like bomb to we, especially for me, manufacture of plastic bags, food bags, garbage bags, emesis bags, vomit bags and a lot of kinds of poly gloves, such as HDPE bags, LDPE bags, garbage bags with drawstring.

Plastic Bags are invented to protect the environment

Can be believe it? When i knew it at the first time, i laugh out, i think no one believe it, but it is totally true! Plastic bags are created to take place of paper bags, because in 20th century, too many wood was cut to produce bags and no company want to plant new trees. Sten Gustaf Thulin want to protect trees, so he invent the plastic bags. In the beginning, it is very thick and expensive, but after years developed, it is very thin and easy to make and get. By now, nearly everyone use it everyday, no one can give a accurate answer of how many pieces of plastic bags, emesis bags, garbage bags used in each day! Now it is really a big hurt to our environment and earth. What a pity! Things are no good or bad, that’s all because how our using them.

How Plastic Bags Made

Through many years developed, plastic bags are very easy to make now, and also can be made by many different materials. HDPE and LDPE bags are most common because of the bags can be very strong also very thin, so the price is the cheapest of all bags. PP bags contain OPP and CPP bags, it is made by PP and PE mixed material. EVA bags are very soft, strong and static. VCI bags are mainly produced to block air and products, make sure the products especially the metal things will not corroded by air. And many many different target bags…


PE bags is very cheap and can be found in everywhere even in the deep ocean. It is made by HDPE or LDPE mixed with LLDPE, blew by blowing machine, then seal the film, bag finished. Very easy and machines are very cheap, that’s why it is everywhere. Emesis bags are also belong to LDPE bags, easy to use and also very strong. Garbage bags are made of HDPE, very thin also very strong enough. Drawstring garbage bags are one type of it, the most common type is star bottom rubbish bags.

PP bags are a little expensive than PE bags, and brittle. It is usually made to pack things because it is shiny, looks beautiful. OPP bags is the first type pf it, very brittle, loved by people. CPP bags is developed to make the bags more strong but not as shin as OPP bags. The film is made by casting machines, very expensive. After film made, it is need to composite with other film, if it is combined with PE, it is called CPP film.

EVA bags is very soft because of the material EVA, melting point is very low, so it is mainly used to pack clothes. The bag looks very beautiful and expensive, soft, smooth and also very strong. It can be made by blowing machines also can be made by casting machines. But recently, it is made by casting machines mainly because the film surface looks very good.

VCI bags is made to keep the products off air. It is made with blowing machines with special material VCI.

Kinds of PE BAGS

After many years manufacture, we focused on produce PE poly bags, for food contact, medical contact, easy carry, sickness person, vomit, emesis, paper, garbage, rubbish and so on…

Food contact bags: HDPE and LDPE bags are all used to pack food by different persons. HDPE bags can inhibit bacterial growth because of the material HDPE, so it is used a lot to pack foods, also the bags are very thin and cheap. But because the material is very hard, it can’t carry things high weight, but LDPE bags can. LDPE has very good heat sealing performance, can carry very high weight foods only need to make sure the bags are strong enough.

Medical contact bags: Most bags are made by HDPE, because HDPE bags can kill bacteria. Also some customers use paper laminated bags to pack medical things, after packed, use EO or X-ray to sterile them.

Garbage bags: Everyday we use them, mainly produced by HDPE, because it can be very very thin, thinner than a paper, 8 microns. From toilet bins to garden rubbish, from 8 microns to 25 microns, dimensions from 44*46cm to 110*85cm, and even bigger. Most common type is star seal bottom, also called star block bottom, tie handle star sealed, bin liner bags. A new developed type is drawstring trash bags, the same strong, you can easily throw it away after you using.

Emesis vomit bags: Every one has uncomfortable time, and sometimes need to vomit especially on plane, bus, ship, car and other transport. It is produced by a bag and a PP circle, bags need very strong and will not broken for ever.


Fully degradation plastic bags

When the Europe start to ban the disposable plastic products, all importers and brand owners search and look for the substitute. But found no one other things can take place of them, so they start to let the suppliers to develop the degradation bags.

At the first time, 50% degradation bags are easily created by using calcium carbonate, then 80%, 90%. After some big company develop PAT, PBAT, and plastic cornflour, we can produce totally 100% degradation bags. But it is very expensive, nearly 2-3 times than normal bags because of the material price. Maybe 10 years later the material will be much cheaper.


Plastic bags are only bags

Plastic bags are only bags, what i mean is how it influence the environment or earth depends on how we use them and recycle them. Nearly all plastic bags, include Food contact bags, pe bags, garbage bags, rubbish bags, emesis vomit bags, what ever they all can be recycled. But after we used it, we never remember to carry them up and recycle them, we only throw them away, it cause many problems.

We should love them! Plastic bags give us much easier life, and we will use them for ever.

Here is my opinion, thanks for your reading! I hope we can use plastic bags to protect the earth and our environment!

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