Disposable PE isolation gowns are widely used in veterinary, farm, livestock, for animal feeder, veterinarian, and visitors, totally cover persons’ body and clothes from neck to trousers, not cheap but easy to wear, they are made by PE film, easily produce, firstly cut the gown from film, then sealed the edge.

PE Transparent Green Blue Thumb Hole Isolation Gown with Full BACK
Disposable Good Quality Cheap CPE PE fluid-resistance thumbs loop gown BACK
Disposable non sterile AAMI 2 water proof PE isolation GOWN FRONT

Customers also call it PE Gowns, disposal plastic coverall, disposable PE Coverall, plastic dress, PE dress, It can keep body, cloths and animals away from water, oil, bacteria and dust, mainly used in nursing, examination, veterinary, farm, livestock industry, also for visitors to any farms or livestock farms.

PE Gowns have very near sizes for different countries and, width is 155cm normally, length is from 130cm to 150cm. PE isolation gowns are mainly green and orange colour, but some other customers need it in transparent, but must use food contact master batches, so some people call them Green Gowns, Orange Gowns or Transparent Gowns.

Thickness is nearly 28 micron, weight is from 50. 0gram to 70gram. Material is LDPE, LLDPE, every factory’s formulation is nearly the same. They are packed in bags or boxes, some customer need it sterilized, so we pack it into a pouch, they call it sterilized gowns.

Bitoor plastic has more than 9 years manufacturing experience, we are one of the first factory who produce PE isolation gowns. We have 18 PE blowing film machines, can produce aprons more than 20 thousand pieces per day. By now, we export to more than 6 countries and areas in the world.