We are the top manufacturer of PE gloves in China. These disposable gloves can be used in nearly all industries, people use them in different areas for economical and their performance. Disposable PE Gloves sometime called Poly or Plastic Gloves, they are very thin, cheapest, easy to have and can keep hands away from water, oil and dust, mainly used in food prepare, food contact, hair dye, nursing, examination, garden, lab and many easy areas, but not strong enough to be used in medical and surgical operation. No Latex, No Nitrile, No PVC, No Powered.

Disposable PE Gloves

Laminated bag folding gloves
food processing pe hdpe ldpe disposable gloves
disposable food processing plastic pe glove
Strong water resistance Disposable Transparent Polyethylene CPE Plastic Gloves
Beauty salon restaurant multipurpose disposable polyethylene plastic CPE Gloves
Disposable Transparent water proof Plastic protective HDPE CPE Gloves for BBQ Restaurant Kitchen Eco-friendly Food
2020 new products disposable plastic cpe polyethylene gloves food contact kitchen gloves
Examination Plastic EVA polymer sterile gloves Paper Attached
Chinese Arm length disposable veterinary hand examination gloves manufacturer
Disposable kitchen Paper or Plastic Card Header blocked PE Glove with hook

Brief Introduction

PE Gloves are also called Poly Gloves, Plastic Gloves, HDPE Gloves, LDPE Gloves, Food Contact Gloves, Disposable Poly Gloves and so on, many different names by different areas.


It has Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large sizes, and different appearance models for different customers, dimensions are nearby, width is from 15cm to 25cm, length is from 25cm to 32cm.


Disposable PE gloves have different colors, such as transparent, white, blue, pink, red, black, but must use food contact master batches. Thickness are from 9 micron to 30 micron, weight is from 0. 5gram to 2. 2 gram.


Though the material are nearly the same, but different material percentage will make totally different gloves. LLDPE will make it softer and more elongation, HDPE will make it harder, more fuzzy and can be produced thinner, LDPE can make it stronger sealed, shining. Customers are purchased them by thickness, but factories mainly calculate the cost by weight. They are packed in paper, bags or boxes, depends on customers’ requirements.


Bitoor plastic has more than 20 years manufacturing experience before this sino-usa company. We produce all color, all kinds of PE Gloves. We have 15 blowing machines, produce 7. 5 tons film every day, more than 5 million pieces of gloves per day, all material are import from Saudi and all are raw material, no recycle at all. We export it to Europe, USA, Japan mainly.