Disposable non woven isolation gowns are produced by non woven fabric, widely used not only in hospital, but also lots industry that need to separate the bacteria or dust, such as live stock farm, dust-free workshop.

Elastic Closure Disposable Non-woven PE Isolation Gowns proof water manufature
Blue Plastic Consumable Disposable Nonwoven PE PP Isolation Gown
Disposable Medical AAMI Non-woven Isolation Gowns with Elastic Band
Disposable PP PE Laminated Nonwoven Protective Medical Reinforced Isolation Gown
Blue Yellow Isolation water proof Impervious Thumb Secure Chemical gown
Disposable Medical Supplies Non Woven Isolation Gowns With Long sleeves
Disposable SMS laminated non woven pe coated front microporous water proof dust free coveralls manufacturer
Non woven High quality disposable safety chemical protective coverall clothing
Non woven disposable coverall with water proof and boots elastic cuff

Non woven isolation gowns have many types to meet customers’ requirement, some are full non woven fabric, breathe freely, soft, cheap, but can’t proof water or blood, just can proof dust and earth.

But some customers and nursing need better one that laminated with PE film, it can proof water, dust even blood, though the air will hardly approve. This type is good to use even in full bacteria environments, but can’t be worn long time.

So we developed the breathable PE laminated SMS non woven fabric to produce the gowns, it can breathe well, and also can filter the bacteria while breathe. It’s expensive but worth especially in recent days that Covirus spread.

Non woven gowns also have 4 different appearance that meet different requirements.

Nonwoven patient gown, that it don’t have sleeves, don’t have trousers, don’t have cap, just like a big T-shirt, it’s big and easily wear and take off, easy for doctors and nurse to check the patients’ body.

Isolation gown, that tied at the back, there is a full plane surface at the front, and long length to cover the knee, also don’t have cap and trousers, easy to take on and easy to take off. It’s the most favorite type, because it’s cheap and can do a lot of simple works that don’t need to cure the patients.

Coverall, the same meaning with the word, can cover you all, from head to feet, has sleeves, can protect you better. It is not easy to wear, and when you wear it, you need to clean yourself firstly.

Coverall with shoe covers, an update on the coverall, that it has shoe covers more than the coverall type, because some serious sickroom need to protect doctors and nurses best. Shoe covers need to put on.

Bitoor plastic has more than 10 years manufacturing experience, we are one of the first factory who produce this kind coveralls. We have 200 manufacture workers, can produce these nonwoven isolation gowns more than 50 thousand pieces per day. By now, we export to Europe and USA mainly.