Marine plastic garbage harm to everyone

Human creat the plastic,and the plastic has come back to feedback us.

Plastic is our most normal material in our life, but every piece of used platic will possiblely flow into ocean finally. By reported, the plastic garbage in ocean is already 3 million square kilometres, bigger than India! And there is a total plastic floating island bigger than 700 thousand square kilometres.

As reported by England’s newspaper, every year human throw about 5 million tons plastic garbage into the ocean, and lots of very tiny plastic particles have produced into sea fish and sea salt, finally eaten by people. Every year, a comman person who do not eat sea food will also eat about 1000 pieces  plastic particles, but for some guys who likes to eat sea food, that will increase to 11000 pieces! How terrible it is! We really need to focuse on this problem, or after 50 years there will be nothing clear food for us!


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