PE Long Shoulder Gloves are developed from PE Short Gloves, to meet veterinary, farm, livestock customers’ requirements that they need longer gloves to take care animals or artificially inseminate them, it is like a short glove with a long sleeve to shoulder, it is same material with PE Gloves.

Long Shoulder Length Gloves

Super sensitive vet gloves for animal
Factory direct sale disposable long veterinary gloves
Disposable PE shouder length veterinary hand gloves Rapid AIV Test
2018 best selling KD815 veterinary long glove manufacture
Men Size Obstetric Veterinary Shoulder Length Gloves
Transparent Elasticated PE Elbow Length Gloves
Red Pink Blue Transparent EVA Veterinary Long Gloves
Orange Green Red Yellow Transparent Obstetric Shoulder length Gloves
Disposable Gray Poly Elbow length gloves
Super Sensitive Examination Long Gloves with Neck Strap 120 CM

Brief Introduction

People also call it 90cm PE Long Gloves, 80cm PE Long Gloves, Vet LONG PE Gloves, Vet Long Gloves, Shoulder length PE Gloves, OB Long Gloves, PE OB Gloves.


If some customers want stronger and softer gloves, we add EVA in it, then the gloves are called EVA Long Gloves, EVA Veterinary Long Gloves or PEVA Long Gloves. They can’t be very thin, because it is long and needed to strong enough when users ware it and use it into animals’ body. It can keep hands and clothes away from animals’ blood, water, oil and dust, mainly used in nursing, examination, veterinary, farm, livestock industry, but not strong enough to be used in animal surgical operation.

Sizes and Colors

PE Long Gloves mainly have two sizes, men size and women size, width is 24cm to 29cm, length is 80cm to 97cm. Gloves have a lot colors, transparent, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, gray, but must use food contact master batches.


Thickness is from 20 micron to 30 micron, weight is from 5. 5gram to 10gram. Material are  LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE and EVA, every factory’s formulation is different. Customers are purchased them by thickness, but factories mainly calculate the cost by weight and material. They are packed in bags and boxes mainly. The edge line is straight or oblique.


Bitoor plastic has more than 15 years manufacturing experience before this sino-usa company, we are one of the first factory who produce this kind gloves. We have 4 long gloves stamping machines, can produce straight line or oblique line gloves, all colors, we produce more than 200 thousand pieces of PE Long gloves per day, all material are raw material, no recycle at all. By now, we export to more than 20 countries and areas in the world.

Long Shoulder Gloves’ Information