LDPE and HDPE Material and Films Used for Poly Gloves

    Polyethylene (PE) is a polymer polymerization by ethylene, it developed about 60 years, biggest global quantity of all the resins. And LDPE and HDPE is the most used in PE.

LDPE(Low Density Polyethylene), mainly used in bags, farm films and other sealing products, because of its low density, soft feeling and very good sealing quality.

    HDPE(High Density Polyethylene), mainly used in blowing and injecting, because of its high density, strong steam permeability resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance, and very good electrical insulation and impact resistance! It is used most.
    LDPE’s crystallinity is usually 55%-65%, but HDPE is 80%-90%, and even more.
    In our protect film industry, LDPE,HDPE and LLDPE is used most. LDPE is soft, shine, better elongation and good for sealing, HDPE is strong, better tensile, stable, translucent and can be  blown into very thin, even thinner than a piece of paper, 5 micron.
    LDPE can be used in blowing machine and casting machine, but HDPE normally can not be used in casting machines, because the fluidity, LDPE’s fluidity is from 1.8-4.0, we use 2.0 mainly for blowing, use 2.0-4.0 for casting. HDPE’s fluidity is from 1.0-2.0, very few items can reach 2.0, because the crystallinity is very high, mainly for blowing.
    We mainly use only HDPE for very thin product, use HDPE add LDPE for more shiny and transparent and air compressive strength.
    LDPE films are stick, shiny and better elongation, HDPE films are fragile, translucent and better tensile.
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