We are the top manufacturer of isolation gowns in China, wholesale PE Gowns, CPE Gowns and Non Woven Gowns, they are also called aprons with sleeves. Those disposable isolation gowns are used in nearly every place, cheap and easy to get, easy to use. Those Gowns are all made by film, PE gowns are made by PE film, different dimension and different thickness needed by different customers. PE Gowns are made by HDPE and LLDPE, also add some LDPE to make it shine, looked better.

Disposable Isolation Gowns

L size disposable reinforced isolation gown
Protective waterproof surgical isolation Plastic gown
High Quality Waterproof Disposable Plastic CPE gown
Cheap high quality disposable protective CPE gown
Impervious CPE gown used in Restaurant beauty sal
Surgical isolation disposable protective cpe gowns
Medical Operation Disposable plastic Protective CPE Gown
Waterproofnew style High Quality multi purpose Disposable CPE Gown Plastic High Quality
Plastic High Quality Waterproof safty protective Disposable CPE Gown
Cheap disposable blue cpe plastic gowns strong water resistance good protection
Waterproof High Quality Protective Suit Disposable CPE Gown
New design High Quality lightweight Disposable CPE plastic gown with thumb up

Brief Introduction

Disposable isolation gowns are mainly used in veterinary, livestock and farms, because animals are big and dirty, protect worker and farmer, also protect animals to be not sick.


Dimension is usually 155cm width and 140cm length or 145cm length. Isolation gowns are made by CPE film, also have different dimension and different thickness.

Usage Field

They are mainly used in nursing care and hospitals, some food factories also use them, but not many, because it is made by hand recently, it is expensive, food factories mainly use aprons.

Produce Process

The first step making isolation gowns is cutting the film by their length, according to the thickness, 25 pieces, 40 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 pieces or 200 pieces one time, then use put them on the punch machine bottom board, punch them by designed models.

Then, needed to be sealed after this step one by one, some gowns are needed another step. Their wrist has an elastic band to make it attach to people’s wrist, so after sealed, workers need to seal an elastic band or line on the gowns’ wrist by hand, that’s why the gowns and aprons with sleeves are expensive.


We have more than 7 years manufacturing experience, we are one of the first factory who produce this kind plastic isolation gowns. We have 23 CPE casting film machines and 18 Blowing Film machines, can produce isolation gowns more than 20 thousand pieces per day. We are a professional disposable isolation gowns manufacturer in China, the best gowns wholesale supplier for you.

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