How to choose Food Industry Gloves

In food industry, gloves are used a lot,contain disposable gloves and non disposable. Though plastic will cause a lot of environment problem, but if food factories don’t use them, how can we easy to eat their foods?

Non disposable gloves mainly used in wash and hard work, but not good for workers, because they are very big usually. Disposable gloves are easy to wear and use, and more hygiene than non-disposables. In food industry, people mainly use HDPE gloves, LDPE gloves, CPE gloves, TPE gloves, Nitrile Gloves. HDPE and LDPE gloves are called poly gloves too. They are very very cheap and thin, so very welcome in food industry and restaurant, also PE can kill bacteria, good for food industry. But because it’s too thin, it can’t be used for a long time work or a hard work in food factories. In 1990s, CPE gloves developed by Japanese customers to take place of  PVC gloves in food factories, they are much thicker than PE, and no harm to people’s health and environment if recycle them after using. CPE gloves mainly have embossing that can help hands to catch things and not easy to broke, so japanese food factories mainly use it. I think USA and Europe food industry will also use them much more in the future if their laws ban them to use PVC gloves. Nitrile Gloves are much more expensive than the others, though it is better for using. If factories’ owner thought it worth to pay more money for workers working,it worth. TPE gloves are developed by this point, it’s much cheaper than Nnitrile gloves, but can be very simillar feeling when you use it. So more and more food factories start to use it.

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