How many disposable products used in last years and future

More and more countries’ government request people not to use disposable products in their life, some even set a law to forbid persons to use disposable plastic products. Most people want to do what government said, but firstly we should have other products to take place of them. By now, answer is no, only very few products can be replaced by paper products.

Like China,they use about 1 billion pieces of lunchbox per day, 3 billion pieces of bags per day! You will not know how much of it, if only 1% percent of them drop away into ocean, 10 years all over oceans will cover all of plastic. But some resercher said only 40% of disposable plastic products are collected and recycled!


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  1. Charles says:

    That is really bad news for environment, hope someone can get new biodegradable products.


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