How Disposable PE Shoulder Length Gloves Developed

Disposable PE Shoulder Length Gloves are used a lot in veterinary and stock farm. It is very useful in protecting human and animals. Different countries’ customers call them different names, such as OB gloves, long examination gloves, soft disposable examination gloves, Super Sensitive Disposable Examination Gloves, AI gloves, artificial insemination gloves, PE long gloves, EVA soft long gloves, super touch examination gloves and so on… Different material and different thickness, but they all do well in different situations.

When we start to produce pe shoulder length gloves

In later of 2005, we started to produce this type of gloves with automatic long gloves instead of hand-making machines in Guang Dong province. We required our short glove machines supplier to make it in order. In the beginning, it only make about 20,000 pieces per day and very hard to produce. After some changing of the machine, we can make this shoulder length gloves 50,000 pieces per day in 2006. Based on this, we cut off the prices a lot and get a lot of orders no matter straight line or oblique line.

Long gloves production line

Click here Youtube link to show you how we produce it.

Developing of pe shoulder length gloves

2 years later in 2009, we met our very important customer, most famous brand in veterinary. They give us some new ideas and suggestions, by that, we develop some new types.

1, value type, only use LDPE and LLDPE material, a little hard but strong enough when using them.

2, Super soft type, most 30% percent EVA material used instead of LDPE, much softer than value type and also stronger, because long gloves are mainly used in animals’ body, softer gloves will be better for animals.

3, Super touch type, same EVA compost but use MLLDPE instead of LLDPE, much stronger than above types.

And also for the edge of the long gloves, we have straight edge and oblique edge.

Straight edge is the old type, 80-90 cm. It is easier to make.

Oblique edge is the new developed type, it can protect more shoulder and make the gloves fit your shoulder better.


Different thickness and different length depends on the customers’ requirement. 20 micron, 23 micron, 25 micron is normal thickness types, for length, 60cm, 80cm, 88cm, 90cm, 92cm, 95cm, 97cm. And so many colour, transparent, white, blue, green, red, pink, orange, yellow, gray and so on custom colour.


Shoulder protect gloves with neck strap, PE long gloves with elastic band are two expensive types, can protect users better.

How to inspect your pe shoulder length Gloves’ quality

Quality is very important for each glove, for this long examination gloves, whether strength and strong enough is most important point. Because it is used in animals’ body, it should be not easy to broke and leaked.

Normally we have 4 steps when we inspect them, Look, Pull, Blow and Hang.

1, Look, this first step is very important before you use it or after you purchasing it. Check the sealed line whether there is broken hole or long fur. Then take the glove in light, inspect the film whether the film is shine and smooth, do not have many non melting point. If the supplier purchase recycle material instead of raw material, the gloves maybe cause bad disease for users and animals. That’s why we should look the film firstly.


2, Pull, pull the gloves hard to check the gloves are strong enough when using, it can check whether the supplier use many calcium carbonate in it. If they use many calcium carbonate, the film will be harder and no strength.


3, Blow, first blow it by your mouth, full it with air, and put your arm on it. If the gloves are strong enough, it will be broken on the film. If it broke in the finger’s sealed line, it is bad because the gloves are not sealed strong enough. And if your supplier are professional enough, they should blow it by air pump with 0.5MPA in 10 seconds.


4, Hang with water, fill the gloves with 3L water, hang it 2 minutes, not break. AQL 1.5 is for this quality inspect step, allow 1 broke in 32 pieces.


Choose your best type

A lot of users do not know how to choose the gloves in so many types. Here i introduce some methods. Firstly, where you will use them. If you will use it to exam the sick cattle or pigs, i think the 23 micron(7.0 gram) and normal LDPE types is enough, red colour. If you use it to artificial insemination of the big animals, i suggest you to use the better softer one, green or yellow will be better than red, to check whether you hurt their body. If you only use it to exam the cattle’s stomach, i think 80cm is enough, because it is not so deep if your cattle have hole on them.

Anyway, if you can let your users use it carefully, value one is also enough in any situation.

20 microns (6.0 gram) is developed for cheaper price but more sensitive when using it, though it is thinner and softer, but still strong enough for using. But if you will use it to artificial insemination very strong cattle or other big animal, i suggest you not to use this thin type. No matter how good it is, it is thinner, the film couldn’t be as strong as thicker one.


Long gloves also can protect you away from virus

It is made of PE film, one kind of material that hardly let the air pass through, so it is also a good kind of product. Especially its long length can also protect your cloth and body, the virus or even COVID-2019 will not infect you.

PE Shoulder Length Gloves’ Future

No one feel the changes of this long gloves in last years, but it happens smoothly, especially the quality requirements. Strong enough is not the only requirement of the gloves, more and more customers need them looked better, shiny, beautiful, fit well, softer, and sealed line should be smooth and strong.

Now it developed into 3 ways. One is cheaper, cheaper and cheaper, it requires manufactures to choose cheaper material even add more and more filler, and make it as thin as possible. Second is better for using, add a elastic band in the end edge of gloves, make it with neck strap or cut a line on the edge that can hang over your neck. Third is using environmental material, it is always the focus point for all plastic products.


Thank you a lot for your reading, best regards!


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