How can we protect ourselves from the 2019-nCoV

At the end of December 2019, Wuhan, China reported 27 cases of unknown pneumonia, and the virus is very similar to the SARS in 2013. In Wuhan, all shops and streets were renovated and disinfected in December.

Dec. 31, 2019, the Chinese government reported the case to the WHO.

Jan. 07, 2020, Chinese scientists confirmed that this is a new type of coronavirus, and the WHO named it 2019-nCoV.

With the beginning of the Spring Festival transport in early January, the flow of people reached a peak. The Chinese government took active and effective measures to make every effort to limit the rapidly spread of this disease. This coercive measure has also received the understanding and strong support of the Chinese people.

As the number of infected cases continues increasing, Chinese scientists have adopted a series of protection guidelines for everyone:

  1. Stay at home, minimize outing activities, and reduce the chance of passing on people
  2. Personal protection and hand hygiene
  3. Do a good job of health testing and medical treatment
  4. Maintain good hygiene and health habits


Though most time we can stay at home, but every day we need to buy food, rice, vegetables, fruits and so on. That is very important how we protect ourselves when we go out.

First of all, before you go out of house, wear Face Mask and disposable gloves!

I suggest you choose the Disposable PE gloves, CPE gloves, TPE Gloves or PVC gloves, they are enough for your healthy protecting.

How do we choose the type of disposable gloves in different conditions? And how to wear the disposable glove properly?

Different types of gloves

Types HD/LD PE glove CPE glove TPE glove Vinyl glove Nitrile glove
Thickness 0.01mm 0.02mm 0.04mm 0.08mm 0.06mm
Water test AQL 4.0 AQL 2.5 AQL1.5 AQL2.5 AQL1.5
Price Very cheap cheap value expensive Very expensive


This type gloves can be very thin and very cheap, but cheap price not means the gloves are bad, they are economical! PE material are very stable, that cause it very hard to degrade. This point make it very popular in Medical industry, nearly all packages of medical products are packed in HDPE bags. No bacterial can live on its surface, so it is very useful in refusing bacterial away from your skin.


CPE gloves are using similar material of PE gloves, but much stronger than it. Japanese food factory and super market all like to use this type gloves, because they are most value for using. Strong enough for 4 hours working. With thick embossing, it can catch things very strong.


It is developed in recent years, to take place of PVC gloves, because a lot of countries forbid to use PVC gloves in food contact industry. TPE gloves are very strong, soft and smooth. Water test are all AQL 1.5, no bacterial can approve it to touch your hand.


Our gloves can protect your hand at any situation.


Thanks for your reading!

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