Disposable cloth protect your pigs away from ASF

China is the biggest pork consumer market in the world, African Swine Fever really affect a lot this year. 2019, in China, we also call it Pig year, and in past 9 months, it is really a “Pig” year. The pork price increase nearly every week, from 20 to 60 RMB.

African Swine Fever, first discovered in Africa, infect domestic pigs and various wild boars (such as African wild boar, European wild boar, etc.) causing an acute, hemorrhagic, severe infectious disease. Once one pig has ASF, in one week,all pigs in farm will have it, it is very quick and harmful, pigs will die in one month, and we don’t have any cure medicine till now. The only one way to protect other pigs or farms is to kill them all! Cruel and helpless, no farm owner want to do it, but once your pigs has it, this is the only method.

All farm owner realize that all workers should be sterilized and wear disposable medical products before they touch the pigs and leave the farms, this is the best way and most economic way to protect pigs and their farms.

From head to feet, it is very important that how to cover all body. Please loot at the picture below.

First we should wear the nonwoven face mask, stretch it to make sure your month and nose are covered.

Second, wear the disposable cap, open it and cover your ears and hairs, if you have long hairs, you should disk it before you wear the cap.

Third, wear the disposable cloth, zipped.

Fourth, wear the trousers(if the cloth is not pant), and cover the cloth into trousers.

Fifth, wear the boots and cover the trousers.

Finally, wear the disposable gloves.

How the cloth develop

More and more farms has started to request the workers wearing the disposable cloth before they go into the stock farm, to protect the animals also workers self. Many farm owners can’t afford so much cost on the disposable protect things each day, they shut down the farms, it’s a pity. Some farms are struggling to hold on, and they want cheaper protect cloths not only the gown.

Thanks for your reading, hope it is useful for you. We really hope every farm worker can clear body and wear it before they work, and i think it is a reasonable cost.

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