Different types of face masks to protect you

Corona Virus Disease 2019( COVID-19), spread so fast around the whole world. Though governments has used very strict methods to stop it, still has little effort to stop such a terrible virus! The inflect people quantity has increased suddenly more than 1.6 million, so fast and uncontrolled, and the exist medicine is not easy to cure the patients, some lucky and strong persons can be cured by themselves.

Some famous VIP like Trump said the Face Masks can do nothing to protect persons during such a bad virus environment, but i want to say it is really really very useful! No matter you trust me or not, the facts is hospital has very few persons who has bad cold or has a fever, not the COVID-19, just normal fever, much less than last years!

Behaviour of Face masks

No matter what kind of masks, they really help a lot. They can reduce the bacterium and virus that we breathe in and speaking or eating. Why people will be ill or sick, not because you breathe only one piece of bacterium or virus, it depends on how much you breathe them in or eat them into your body. Human body is a very huge and complex system also a very beautiful and perfect system, it will be cured by itself when it is attacked by the virus. But everything has its limit, when thousands and even millions of virus come into our body, breakthrough our defense system, then we will be sick.  And face masks can prevent most of the virus and bacterium in the air or environment, why some persons still said it is useless???

Type of Face Masks

Some face masks are disposable, some are not. In such a bad environment, i suggest to use disposable face masks, because the bacterium and virus will stay and live on face masks after using, no matter how you wash it and take care of it, but it’s ok to reuse it if you can sterile it before using.

Disposable Face Masks contain, 2 ply face mask, 3ply face mask, c-fold face mask, N95 face mask, KN95 face mask, BFE99 face mask, medical face mask and so many kinds.

2 ply face masks are not used a lot to prevent virus because it don’t have melt-brown non woven in it, so it can’t protect you, it mainly used to protect foods, so it is used in factory and markets to guard workers’ saliva.

3 ply face masks is also called BFE 95 face mask, plain face masks and medical surgical face masks, because it is cheapest and easily to make, it is most widely used in whole world.

  • fold face masks is also called N95 abroad China, in China we called it KN95, touch face better and defend better.

BFE 99 face mask and medical face mask and surgical face mask are all need to use BFE 99 Melt-brown non woven fabric, and surgical face masks need to be sterile.



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