Disposable CPE isolation gowns are widely used in kitchen, supermarket and restaurant kitchens and hospital, elder nursing, it is more expensive than CPE aprons, green to environment, they are all made by CPE film, cut from film rolls, sealed two sleeves and 2 elastic bands if needed, then packed in bags one by one.

L size disposable reinforced isolation gown
Protective waterproof surgical isolation Plastic gown
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New design High Quality lightweight Disposable CPE plastic gown with thumb up

Customers often call them CPE Aprons with sleeves, CPE Coverall, CPE Sleeves Aprons. It is developed from CPE Aprons, just like CPE Aprons with two sleeves. It can keep body, cloths and foods, things away from water, oil and dust, mainly used in food contact, food prepare, food making industry, lab, nursing, examination, also mainly for visitors to any factories.

Disposable CPE isolation gowns mainly have two size, one is from children, one is for adults, but nearly totally different between customers, maybe the dimension is near the same, but model is different. It has white, orange and blue colour, but must use food contact master batches, mainly is blue gowns.

Thickness is from 20 micron to 40 micron, weight is from 25. 0gram to 70gram. Material is MLLDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, every factory’s formulation is different for prices, we add Calcium carbonate if customer want cheaper CPE isolation gowns. And Disposable CPE Aprons with sleeves have 3 types by the wrist, one is with a thumb hook hole, one is sealed an elastic band, last one is sealed with a white elastic line, different method, different prices because of the labor cost. They are packed in bags or boxes, bags are cheaper.

Bitoor plastic has more than 10 years manufacturing experience, we are one of the first factory who produce this kind isolation gowns. We have 23 CPE casting film machines, can produce CPE gowns more than 300 thousand pieces per day. By now, we export to Japan and USA mainly.