TPE Gloves Vs. CPE Gloves

Both TPE and CPE gloves can be used in food processing, kitchen cooking, household cleaning, hair salon hair dye, hotel catering and other general food industry and general protection. These gloves are not allowed to be used in medical and surgical fields that can contact human or animal bodies or dangerous liquids.

Compared with vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves and rubber gloves, the two kinds of gloves are much cheaper and can be used as substitutes for the three kinds of gloves.

Both TPE and CPE gloves are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Such as transparent, white, blue, pink and black. Small, medium, large, super large to extra large.

The two kinds of gloves are sewn gloves. Compared with three-dimensional seamless gloves, the production process of film heat sealed gloves is relatively simple, that is, the raw materials of gloves are mixed and heated, the solid particles are directly melted at high temperature, without any liquid, and the film is formed by blowing or casting, air cooling or water cooling. After cooling, the film is rolled into a film roll, rolled up, and heat sealed into a hand shape.

The two kinds of gloves are more wear-resistant, although they are disposable gloves, but wearing these two kinds of gloves can maintain half a day’s work without damage.

The raw materials of the two gloves do not contain natural latex, so the wearer will not have allergic reaction, and the waterproof effect is also very good.

Bitoor disposable gloves stamping

Differences between CPE and TPE gloves

TPE gloves have high elasticity, high tension, relatively thick, corrosion-resistant, oil resistant, relatively soft, and are suitable for general medical examination. CPE gloves have low elasticity and tension, which are thinner, harder and less close to hands than TPE gloves.

TPE gloves have excellent weather resistance, good resistance to ozone, ultraviolet and electric arc, resistance to general chemicals and electrical insulation, which are suitable for the electrical industry,

The production and processing of CPE gloves will pollute the environment with low safety; Thermoplastic elastomer glove is a kind of environmental protection material. The waste can be recycled. It will not produce toxicity at high temperature and is safer to use.In recent years, people pay more and more attention to environmental problems, so TPE gloves are more and more favored by customers.

CPE gloves and TPE gloves from the initial production process is not the same, regardless of the pressure, crystallization, flow are different, the production of hand, tension, sheet naturally have relatively large differences.

TPE gloves are not as transparent as CPE gloves and are more expensive than CPE gloves.

When to Use CPE or TPE Gloves

If your industry needs to use disposable gloves, including wholesalers or distributors working with food service and food processing customers such as food contact, kitchen hygiene, etc., or you are evaluating TPE or CPE gloves as alternatives to vinyl or latex gloves, we recommend that you contact your trusted glove partners. They can help you choose the best alternative solution for a particular application

CPE glove is cheaper than TPE glove, but TPE glove can use much longer than CPE glove.

Why we should choose CPE or TPE gloves

More and more people use disposable gloves in 2020 than ever before, especially now, the strongest B.1.1.7 COVID-19. We need to protect ourselves and also protect others.

I have discussed it before in article “Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves ”, you can learn it there, and if you want to know more things, you can email me and discuss, welcome anyone discuss with me.

These PE film gloves also can protect you

CPE gloves and TPE gloves are not thick as PVC or Nitrile gloves, usually they are half thickness of them, from 20 microns to 40 microns before embossed. After embossed, it will be very thickness on the wrinkle, different embossing have different thickness, but i don’t suggest you to choose the very thick emboss gloves, because on the wrinkle it is very thick, but the other space will be very thin.

No matter PE, CPE, TPE gloves, they are all belong to PE material, made with PE film, it is a very good film that can isolate air and liquid than other film. So they can protect you as well as Nitrile and PVC gloves. But the first thing is to confirm there are no pink hole on them and the gloves are good appearance in water test. That’s why i suggest you to choose high weight CPE gloves and TPE gloves instead of HDPE and LDPE gloves. One piece 1.6 gram to 2.5 gram is your best choice, enough thickness and enough protect.

Air and liquid transmission of PE CPE TPE film

Less energy loss to protect earth environment

The energy to produce one piece of PVC or Nitrile glove and produce more than 10 pieces of TPE or CPE gloves, and produce more than 100 pieces of PE gloves. And during the production, the PE film gloves making lines will not influence the environment much, and not use plasticizer as well. After use, all types disposable gloves can’t be bio degradable, will be burn, during burn, of course less weight will use less energy too. That’s how we can help the earth, we have to use the disposable gloves to protect ourselves, but we also should protect earth too, or we will destroy this unique star.

WEIGHT-gram 0.6-1.5 1.5-2.6 1.8-3.5 3.5-6.5 3.0-5.5

Economical gloves

CPE and TPE gloves are very strong sealed and also can be done to fit AQL 1.5 quality lever, can be used nearly half a day or even a whole day, though PE gloves are cheaper than them, but PE gloves are so thin and so easy to broken, if we calculate the cost per hour, PE gloves will be never “cheap”, it is real disposable.

Sealed Temperature ( ℃ ) Elongation  ( % /100) Tensile ( N ) Used hours ( H )
PE GLOVE 120 1.5 2 1
CPE GLOVE 300 2.5 3 6
TPE GLOVE 280 5 4 8

performance of pe cpe tpe gloves
As you see in the table, PE gloves are sealed different from  CPE and TPE gloves, so the sealed temperature is much lower than them, this is one reason why it can’t be used so long time. Another reason is the material and thickness, it is much thinner and use cheaper material.

Simple work only need simple gloves

Average people like me use gloves to eat food, wash things, touch people or things, such as these simple works only need to use CPE gloves or TPE gloves. They are enough safe to protect people or others. Doctors or nurses who will touch patients need better gloves such as Nitrile gloves or PVC gloves, because they need to wear it long time and do much harder and more dangerous works. We should leave these better gloves for them, that’s also one way to protect ourselves. If they fall down firstly, then we will fall down of course. Hope every average people like me do not to use the PVC or Nitrile gloves in the future in not requisite situation.

Prepare food

TPE and CPE gloves are your best choice

You must use disposable gloves in the future, i have to say that. And not only you, but also you should suggest your loves. More bacteria has come to earth, because the permafrost melt. More extreme weather happens, it is really bad for human being, it has influence the survive of all people. We need to protect ourselves and our mother land, the earth too.

Disposable glove manufacture in USA

TOP 100 Disposable Gloves Manufacturers in USA

Looking for the top disposable gloves manufacturers in USA? In this blog, you will get enough useful information you need, the best disposable gloves manufacturers in USA.

Disposable glove manufacture in USA

Disposable gloves are used more and more year by year, because of the worse environment and human healthy requirements. Here i don’t introduce a lot, because i have posted many articles in our blog, if you interest in, please click here:

What kind of disposable gloves are best

What is Disposable TPE GLOVES,

The Differences Between Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl gloves

Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves

Before checking the list, let us have a self-introduction. Bitoor, we are one of the leading disposable gloves manufacturers in China, any questions and suggestions about this products, such as Poly glove, PE glove, CPE glove, TPE glove, Vinyl glove, PVC glove, Nitrile glove, please feel free to contact us. We will provide our best prices and service for your reference.

1, Amercare Royal

AmerCare Royal is a manufacturer of disposable gloves for more than 20 years, currently produces disposable gloves in China, Malaysia, India, USA and so on. Their USA head office located at 420 Clover Mill Rd. Exton, PA 19341.

Amercare royal

AmerCare Royal supply over 6,000 kinds of disposable products used in the food service, janitorial, sanitation, industrial, hospitality and medical industries. With multiple shipping points across the United States, their family of companies service national level customers with outstanding customer service and an ever-growing product line. They believe they are The Industry Leader for Trusted Quality Disposables, also they have sales teams and all over USA, warehouses in the east the south district.

2, Medline Industries Inc

Medline is a global medical manufacture, supply disposable gloves, gowns, covers and lots of things, their USA head office located at Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093.

Medline Industries

Medline is more than a manufacturer and distributor, they focus on customers’ business, helping them achieve their long-term goals, they make health run better. They tack customers’ top priorities in 4 key areas, help system leaders improve care quality, help facilities be the preferred choice, help customers reduce supply spending, help caregivers work efficiently. In more than 50 years developing, they create strategies for success, also work as an extension of customers’ team, sharing their healthcare experience and solving problems together. After years and years developing, they build a culture of entrepreneurs, they are a large, growing company that still responds like the fast-moving, family-led business that started it all.

3, AMMEX Corporation

AMMEX is a manufacture, same as Amercare that focus on disposable gloves more than 30 years., such as Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves, Vinyl gloves, Poly gloves. AMMEX has become a global leader in products that enhance health, hygiene, and safety across a wide spectrum of industries, located at 1019 W James St Ste 200 Kent, WA 98032.


Founded in 1988, started a company to address what he saw as a developing worldwide demand for barrier protection and infection control products at a time when the only two places one could sell were dental and medical environments. From a one-man operation in a basement office in Bellevue, Washington to 275-plus team members in 10 cities worldwide. Thousands of organizations, from small distributors and retailers to fortune 500 businesses, in a variety of industries, deploy their tools and programs to help customers buy disposable gloves. Their core values are simplify, grow, improve, aim high and deliver. They are a partner to clients, vendors and team members.

4, Kimberly Clark

Located at 1400 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30076, Kimberly-Clark Professional is a manufacture that has 150 years’ history. They has many brands, and not only supply disposable gloves, also many other things. Different brands focus on different target markets.

Kimberly Clark

Integrity and doing the right thing, Kimberly-Clark Professional is committed to innovative products and practices that serve customer business’s ever-changing needs and help empower peoples. They deliver customer-focused products driven by best-in-class research and a deep understanding of people needs, offer a portfolio of some of the most familiar and trusted brands in the industry, and eagerly explore ideas designed to perform and protect, have a steadfast commitment to helping customer reduce their environmental footprint. Their target is together to CREATE EXCEPTIONAL WORKPLACES.

5, Top Glove

After 30 years development, Top glove has become the biggest rubber glove manufacture in the world, TG MEDICAL (U.S.A.) INC is their USA company that located at 155 N. Aspan Ave., Azusa, CA 91702. At Top Glove, creating value through sustainable practices ranks high on their corporate agenda. They have always believed in doing well by doing good and remain committed to managing their own business in a way that respects and contributes positively to the environment, resources and greater community.


Top Glove Corporation Bhd was established in 1991 in Malaysia and has since grown from a single factory with one glove production line into the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves. Holding 26% of world market share for rubber gloves, they deliver gloves to protect lives in every corner of the globe with operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, USA, Germany and Brazil,  export to over 2,000 customers in 195 countries worldwide.

Their comprehensive product range includes gloves and a non-glove segment comprising condoms, face masks, dental dams, exercise bands and household products, fulfilling demand in both the healthcare and non-healthcare segment. All over the world. They are known for  superior quality gloves, through the years they grown, they have shown, gloves stand out superior in the world, Top Glove is the best, better than the rest, quality, reliability and consistency, remain their policy, at Top Gloves’s Group of Companies.

6, Renco Corporation

Since 1962, Renco has been committed to advancing safety and security through the development of specialty glove products and contamination control systems. More than 60 years manufacture experience, from NASA to Medical, from industry to normal house keeper, most people choose it. They are made in USA, the head office located at Beaver Dam Rd., #6   Manchester, MA 01944 USA.


Over the years, Renco has maintained our commitment to Made in America, while growing our product line and production capacity. Renco serve all of the U.S.’ leading healthcare providers and other major distributors of personal protective equipment, which is why Renco is underway with their biggest expansion ever. Advancing Workplace Safety and Security for Generations. Also Renco Has a Talented and Deeply Experienced Executive Management Team.

Renco has continued to expand its product offerings (both stock/on-the-shelf and custom) to satisfy the needs of various expanding industries. It has also recently expanded its reach by focusing on emerging industries in Asia, Europe, and Australia and by making a commitment to its electronic commerce initiatives. Renco Corporation is privately held.

7, Uline Corporation

Beginning with the H-101 carton sizer (still offered today), the Uihleins grew the business far beyond their own expectations. Now they manufacture lots of products, disposable gloves are their main products.

As a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.


Uline is now North America’s leading distributor of shipping, packaging and industrial supplies. To meet customer needs, product lines have expanded to include retail, safety, material handling, industrial and packaging materials.

Uline brand products combine the best quality with the best value. Our buyers search worldwide for the finest products available at competitive prices. 800+ page catalog contains over 40,000 packaging, shipping, industrial and janitorial products, ready to ship today.


Located at 111 Wood Avenue, Suite 210 Iselin, NJ , 08830 United States. Ansell has developed more than 100 years, a real old and famous manufacture. They has delivered the most advanced protection solutions and gloves to millions of people at home and at work. Their experience, innovation products give customers peace of mind and confidence.


Ansell has blow 8 dimensions of differentiation. Solutions and services for improved performance and injury-avoidance (Ansell Guardian®), focused on partnering with distributors. Leading and trusted brands and products in every industry sector. Market-leading regulatory know-how. Broad process engineering know-how based on industry-leading safety practices. Products for every industry sector, based on our cutting-edge innovation. Global footprint, including emerging markets and vertical experts. Nine R&D centers expand competency in rubber and synthetic latex, emollients, yarns, fibers, coatings, ergonomics, chemical permeation, heat and cold, abrasion, cut protection, and more. Low gearing, strong cash conversion and deliberate but aggressive investments.

Their vision is of a world where people enjoy optimal protection against the risks they are exposed to.


50 years ago, Showa group invent the first factory in USA 579 Edison Street Menlo, GA 30731, USA, and now they have 3 factories here. SHOWA invented the world’s first single-use nitrile glove linked to the AIDS pandemic and allergic reactions when some humans are exposed to natural latex rubber in the early 1990’s. Now it is currently the only U.S. manufacturers and distributors of Nitrile, and single-use PPE gloves.


‘Showa’ means “finding a balance between different elements” in Japanese.

SHOWA is a fully integrated manufacturer of industrial hand protection. They work with the very latest in technological advancements with a renewed focus on creativity and innovation.

SHOWA is solely focused on the start-to-finish manufacturing of industrial hand protection. They fully control our industrial ecosystem, which has a decisive advantage over other companies. By creating all their own machinery, yarns, coatings, polymers, designs and hand formers, they control every step of process, every step of the way – for 100% quality control at every level.

10, Sempermed USA, Inc.

More than 100 years manufacture experience, Sempermed USA has become the important supplier of disposable gloves in USA, located at 13900 North 49th Street North Clearwater. It supply Chloroprene gloves, Nitrile gloves, Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves, and Polythylene gloves.


Sempermed has long been a pioneer within the disposable glove industry, they are able to leverage the latest manufacturing technology in quality and innovation to ensure the gloves achieve optimal safety, reliability and quality.

They only do glove business, setting lots of standards of excellent gloves, develop new gloves all the time. They are people protection.

11, Honeywell International Inc.

Honeywell, a famous international company, not only in glove industry, also in lots of protection products. Disposable gloves are a new item for Honeywell, but it has started to manufacture for one year, and it is combined with government. Located in North Carolina.


Over 100 years ago, they defined energy efficiency by making indoor comfort automatic. Today, they redefine it in 10 million buildings using our technology. Each year, they keep over half a billion workers safer and more productive with voice-enabled software, barcode scanners, mobile computers and protective equipment. Honeywell and Premier share a commitment to increase the domestic production capacity for safety solutions to help to protect American healthcare workers.

12, Würth Industry of North America

Founded in 1945, Würth is a manufacture that service factories. From equipment, machines parts, tools to PPE, also include disposable gloves that workers need, such as Nitrile gloves. As an approved level one fastener distributor, they provide a 100% quality rating and complete traceability. Head office locate at 232 Industrial Park Drive, Frankfort, New York 13340.


Würth is a privately-held, family-owned business just like in the beginning. Now, as an international supply chain solutions provider, they harness global purchasing power and a deep investment in an ever-expanding network of North American locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The Würth Difference: Proactive supply chain solutions customized to your business, your industry. Industrial products and services delivered with prompt, personal attention. Inventory management solutions that keep your production line moving smoothly. Complete program support from initial design, to implementation, training, to ongoing analysis.

13, MCR Safety Inc.

MCR safety is one of the leader in the field of personal protective equipment, locate at 1255 Schilling Blvd. West, Collierville, TN 38017. They manufacture their core products in USA, and distribute all their products outside. Gloves are mainly manufactured in China. But they have 4 main warehouse in USA, can delivery their products to customers very fast.


For more than 45 years we have proven to be a leader in gloves, glasses and garments. MCR Safety takes pride in being one of the few testing laboratories in the world. MCR Safety’s Innovations Technology Center Laboratory (ITC Lab) is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, the single most important standard for testing laboratories around the world.  Laboratories that are accredited to this international standard have demonstrated they are technically competent and able to produce precise and accurate test data. Their accredited scope includes: ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 coated/uncoated abrasion testing, puncture testing and cut testing.

14, W. W. Grainger, Inc.

Based on sales through mail order via post cards, it is a real on website sales company, and develop fast by website from 1927. After their main website, it also build zoro.com in 2011 to serve the US small business market, also the world wild customers. Now it serves over 3 million customers. It is also a huge disposable gloves manufacture in USA, especially during COVID-2019.


Grainger is a leading broad line distributor with operations primarily in North America, Japan and the United Kingdom. They achieve their purpose, they keep the World Working, by serving more than 4.5 million customers with a wide range of products that keep their operations running and their people safe. Grainger also delivers services and solutions, such as technical support and inventory management, to save customers time and money.

15, Protective Industrial Products

PIP, a global leader in the personal protective equipment (“PPE”) markets for the industrial, their head office locate at 25 British American Blvd., Latham, NY 12110. With 17 brands, they service all kinds of hand protection and personal protect equipment. Disposable gloves also has two brands in them, their main disposable gloves are Nitrile glove, Latex glove, Vinyl glove and poly glove.


PIP®, founded by Joe Milot and Wellson Tao over 38 years ago, has grown exponentially since its start in the Capital Region in 1984. PIP® has thrived with its global headquarters in this excellent portion of New York State, with close proximity to universities, a pool of high-potential employees and the inherent work ethic found in the area.

With nearly forty years of Safety expertise, industry-leading brands, quality products and best-in-class customer service. Today, when they say that they are Bringing the Best of the World to You, it’s not just about products. It’s about knowledge, their long-standing history of developing innovative products that protect end-users and their commitment to serving their customers better than anyone else in the market.


Bob Dale Glove is a international company that manufacture gloves for more than 40 years, you can find their company name already means that this company only do gloves business, so they must be expert and no doubt famous. They have more than 300 types gloves, USA Office locate at 2135 W. Obispo Avenue, Gilbert, AZ, 85233.


Bob Dale Gloves (BDG®)offer the right solution for the task at hand. Through custom strategies, rigorous testing, and collaborative relationships, they design and supply hand protection that protects your team and works for your business. For 40 years, these core principles have guided their growth.

Every day, they bring a determination to deliver the right safety solutions. Whether it’s their impeccable quality standards or our distribution expertise, their top priority is protecting people, so they can focus on what they do best.

17, SAS Safety Corp.

SAS is also a PPE manufacture in USA, any part of your body can find the protect things here. Gloves also the disposable have many types, more than 100, Latex gloves, Nitrile glove, Vinyl gloves. It locate at 3031 Gardenia Avenue, US, CA, Long Beach, 90807.


At SAS Safety Corp., they dedicate themselves to protect their most valuable resource: people.

Established in 1982 in Long Beach, CA, they have grown their product categories throughout the years, to provide a complete line of head-to-toe personal protective equipment for multi-markets and diyers, Hand / Body Protection, Eye Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hi-Viz Traffic Safety, First Aid and much more.

As an ISO 9001 Certified company, delivering high performance quality products and commitment to customer safety is their top priority.

18, Walgreen Co.

The address 200 Wilmot Rd., MS #2002, Deerfield, IL 60015 is their head office. It is American most loved pharmacy, health and beauty company. It has more than 30K types of products, and has around 200 types of disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves are their main product.


Walgreens’ purpose is to champion the health and well being of every community in America. Operating more than 8,900 retail locations across America, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Walgreens is proud to be a neighborhood health destination serving approximately 9 million customers each day. Walgreens pharmacists play a critical role in the U.S. healthcare system by providing a wide range of pharmacy and healthcare services. To best meet the needs of customers and patients, Walgreens offers a true omnichannel experience, with platforms bringing together physical and digital, supported by the latest technology to deliver high-quality products and services in local communities nationwide.

19, The Safety Zone.

Disposable gloves are main products, after 50 years development, The Safety Zone now manufacture more than 1000 types of gloves and other protect products. They now locate at 385 Long Hill Rd., Guilford, CT 06437. With several oversea offices, it has more competitive price products, and keep sourcing new goods for customers.


The Safety Zone is a leading manufacturer of quality gloves and other personal protection products. Their experience supplying the industrial safety, janitorial, food service, food processing and medical markets extends worldwide. They’ll customize services to fit customers’ objectives, adding valued insight that, in combination with their comprehensive selection of superior PPE products, will enhance customers’ sales. From a one case order to a full container or truckload, they have the ability to meet and exceed all of customers’ needs.

20, Big Time Products.

Big Time Products is the leading provider of personal protection and work gear products. It mainly sell products in supermarket and on line. Disposable gloves are also their main products, such as Nitrile glove and Latex glove. With over 500,000 square feet in distribution centers in the United States, Big Time Products has expanded its bandwidth to establish a global footprint.


It’s hard to beat the person who never gives up, Big Time always focus on it’s core personal protect equipment. As a leader in the protective gear market, their mission is to raise the standard of safety by providing customers with the highest level of service and produce the most innovative, highest performing and top-quality products on the market.

21, Handgards Corporate

Handgards is the first manufacture that supply disposable poly gloves, after 60 years experience, it has expend it’s products range to all kinds of disposable food contact products. Some products are made in USA, quality is their top priority. 901 Hawkins, El Paso, Texas is their head office and warehouse. They also have some disposable gloves patents.


Handgards is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality food service disposable products, including gloves, bags, protective apparel and flexible packaging. For over 60 years Handgards has been the North American leader for food service plastic disposables. The company has flourished by providing products that promote food safety initiatives and protection from cross-contamination.

Handgards has always been a well-known supplier to schools, prisons, colleges, hospitals and institutional feeders. Due to successes with several major broadline distribution accounts, regional and National chains, the Handgards name is becoming even more widely known.

22, Tronex International, Inc.

Established in 1989 in New Jersey, USA, Tronex has grown exponentially over the last three decades to expertly anticipate market and customer needs. Tronex make customers’ quality and safety as its priority. All their products are for safety, medical, and disposables, disposable gloves are their core products, they have poly, nitrile, latex, vinyl and TPE gloves. Locate at 300 International Drive, Mount Olive, New Jersey, 07828 USA, it service all the worldwide.


As a leading global brand and provider of disposable PPE, Tronex is fully committed to highly sustainable operations and developing more environmentally friendly solutions. Tronex believes in celebrating and embracing the unique differences, contributions, and strengths of every individual, regardless of gender, race, age, nationality, or creed. As a global brand, they believe it is their fundamental responsibility to foster equal opportunities and tenaciously ensure substantial diversity and inclusion across the entire supply chain.

23, FoodHandler Inc.

Focus on disposable gloves, FoodHandler has 4 brands now service the customers’ different demands, oneSAFE, FoodHandler, Thinsense, JobSelect. More than 300 hundred kinds of disposable gloves are supplied by them. After over 50 years development, its head office now locate at 1675 Robb Drive, Reno, NV 89523, has 4 locations and several warehouse in USA.


At FoodHandler, they never stop exploring fresh ways to keep their operation running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. For over 50 years, FoodHandler has focused on developing solutions specifically designed for safe food handling. They continue this tradition today and remain the leader in keeping food safe with ingenuity and innovative products for the food service industry. FoodHandler has a significant presence in a range of industries. As the industry leader for disposable gloves, bags and apparel, FoodHandler has partnered with key allies who share their commitment to creating a common category management approach for food service.

24, Continental Plastic Corp.

Continental Plastic mainly service livestock and veterinary, it’s well known as its famous artificial insemination products. As a special disposable gloves manufacture, Continental Plastic has its core product, and their core products are not widely used, only for livestock. But now they also service food contact and human safety protect equipment. It’s office address is 540 South 2nd Street Delavan, WI 53115 USA.


Continental is dedicated and committed to the livestock, veterinary, and food service/safety industries and works to ensure its customers the finest products available. Above all, their customers are the most vital part of their organization.

Continental Plastic manufactures products in food safety and sanitation industries which are an important part of their business. They are able to offer extremely competitive pricing as most products are manufactured at their facility in Delavan, Wis. USA. They believe price, quality and customer service have been their keys to success and growth. They are committed to their mission and continually work to ensure their customers the finest products available.

25, Goldmax Industries, Inc.

From Goldmax to customers’ desk, they always service with a smile, with their disposable gloves, forks, spoons and so on. They focus on disposable gloves more than 32 years, locate at 17747 Railroad St. City of Industry, CA 91748.


Goldmax Industries, Inc. is a family-owned company, so they know what goes on customer’s table is very important. Based in the heart of sunny Southern California, they stay up to date on all the latest industry trends, and strive to bring customer the largest and highest quality selection of products for establishments. Show customers how much they appreciate them by providing the best customer service starting with premium quality Poly-King® Gloves. Their gloves are simply built better, stronger, and with a comfortable fit in mind.

26, International Plastics Inc.

As a plastic packaging industry leader since 1964, International Plastics has earned the title of The Flexible Packaging Experts manufacture, they has more than 6000 types plastic items, and also 200 kinds of disposable gloves. Their head office is at 185 Commerce Center, Greenville, SC 29615-5817. They say will beat any competitors delivered price.


International Plastics manufactures, imports, and supplies all types of protective, flexible packaging. They specialize in Polyethylene Bags, Tubing, and Film. They are able to custom design and manufacture plastic bags in many styles, colors and print to meet customers’ various packaging requirements. They also offer a huge inventory of common poly bag sizes and styles. They are your one-stop source for flexible packaging. To help businesses succeed by providing complete packaging solutions.

27, Elara Brands LLC

When it comes to gloves, Elara focus on the essentials. As what Elara said, their core products are disposable gloves, and also have some other related products, such as aprons, sleeves, gowns, shoe covers… It locate at 420 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 320, Jericho, NY 11753, they fighting hunger in USA.


Elara produce gloves, bags and apparel that keep customers and employees safe, and products fresh. Whether customer operate a restaurant, provide janitorial services or take care of patients, there’s an Elara product that fits their needs, and budget. And for each case customer buy, Elara helps to provide a meal to a person struggling with hunger in America. Better for you, better for the community, that’s protection with purpose.

28, Life Guard Gloves

Life Guard is a Taiwan brand, and after nearly 40 years development, it has been branching their product lines into various types of latex, vinyl, and nitrile disposable gloves as well as a variety of PE products, paper products, and plastic can liners. Their USA office is at 18999 Railroad St City of Industry, CA 91748, service USA with Quality Disposable Products for the Medical, Industrial, Janitorial & Food Service Industries.


At Life Guard, they are eager to provide distributors with the very best quality disposable products at the most competitive prices along with unsurpassed customer service. Their consistent strive for better product quality and relentless pursuit for value has won over customers time and again. They are constantly looking to improve so that they may bring better products, value, and services to customers. Rapid company growth over the years has propelled Life Guard to be recognized as a reputable manufacturer and importer in the disposable glove industry.

29, Volk Enterprises

Volk Enterprises, also focus on gloves and hand protect, 5 brands can meet most people demand, as a USA manufacture, all their gloves prove FDA and ASTM. Their head office is at 729 Greenwood Ave, Wilmette, IL 60091. They are more than just a supplier, they empower customers and their employees to protect the public from potentially dangerous pathogens or other harmful substances.


As a dedicated supplier of disposable gloves and other disposable personal barrier products for the food service industry, Volk know how important it is to provide a top-quality product to protect both the public and employees. Their products are continually and routinely tested for promised strength and integrity, and meet the highest standards of quality. Guidelines and standards include those set forth by by the FDA and ASTM.

All products manufactured from Volk Protective Products have been tested before and after aging, and are in compliance with all regulations for food contact.

30, New York Packaging & RediBagUSA

They focus on the plastic products, disposable gloves are their core products, though their types are not many. Their head office is at 135 Fulton Ave, New Hyde Park NY 11040, it is a real USA-based, privately-owned company. Their mission is to create the industry’s most-satisfied customers, at every level, by providing the most comprehensive lineup of plastic and paper products with the most user-friendly, reliable service processes at extremely competitive prices.


They have been proudly serving with our valued customers providing cost-effective, innovative solutions for over 63 years. They have 6 regional distribution centers locations throughout the US. At RediBagUSA, they are always seeking opportunities to add value to customers and provide new solutions. They possess the innate ability to design and create new, customized products in a very short period of time and successfully bringing finished product to market. Their business model allows us to quickly pivot and react to market conditions by smart sourcing using their vast network of production capabilities.

31, Sara Glove Company, Inc

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Farm stocks

What kind of gloves do veterinarians use

Gloves should be used in all industries when worker do their jobs, especially in food prepare and farm. Veterinarians need more to protect themselves and animals.

Farm stocks Farm sterile

Article contents:

Why they need the gloves

Veterinarians and livestock breeders are the group that comes into contact with animals most frequently, and animal fur often adsorbs many pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic eggs, which can often be infected with germs if not properly protected. Hands are in direct contact with the animal body parts, so its protection should be very important, the choice of gloves also becomes very important. Gloves can effectively block viruses and bacteria carried by animals and also prevent viruses and bacteria carried by humans from infecting animals.

Human and animals has their own good bacteria, but some kinds are bad for other species, and when worker feed the animals each day, it’s the most dangerous moment, so they need to cover all their body not only for themselves’ healthy also for the stocks.

Worker touch animals

Kinds of gloves they should use

Feeding staffs and milkers can use cheaper labour gloves and wear another disposable PVC gloves, when they feed the animals, because they will not touch the animals and sometimes they need to work long time, only disposable gloves can’t afford their work.

Veterinarians should use PVC or Nitrile gloves when they exam the animals, if they need to check the internal body of animals, need to wear nature gloves or PE LONG Gloves, which is 90cm length.

Blue vet long love Blue veterinary long gloveDISPOSABLE NITRILE GLOVE violet blue nitrile glove

Different gloves used for different purpose

For veterinarians in different fields of study, different gloves are needed.

Veterinarians in animal hospitals (clinics) work on a daily basis just like human doctors, requiring blood draws, injections, films and surgery. Nitrile gloves are the best choice. Nitrile gloves are abrasion-resistant, thin, flexible and comfortable, suitable for long hours of repetitive work of the same action, good puncture resistance and can protect the hand and reduce cuts from sharp instruments.

Farm veterinarians, mainly focusing on the prevention of infectious diseases, daily including breeding and sperm collection, delivery and nursing, disinfection of pens, blood sampling and testing, isolation and treatment of sick individuals. The veterinarians in this field are definitely preferred with neck strap shoulder-length gloves, shoulder-length gloves, and elbow-length gloves. This is because they will be putting their hands inside the animal and need gloves that are long enough to protect them. These long gloves are generally made of PE and CPE materials. Not as flexible and comfortable and abrasion resistant than nitrile gloves, it has the advantage of being inexpensive and thin.

The main job of farm workers is to feed the animals, get some valuable products, such as milk and eggs, help the animals clean up their bodies and manure, and clean up the farm. Since preparing food for animals, feeding, handling farm products, and cleaning are all operations that involve repetition of the same action over a long period of time, these operations require nitrile gloves that are abrasion-resistant, thin, flexible, comfortable, and hard-wearing. When fertilizing and spraying pesticides on crops, it is also best to use nitrile gloves because nitrile gloves are a synthetic rubber with excellent chemical resistance. If you can’t afford the high price of nitrile gloves, you can choose PVC gloves. PVC gloves are not as durable as nitrile gloves, but they are inexpensive and a suitable choice for operations that require high-frequency glove changes, such as individual livestock handling, cleaning up manure and other tasks.

How the different gloves made

According to the production process, disposable gloves are usually divided into two categories: three-dimensional seamless gloves and film heat-sealed gloves. The production principle of three-dimensional seamless gloves is to dissolve the raw material of the glove in a liquid mixture of water and other organic compounds at high temperature, and the model of the handle is transported, then air-cooled and dried at high temperature. The glove film is shaped and the glove is then removed by hand or machine. The material chosen for the glove must be dissolved in a specific solution and must be easily removed from the mold, making it extremely demanding.

Film heat seal gloves are relatively simple, i.e., the glove raw material is mixed and heated, the solid particles are melted directly at high temperatures without any liquid, and the film is formed by blowing or casting into a film, air or water cooled. After cooling, the film is rolled into a film roll, rolled up and heat-sealed into the shape of a hand by a heat-sealing machine. Factories must choose materials with excellent heat sealing properties to make these gloves.

Nitrile glove production line Vet long glove production machine

Disposable gloves on the market are generally classified by material and can be broadly classified as the following: natural latex gloves, nitrile rubber gloves, PVC gloves (also known as vinyl gloves), chlorinated polyethylene gloves, polyethylene gloves, newly developed thermoplastic elastomer gloves in recent years, and fully degradable gloves that are still in the sample preparation stage.

Details of the different gloves’ production and physical properties is introduced in our site, please click here if you interest in.

Where to buy and how to choose

There are generally 2 ways to buy disposable gloves, online and offline.

The online ways are mainly: 1, you can buy directly through the network shopping platform. 2, through the network search, choose a brand of gloves, the brand represents the reputation, can guarantee the quality of gloves. We can find big glove dealers. A strong dealer has keen market insight and the best quality of service, relying on its many years of experience in selling products and can provide the best choice.

Offline ways are: 1. go around to major supermarkets, shopping malls, and drugstores, where there are a variety of gloves to choose from. 2. go directly to a nearby factory that produces disposable gloves and go see the glove production process.

These gloves used in other daily life

For medical procedures: latex and nitrile gloves are the best choice. Both latex and nitrile gloves provide a high level of fit and superior comfort. They are suitable for non-sterile operations with high risk of contact with blood or body fluids; operations involving sharp instruments, handling cytotoxic substances and disinfectants. However, natural latex gloves have a disadvantage, some people are allergic to them.

For general inspection and industry: we usually choose vinyl gloves, thermoplastic elastomer gloves. Because they do not require a strong stretch or fit, these gloves are usually not worn for long periods of time and are much less expensive compared to latex and nitrile gloves. Vinyl gloves have a strong anti-static function and are suitable for wearing when working in a clean room.

Daily life: we use in our life will generally choose chlorinated polyethylene gloves, polyethylene gloves these relatively inexpensive gloves. Because the gloves used in daily life are not very demanding. These gloves are relatively thin and can be bought in general supermarkets.

Also in our another blogs, introduce there.Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves and The Differences Between Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl gloves.

Why only soft gloves used in farm

Animals are actually very sensitive, they can judge their environment by touch and smell, and many times we touch them with gloves on, either to clean them or treat them when they are sick, or to get the items we need from them. Just like milking a cow, only gentle, slow stroking will allow the cow to produce milk, and if the cow receives irritation, then production will be reduced. Soft gloves soothe the animals and settle them down so we can avoid getting hurt by their violent temper, and we can feel comfortable treating them and doing what we want to do on them.

Hand wear long glove in animal body

Gowns and boot covers also needed

When we come into contact with animals, it is not enough to rely on glove protection alone. Our shoes will get covered in animal droppings, our clothing will accidentally touch the animal’s body, and we must have an all-around protection method. To protect our feet, we can wear boot covers. Traditional boot covers are made of rubber, the soles of the boots are natural rubber and recycled rubber processing, the tops of the boots are natural rubber, some will add butyl rubber and all kinds of powder processing, the lining can add a layer of fleece. The traditional boot cover is die-cast molding, insulation and corrosion resistance are better; anti-slip breathability is better; the main thing is high comfort, winter wear also has a certain role in insulation, wearable. PE boot cover water and moisture resistance is good, but the function of gas and organic vapor resistance is poor, with outstanding chemical stability, at room temperature and general acid shouting does not work. But oil resistance is slightly worse, wear-resistant, soft. CPE boot cover. CPE boot cover is a product of PE material through chlorination, CPE boot cover surface with non-slip particles, more non-slip than PE boot cover, which has the function of heat-resistant oxygen aging, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion. For the body, we’d better choose robes to cover up. There are three kinds of robes: disposable protective clothing, disposable isolation gown, disposable surgical gown. Disposable protective gowns are made of high-performance spunbond nonwoven fabric and antistatic medical dialysis membrane composite, which is light and soft with high protective performance. Disposable protective clothing with filtration, dust, filter bacteria, no particulate ultrasonic sealing edge, can better block dust and microorganisms, no allergies. Protective clothing is to prevent being infected, a single isolation. Disposable isolation gowns are usually made of non-woven materials or combined with materials that have better impermeability such as plastic film. Disposable barrier gowns are used to protect medical personnel from contamination with blood, body fluids, and other infectious materials during contact, or as a protective item to protect patients from infection. Isolation gowns are used to prevent both medical personnel from being infected or contaminated and to prevent patients from being infected, which is a two-way isolation. Disposable surgical gowns are made of non-woven or laminated non-woven composite materials with certain protective properties and are used to prevent the spread of infectious agents between patients and healthcare workers during surgical procedures and other invasive examinations. Surgical gowns provide two-way protection during surgery, and the barrier function of surgical gowns is considered to be the key to reducing the risk of infection during surgery.

African Swine fever virus, called ASF make the pigs easily dead, causing a lot of economic damage and environmental pollution, in our another blog you will find how to protect better. Article name is Disposable cloth protect your pigs away from ASF.

Recycle them after using

Plastic can be recycled. However, due to the simple production process of disposable gloves, huge production, the use of a wide range of people and a variety of purchase channels, people after using disposable gloves may be discarded or put into garbage bags and garbage together, which will bring a problem, a large number of products are not recycled, into landfills, incinerators and into the environment. The raw materials of disposable gloves are non-decomposable or not easily decomposable materials, which are not properly and timely recycled and reasonably disposed of, resulting in serious environmental pollution. I think our environment will be better and better if we can recycle and give it to professional people in time.


Could they use the biodegradable gloves

What are biodegradable gloves? Even if gloves made of this material are discarded, they can be gradually converted into carbon dioxide and water in the soil and turned into fertilizer to nourish plants, thus forming a green ecological cycle. However, the production cost of biodegradable gloves is high, the technology is not mature enough and expensive, so it is unlikely for the general livestock breeders to use such gloves.

Bad environment need more and better gloves

The issue of environmental pollution is a hot topic of discussion in recent years. Many countries have enacted laws to ban the production, import and export of plastic products. Disposable glove manufacturers should find ways to improve the performance of plastic products to reduce their pollution to the environment. Biodegradable gloves have become a trend. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new bio-based renewable biodegradable material that can be made from renewable plant resources (e.g. corn, cassava, etc.), and can effectively reduce the production cost of biodegradable plastic gloves if PLA can be used as a raw material for glove preparation. However, polylactic acid (PLA) has a high melting point and is brittle. Gloves prepared from PLA have the disadvantage of being less rigid, and the process of preparing gloves requires dissolving PLA into a paste, and dissolving PLA requires the use of a large amount of phthalate plasticizers, which are harmful to the environment and health. All of these problems limit the application of PLA in the field of glove preparation. Therefore, the development of biodegradable gloves has a long way to go.

Bad world environment

Discuss of the future of Vet gloves

Application of new technologies and techniques. As the medical and electronics industries continue to evolve, new processes and technologies will be applied to glove production. As a result, manufacturers who can take advantage of new processes and technologies, such as equipment automation and artificial intelligence, will be more competitive.

Increased efficiency. As technology continues to upgrade rapidly, the production line established in recent years with more advanced technology and higher efficiency. With the increasingly stringent requirements of environmental laws and regulations and technological and technical advances, it is expected that glove production lines will be upgraded and glove production efficiency will increase accordingly.

Supply chain integration. Disposable glove manufacturers are benefiting from economies of scale in terms of lower production costs and the ability to offer customized products. To achieve economies of scale, relationships between manufacturers and suppliers are increasingly important. As a result, disposable glove manufacturers that can integrate their supply chains will realize economies of scale and differentiate themselves from industry competition.

The future of stock farm



What kind of disposable gloves are best

I here teach you about how to choose the best disposable gloves you really need. Hope it useful for you.


What is disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are literally gloves that can only be used shortly. Why do we need disposable gloves? Because in daily life and work, we need to wear gloves to prevent our hands from being hurt or contaminated, or to protect objects from contamination, compared with traditional gloves, disposable gloves are lightweight, close to the hand, cheap but value.

If you want to learn more, please read my another article: What is disposable gloves?, here i don’t describe details.

How many kinds of disposable gloves

Disposable gloves on the market are generally classified by material and can be broadly divided into the following categories: natural latex gloves, Nitrile NBR gloves, PVC gloves (also known as vinyl gloves), CPE gloves, polyethylene gloves, newly developed thermoplastic elastomer gloves(TPE gloves) in recent years, and fully degradable gloves what are still in the sample development stage.

1, Natural Latex gloves;

2, Nitrile NBR gloves;

3, PVC gloves;

4, PE gloves;

5, CPE gloves;

6, TPE gloves;

7, Fully degradable gloves

Kinds of disposable gloves

What are these gloves

Natural latex gloves are the first type disposable gloves invented, mainly used in hospital surgery, so the quality of natural latex gloves among all disposable gloves is the highest lever. Natural latex gloves have high elasticity, high puncture resistance, not easy to break, feel good, sterile and other characteristics, but because the material is latex, it is easy to cause users allergic to latex protein. And it uses raw materials prices are high, the finished product price is several times or even ten times the price of other materials gloves. So although its performance is very good, but the sales are not very good. Nowadays, hospitals in most countries around the world use only latex gloves when performing surgery because these gloves are the strongest and most resistant to bacteria, preventing infection in doctors, nurses or patients.

Nitrile NBR gloves can be used to replace latex gloves. They are closer to latex gloves in performance, having the high elasticity and puncture resistance of latex gloves, but at a much cheaper price than latex gloves. The advantage of these gloves is that they are rarely allergic to the user and are very thin, with a thickness of even less than half that of latex gloves. Therefore, in recent years, most hospitals are willing to use these relatively inexpensive gloves when they are not doing surgical procedures.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves can also be used instead of latex gloves, and it is cheaper than nitrile gloves, being half or less than nitrile gloves. Although it is not elastic, it is not easy to break and can meet the needs of most people in life and production. However, its use has been greatly reduced because of the plasticizers required in its production. Many countries do not choose these gloves because of the plasticizer problem. In recent years PVC gloves have started using edible plasticizers, but the results are not very good at the moment. If it is to be accepted by everyone, it may take some time.

Polyethylene (PE) gloves are simple inexpensive gloves made by blowing polyethylene into a film with a blow molding machine and heat-synthesized by a heat sealing machine. It can be made to a thickness of 0.005 mm, which is very thin. Therefore, its defects are also very obvious, that is, the tensile force is not good, elongation and strength are very low, this glove can only play a general role in isolation, in most cases, it is only suitable for less intense and short time work.

CPE gloves are an improved product proposed in Japan based on PE gloves to enhance the strength, elongation and tension of polyethylene (PE) and to improve the fastness of glove seams. The material used for chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) gloves is almost the same as that used for polyethylene (PE) gloves. However, it is strong and durable enough to meet the needs of most food processing plant employees for half or a full day without damage, and it is very inexpensive at one-fourth or one-fifth the price of nitrile gloves. This is why these gloves are most used in food processing plants in Japan.

CPE gloves use the same material with PE gloves, so it’s also food contact grade, i also write a detail article for you: What is Disposable CPE Gloves.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are an improved product of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) gloves, which are used to replace polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves and even Nitrile NBR gloves. TPE cast film gloves made from pure raw materials are more high-end disposable plastic glove products. It has strong tensile strength, good elongation, high hand bonding effect and strength, and is cheaper than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and much cheaper than nitrile. Therefore, these gloves are very popular as soon as they are introduced.

Fully degradable gloves are generally polylactic acid (PLA) + polyadipic acid (PBAT), and for more softness, some manufacturers add corn starch. PLA, made from corn, cassava and other plants, is natural and environmentally friendly in origin. The gloves made can be naturally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment, without polluting the environment. This kind of gloves is still in the stage of experimentation. And its price is high, whether it can be accepted by the public is still unknown.

What they usually used for

Latex gloves are suitable for automotive manufacturing, battery manufacturing; fiberglass industry, aircraft assembly; aerospace field; environmental cleaning and cleanup.

Nitrile NBR gloves are mainly used in domestic labor, electronics, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food and other factory protection, hospitals, scientific research and other industries.

PVC gloves are mainly used in clean room/clean room/purification workshop/semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD/DVD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedical, precision instrumentation, PCB printing and other industries, also widely used in health inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries for labor protection and household hygiene. PE gloves

PE gloves are often used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, machinery gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, dining and so on. Almost all disposable clear gloves seen in life are PE gloves.

CPE is often used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, machinery gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection, hair dyeing, care washing, dining, etc. At present, the gloves that we often see in life are all CPE gloves.

TPE is mainly used in food processing, catering (such as canteen staff often need to hand with disposable PE gloves to maintain hygiene), home hygiene cleaning, hairdressing (hair dyeing, care and washing), star hotels, painting, electronic dust-free workshop, daily care of pets, basic chemical protection, in addition to the hospital doctor surgery or to be used when doing examinations, etc..

Why there are so many kinds of disposable gloves

There are many different materials for disposable gloves, each with its own characteristics, let’s say latex is bacteria resistant, nitrile is puncture resistant, PVC is anti-static, TPE is flexible, CPE, PE is thin. With the development of the times, in order to meet the different needs of people, manufacturers are constantly trying to produce different products, they change the ratio of raw materials, add plasticizers, adjust the production process, etc. to produce disposable gloves with their own characteristics for people to choose.

Which is the best disposable glove

What is the best disposable glove? Everyone’s opinion is different. I always believe that what works for you is the best.

Different purpose need different glove

For example: medical surgery preferred latex and nitrile gloves, these 2 gloves good elasticity, puncture resistance, antibacterial effect. General inspection gloves can choose PVC gloves, clean room, semiconductor work can also choose PVC gloves, this glove anti-static, fit is also very good. General household work just choose CPE and PE gloves on the line, these 2 gloves are cheap, fastness general. People choose gloves to consider both its practicality and its value. Nitrile NBR gloves and CPE gloves can be used in general domestic work, but the price of Nitrile NBR gloves is several times that of CPE, in the case of domestic work such as the fastness and extension of the glove is not very high requirements, the general public will choose to use CPE gloves.

Different glove for different purpose

Surgical purpose need Latex glove

Why is it important to use latex gloves in the medical field? One of the characteristics of natural latex is that it has superb elasticity and fit, and doctors can be more flexible and convenient when wearing latex gloves for surgery than with other gloves. Another feature is that it is breathable and antibacterial. Surgery is a long process, and its breathability makes it possible for the wearer to work for a long time without discomfort, and its antibacterial properties are a necessity in the medical field. Latex gloves are highly conformable to the skin of the hand and have superb comfort. It is suitable for operations with high risk of contact with blood or body fluids.

Latex gloves

Right size glove is also important

Disposable gloves are generally available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, corresponding to small, medium, large and extra large models, but some gloves also have XS, extra small, XXL, plus size, to meet the different people hand type. The length and palm width of gloves exported to Asia and Europe are different. When choosing gloves, it is best to choose according to your own hand size and hand length. When you wear gloves than your own hand size is small, not only is it very difficult to bring in, long time wearing will also lead to finger blood does not flow, affecting health; when you wear gloves than your own hand size is large, you will always worry about gloves off the problem, resulting in inattentiveness and inconvenience. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right size.

Examination purpose need Nitrile glove or PVC glove

Compared to medical surgical gloves, medical examination gloves are relatively less demanding. Medical examination gloves do not need to be highly puncture resistant, highly elastic, or antibacterial. In consideration of the high cost of latex gloves, manufacturers have developed nitrile and PVC gloves to replace latex gloves. Nitrile gloves and PVC gloves have good tear resistance, puncture resistance, very close to the hand, the price is much cheaper than latex gloves. And general inspection gloves are not divided into the left and right hand, nitrile gloves and PVC gloves also meet this requirement.

Nitrile glove for examination

General purpose only need cheapest PE gloves

If in work and daily life, we wear gloves just to let it play a general protective role, PE gloves are the best choice. PE gloves are made of 2 layers of PE film, gloves are very light and thin, although its elasticity is not good enough, but the version are relatively loose, it is easy to wear. Because the PE gloves production line is relatively simple, production with technology is not high, so the market is very much this kind of gloves, its price is the cheapest relative to other disposable gloves. PE gloves have certain characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof, etc., from time to time in the hair salon, snack stalls such as the consumption of a large number of places.

Cheapest PE glove for food

TPE glove is new popular kind in recent years

TPE gloves are disposable plastic gloves that have been developed in recent years. Thermoplastic elastomer has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic processing properties, is a new polymer material between rubber and resin, often referred to as the third generation of rubber. TPE cast film gloves made of pure raw materials, is a more high-end disposable plastic gloves products, in the basic application, can replace the use of PVC gloves. The product has excellent tensile strength and elasticity, strong thickness, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, not easy to break, feel good and other characteristics, a wide range of applications.

And for this new type disposable glove, i write a full article to discuss the details: what is tpe gloves. If you have interests on it, please read it and discuss with me, any suggestion or question will be replied very soon.

We always want the most fitting gloves

Each type of glove has its own characteristics, and we cannot deny its advantages because of its defects. When choosing gloves, what we consider most is its price and use. How can we balance the relationship between these 2 and find the most suitable gloves? This is a question worth thinking about.

How can we find the best disposable gloves

When we go into the shops, supermarkets, or website shop, too many types and gloves there. How we can find the best fitting gloves we need?

Experience brand owner

A brand can be known and stand for many years, it must be and the quality of its own products and reputation has a necessary connection. No matter what role you play in the industry, what you see must be the top of the industry. Whether you are new to the industry or have been in the industry for many years, you have to experience the products of the top ten brands.

Like: Blackbox plastic, Amercare co.,ltd.

blackbox plastic

Experience powerful gloves distributor

You may not know who the manufacturer of the gloves is, but you must find a strong glove distributor. Finding the right channel will make you take a lot less detours. A strong distributor must have very keen market insight as well as the best quality of service, and relying on its years of experience in selling products, it will definitely be able to offer you the best choice.

Experience glove manufacture

If you want to know about a glove, the best way is to go around the production plant, where you can see the production environment, the raw materials used for production and the various production processes. The production environment is different in each factory and the gloves produced are different, so a site visit is much more reliable than hearsay.

FDA acceptable, EU acceptable, GB acceptable tags

If a product is marked with FDA, EU or GB, you can buy it with confidence. These three represent the highest product standards in the United States, the European Union and China, respectively. These products have been tested by professional testing institutions and meet the relevant standards, you can rest assured that the use.


Reasonable price

The disposable gloves themselves are consumables and their production capacity is huge, destined to be priced not too high. 2020 outbreak of the new crown led to a sharp rise in sales of disposable gloves, many manufacturers of other things have invested in this industry, leading to uneven prices of disposable gloves. Many manufacturers produce gloves from scrap from the appearance of no difference at all, but rely on the low price to attract a large number of customers. As an employee who has worked in a glove factory for more than ten years, I can definitely calculate the price of each glove, and some manufacturers quote prices that are completely below our costs.

Quality lever

AQL represents the worst process average quality level that can be allowed when a continuous series of batches is submitted for acceptance. AQL is commonly used for quality inspection of products in various industries, and different AQL standards are applied to the inspection of different substances. In AQL sampling, the number of samples taken is the same, and the smaller the value following the AQL, the smaller the number of defects allowed, indicating that the quality requirements are higher and the inspection is relatively strict. AQL 1.5 for medical surgical gloves, AQL 1.5-2.5 for general examination gloves, and AQL 1.5-4.0 for everyday and industrial gloves.

Acceptance Quality Limit

Description on the glove packages

On the box of the glove, you can get some information. Let’s say the size, material, usage, manufacturer, contact number and website of this glove. If you can’t get in touch with the big brand names and big distributors, you may get an unexpected surprise when you go to the supermarket to purchase a box of gloves.

Description on the glove package

Perfect disposable glove in my mind

A thousand people have a thousand ideas about what the best disposable gloves are. Here are some of my own opinions, for reference only.

Cheapest price

We sometimes use disposable gloves, we don’t ask how strong and flexible it is, we just need it to protect our hands temporarily. Let’s say we are eating lobster, in order to make our hands less oily, we will wear disposable PE gloves. These gloves are relatively thin, but it can serve a purpose. Merchants are not going to provide gloves that are more expensive like nitrile or PVC. So in some industries, the cheap gloves are the best gloves.

Strong quality for 4 hours using

Gloves that can be used for up to 4 hours are, in my opinion, very good gloves.I think Nitrile gloves, PVC gloves, TPE gloves, CPE gloves all can meet this requirement. Disposable gloves are called disposable, but we also want the more durable the gloves are, the better. We sometimes use disposable gloves at work, while we working, it’s impossible to change frequently one by one, one glove must used more than 4 hours, of course the more durable the gloves are as an aid, the better.

Smooth surface for catching stick things

When we use disposable gloves to touch sticky objects, we want the surface of the glove to be relatively flat and smooth. A smooth surface makes it easier for us to detach from the surface of the object.

Smooth surface for catching stick thing

Grip surface for catching slip things

When we use disposable gloves to contact smooth objects, we want the glove surface to be embossed. Embossing as long as it includes: fine embossing, coarse embossing, and three-dimensional embossing. Adding embossing to the glove enhances the grip of the glove and makes the object less likely to fall from the hand.

100% recyclable material

One of the advantages of making disposable gloves from recyclable materials is the low cost. During the production process, sometimes the gloves produced do not meet the customer’s requirements because of the machine or other reasons, we will do the scrapping of this part of the gloves, and the scrapped gloves will be re-granulated and processed into new finished products.

100% recyclable material

100% no harm to human body

Gloves are in direct contact with our skin, and some jobs require long hours of wear. Therefore, we require gloves made of materials that are not harmful to the body. Only products made from safe and recyclable raw materials are the best disposable gloves.

100% bio-degradable

Most of the disposable gloves on the market today are made of plastic, because plastic gloves are cheap and widely used. But the convenience of people at the same time also produced a problem, that is, the plastic pollution problem. The decomposition of plastic is an extremely long process, and the speed of decomposition is far from the speed of production, more and more plastic waste piled up, which has a great impact on the environment. Plastic pollution has become a major problem for mankind to overcome. In order to solve this problem, the fully degradable glove was born. The raw material of this glove is obtained from plants and can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, which is a good solution to the plastic pollution problem.

This is every glove manufacture’s target, we hope someone can develop some cheaper material to take place the exist types.

Worlds companies are working on developing the best gloves

Cheaper and cheaper prices but still strong enough

At present, the production of gloves mainly relies on labor, and as the price level continues to rise, both raw materials and labor will become more and more expensive. Then the cost of gloves will also rise with it. If we want to make the price of gloves cheaper, the labor cost must come down. The best idea is that all production lines are done by machines, from raw materials to packaging. The gloves whose cost has come down and whose strength has not changed will naturally attract more customers to buy them.

Sure-grip gloves and slip gloves

The surface of plastic gloves is very smooth, in order to enhance its grip, we will add some embossing inside or outside the glove to enhance its friction with the object. So far, the effect is relatively good. We are also thinking of other ways to enhance its anti-slip force without affecting its own appearance state.

Totally recycled material gloves and 100% healthy

Gloves made from recycled materials will cost relatively little, but how can we guarantee that the recycled raw materials are 100% healthy? This requires companies to look for relatively regular enterprises when purchasing, not to use the waste produced by small workshops to produce again, or companies can collect their first production of gloves that do not meet the standards and then re-granulate them as raw materials. After all, to ensure that the products we sell are not harmful to the body is the most basic bottom line of a supplier.

100% bio-degradable gloves

Currently, fully recyclable gloves are still at an ideal stage. Because degradable gloves are mainly made by adding oxygen groups to the glove molecule, the glove molecule becomes a germ-friendly molecular group, destroying the glove’s molecular structure and making the glove a bacteria-prone product, which contradicts the glove’s use and function. Many companies have modified PLA and PBAT as well as plastic starch to improve their malleability, but their exorbitant prices have discouraged many customers.

Future of best disposable gloves

The best gloves of the future must be based on non-pollution. In the future, the most sought-after gloves in the industry will be those made from plant-based raw materials. What we can do is to build on the existing foundation and gradually move closer to fully biodegradable gloves.Of course, the cost of fully biodegradable gloves is very high, and we have to find ways to bring out all the existing advantages of plastic gloves in fully biodegradable gloves.


Disposable vinyl nitrile latex gloves

The Differences Between Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl gloves

Nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves are seamless type gloves. Here to show you their differences and when to use them. Compared to PE gloves, CPE gloves and TPE gloves such film seamed disposable gloves, seamless gloves have better protection, that’s why more people prefer to use them.

Disposable vinyl nitrile latex gloves

When each type of these three seamless gloves showed in front of you, you need to know what it is, it can help you to choose the right type and pay the fit price.

Color: they are different, Vinyl gloves are mainly clear or translucent blue, the clear color looks like a little white and milky, but also translucent. Nitrile gloves are mainly sky blue or purple, because most of the material are light blue. Latex gloves are mainly white, because the nature rubber are white. Maybe some special brand will have other colors such as black, pink, red, green, but they are very few.

Feeling: when you touch the gloves, you will feel the differences. Vinyl gloves are most hard and not good elongation, Nitrile gloves are mostly very soft and has very good elongation because they are very thin. Latex gloves usually has very good elongation and thick film feeling because normally the glove is more than 5.0 gram.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves, also known as nitrile rubber gloves, are made from butadiene (H2C=CH-CH=CH2) and acrylonitrile (H2C=CH-CN) by the emulsion polymerization method, mainly produced by low-temperature emulsion polymerization, and have the properties of both homopolymers.

Butadiene component gives the copolymer elasticity and cold resistance, acrylonitrile component has strong polarity, -CN group can make the copolymer with good chemical resistance, especially oil resistance (refers to alkane oil) is particularly good. Increasing the content of acrylonitrile in rubber can improve the oil resistance of rubber, but the elasticity and cold resistance will be reduced, and its products have good oil resistance, higher wear resistance and better heat resistance.

Nitrile gloves can be divided into two types: powdered and non-powdered. Powdered and non-powdered disposable nitrile gloves are widely used in food processing, homework, agriculture, medical and other industries. Purified disposable nitrile gloves are widely used in high-tech product installation and debugging, circuit board production lines, optical products, semiconductors, disc movers, composite materials, LCD display tables, precision electronic originals and instrument installation, laboratories, medical and other fields.

Advantages of Nitrile gloves

  1. Outstanding chemical resistance, anti certain acidity and alkalinity, provide good chemical protection against corrosive substances such as solvents and petroleum.
  2. Good physical properties, good resistance to tearing, puncture resistance, anti-friction properties.
  3. Comfortable style, according to the ergonomic design of the glove palm machine bending fingers to make wearing comfortable and conducive to blood circulation.
  4. Does not contain protein, amino compounds and other harmful substances, rarely produce allergies.
  5. Degradation time is short, easy to handle, favorable to environmental protection.
  6. No silicon component, with certain antistatic properties, suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry.
  7. Low chemical residues on the surface, low ionic content, small particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.

Disadvantages of Nitrile Gloves

Hard material and more strict production requirement, high price, waste of energy.

Nitrile Gloves Production Process

Cleaning the hand models: Wash the residue and dirt from the ceramic hand models with soapy water and bleach, followed by thoroughly cleaning the hand mold with a rotating brush, rinsing it off with hot water and hanging it to dry.

Covering synthetic liquid: Immerse the hand mold into a container filled with nitrile liquid, heat it at high temperature oven, then dry it on the rotating models, to make sure the cooled down gloves’ film will not be uneven.

Glove crimping: A roller brush is used to rub the Nitrile glove to form the crimp. The rolled edge serves to facilitate the donning and doffing of the gloves.

Chlorine wash and polymer coating: After the nitrile gloves are made, they are chlorine washed or polymer coated, which is a key step to ensure that the gloves are easy to put on and take off. The chlorine wash makes the gloves softer and smoother; the polymer coating adheres to the gloves to make them more lubricated.

Peeling the glove: The glove is separated from the hand mold with an automatic peeling machine.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves, also known as latex gloves, are gloves made of latex, a water-dispersion system of rubber particles, using natural latex, with other fine additives processed from latex gloves.

There are many kinds of latex gloves, according to the raw materials can be divided into five kinds of glossy latex gloves, linen latex gloves, striped latex gloves, lucent latex gloves and powder-free latex gloves; according to the use can be divided into disposable latex gloves, household latex gloves, industrial latex gloves, medical latex gloves four kinds.

Latex gloves are suitable for automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, fiberglass industry, aircraft assembly, aerospace field, environmental cleaning and cleaning.

Advantages of Latex Gloves

  1. 100% pure primary color latex, good elasticity and easy to wear.
  2. Comfortable to wear, no oxidizer and silicone oil, grease and salting.
  3. Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not easy to break.
  4. Superior anti-chemical performance, resistant to certain acidity and alkalinity, resistant to some organic solvents, such as acetone.
  5. Low chemical residues on the surface, low ionic content, low particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.

Disadvantages of Latex Gloves

  1. Compared with the many advantages of latex gloves, its disadvantages are insignificant, latex gloves simply can not stop the oxidation process, oxidation is easy to cause glove’ surface film to shed off small odor pieces.
  2. Latex gloves production process is complex, high cost, so the price is more expensive, which is an important reason why latex gloves are not popular.
  3. Some people will be allergic to latex, so please confirm whether you are the type of people before buying. Because nature rubber has protein.

Latex Gloves Production Process

The latex rubber is first sliced by the rubber refiner, and then sent to the solubility tank to be mixed with gasoline for solubility. The molten rubber is then emulsified and modulated and sent to the emulsion intermediate tank by pump.

The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation tower and distilled by steam heating, the light component gasoline is heated into gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil-gas cooler.

The oil-water mixture then goes to the oil-water separator, where the oil and water are stratified. The upper layer of gasoline is recovered, and the lower water is sent to the cooling tower by the water pump, and then the gasoline of the distillation tower is cooled; the emulsion of the distillation tower kettle is sent to the emulsion stirring cylinder according to its own pressure, stirred and modulated, and then to the centrifuge to separate the raw emulsion of gloves, and then after color mixing and filtering, it is ready for use.

The latex glove model is cleaned by acid and alkali, washed with water, and the cleaned model is dipped into hot water and heated until it is dipped in coagulant and dried for gum dipping. After dipping, the model is sent to the oven for preliminary drying, fiber inner sleeve is added, hot water is flushed and then sent to the oven for vulcanization and drying. After the glove is removed from the mold, it is checked by inflating, low temperature setting, medium temperature drying, washing, dewatering, drying and then packed and sent to the finished product warehouse.

Vinyl nitrile latex glove models

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are usually made of polyvinyl chloride material. They are widely used for labor protection and home hygiene in industries such as health inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint and coating industry, printing and dyeing industry, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.

Advantages of Vinyl Gloves

  1. No latex protein and other allergic elements, safe and non-toxic.
  2. Good hand feeling, easy to wear.
  3. Adequate supply price is relatively stable.
  4. Stable quality.
  5. The cheapest seamless glove, most widely used all over the world. Most people use it in very common environment and work place, so vinyl glove is very most popular in all over the world.

Disadvantages of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

The glove is less flexible and cannot be exposed to organic solvents, making it unsuitable for use in environments with strict requirements for operational precision. It contain lots of plasticizers in it, so it’s not welcome in food contact industry, also because it don’t have good elongation and tensile performance, it can’t be used in medical operation purpose.

Vinyl Gloves Production Process

The main vinyl raw materials and auxiliaries are mixed into emulsion in a certain ratio in a special container, and after filtering, vacuuming and resting, the mixture is pumped into the impregnation tank in the production line.

Under normal production conditions, the hand moulds on the line automatically enter the impregnation tank, and the hand moulds with emulsion attached come out of the impregnation tank in turn, rotating continuously during the march to make the emulsion on the surface of the hand moulds uniform, and make the excess emulsion drip down.

The dripping liquid is returned to the impregnation tank through the collection tank. After dripping the excess emulsion, the hand mold moves with the production line into the oven, where the oven temperature is controlled at 230-250 degrees Celsius and the emulsion on the hand touch is cooked and formed under this condition. The hand moulds from the oven are naturally cooled, lip rolled and powdered, and then the gloves are manually removed from the hand moulds, which move continuously towards the impregnation tank. The unloaded vinyl gloves are dusted and stored as finished products.

Comparison of Nitrile and Latex gloves


Latex gloves contain proteins, and are prone to allergic reactions for people who are prone to allergies. Nitrile gloves do not contain proteins, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely produce allergies.


Latex gloves and nitrile gloves are both degradable and easy to handle, which is good for the environment.

Puncture resistance

The toughness and abrasion resistance of latex gloves are slightly inferior to nitrile gloves. The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is three to five times higher than latex. For dentists who need to use sharp tools, the use of durable nitrile gloves can create a safer barrier in the contact with patients.


Latex gloves are soft and abrasion resistant and have better elasticity than nitrile gloves.

Fitted to the hand

Because nitrile gloves contain butadiene monomers that enable them to be a flexible rubber, it allows the wearer to experience optimal tactile sensitivity. In addition, the fit in the hand is due to its good thermal conductivity, a property that provides excellent dexterity, which is particularly important for medical professionals or those who handle small parts or tools.

Price point

Normally, Latex is expensive than Nitrile, because the material price, and also the Latex glove is heavier than Nitrile gloves, mostly used in hospital medical operation. But now the Nitrile gloves are more expensive than latex products, because more and more people found it’s better than Latex when you use it, and will not cause allergy. After COVID-2019, i think this two kinds of disposable glove price will be same.

Color Nitrile material can be added pigments, the color is more vivid. It can relieve the patient’s tension.

In addition nitrile gloves have certain antistatic properties because of their silicone-free composition, low chemical residues on the surface, low ionic content and small particle content, and are suitable for strict clean room environments.

Comparison of Nitrile and Vinyl gloves


Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic plastic, while vinyl gloves contain plasticizers, the former is biodegradable and conducive to environmental protection, the latter is susceptible to heat volatile harmful gases, non-biodegradable and polluting to the environment.

Fit hand shape

Nitrile gloves fit the hand better than vinyl gloves, because it is more soft, better elongation.

Puncture resistance

Nitrile gloves have strong puncture resistance, while vinyl gloves are very thin and easily cut, affecting the protective effect.


The price of nitrile gloves is much higher than vinyl gloves.

Acid and alkali resistance

Nitrile gloves are resistant to strong acids and bases, while vinyl gloves are only resistant to weak acids and bases.

Stretching degree

Nitrile gloves have a strong stretch to prevent tearing when worn, vinyl gloves stretch poorly.

Comparison of latex and vinyl gloves


Latex gloves are made of pure natural latex, while vinyl gloves are generally PVC, the former is biodegradable and conducive to environmental protection, the latter is susceptible to heat volatile harmful gases, non-degradable and polluting to the environment.


Latex gloves contain protein, for allergy-prone people, easy to produce allergic reactions. Vinyl gloves do not contain proteins and rarely produce allergies.


Latex gloves have a natural latex component and are opaque. Vinyl gloves are relatively transparent.


Latex gloves are significantly more expensive than vinyl gloves.


Latex gloves feature a unique fingertip texture design, greatly enhancing the grip and effectively prevent slippage, vinyl gloves do not have this design.

Choose the right gloves you want

No matter Vinyl gloves, Nitrile gloves or Latex gloves, even PE gloves, CPE gloves, TPE gloves, all types of disposable gloves are needed for all people, but for different purpose. So how to choose the right and most value gloves is what we need to teach you.

Fist of all, let’s see the price below

Vinyl Gloves Nitrile Gloves Latex Gloves TPE gloves CPE gloves PE gloves
USD Price of 1000 pcs 10-20 20-30 25-35 7-11 4.5-7.5 1.5-3.0

Maybe now, you found the Nitrile gloves’ price is much higher than Latex and Vinyl ones, but it’s not reasonable, so it will come down in half a year in my mind.

In this form, you can find the cheapest PE gloves only USD 1.5 for 1000 pieces, only one tenth of Vinyl gloves, even one twentieth of Nitrile gloves. So need to know what we exactly need, if you have enough budget, of course please use Nitrile gloves in all purpose. But i don’t suggest you to do so, because we also need to protect earth environment.

Secondly, the purpose you will use them to do

Vinyl Gloves Nitrile Gloves Latex Gloves TPE gloves CPE gloves PE gloves
Food contact YES YES YES YES YES
One-time YES YES YES

Choose the right gloves also can protect you and earth, we don’t need to choose the most expensive type all the time. For medical, of course the doctors and nursing need to choose the best gloves and also need to be sterilized before using.

The most important is whether you has allergy against these kinds of materials, if you has any allergy please take care to choose the Latex gloves, because it is easy to cause allergy. Nitrile gloves and all kinds of poly gloves even TPE gloves will not cause as usual.

Thirdly, what size you can use

Meet the standard EN 455-1, most gloves meet the following dimensions.

choose your size vinyl glove

Each type of gloves has its unique advantages, and each person can choose which gloves to use according to their own requirements. We have the right channel to meet your purchase needs. Please contact us if you need.

Different embossing type TPE gloves

Differences among CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PE Gloves

What are CPE gloves, TPE gloves and PE gloves? Their names are very similar, many people really confuse their differences and don’t know how to distinguish them. Like 11 years ago, i just graduate from university and join into this company, i really don’t know what they are and don’t know how to make them. No one can help, but here i can help you to solve your questions, here we go.

Difference between pe cpe tpe gloves

More and more persons and companies want to use CPE gloves and TPE gloves

Covid-2019, novel coronavirus, it really destroy a lot things and the safety world health system and economic system. Until now the November 2020, there are still a lot new infected people every day and more than more death. No really useful drug and vaccine invented, so it is very important to pretend yourself now, not only face masks also gloves. Nitrile gloves is the best choice now, but it is really expensive and small quantity, in recent days, it is mainly used for medical purpose, because we must protect doctors and nurses firstly, they face the virus every day and directly!

What we can choose instead of Nitrile gloves in our daily life? PVC gloves, TPE gloves and CPE gloves are the best choices for you. PVC gloves are also seamless and strong enough for whole day using. But it is also very expensive now, and not good to environment, even not good to users’ health, because it has plasticization and also it contain chlorine. CPE and TPE gloves are heated by glove model and two layers film. Though they have seam, but strong enough for daily use and protect you from the virus, and some TPE gloves are all approved the AQL 1.5 quality lever, though they can’t used for medical purpose, but they do have achieved the quality demand.

More brand owners and companies realize it and start to import and sale them, more and more users accept them in daily use. At the first beginning, they found they are a little big and not fit well as Nitrile gloves, but after days use, they accept them and know how to use them well. That’s why the CPE gloves and TPE gloves quantity demand increase a lot.

More helpful to environment, no matter HDPE gloves, LDPE gloves, CPE gloves or TPE gloves, they are lighter than Vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves, less weight means less energy use and less waste to solve, if every one use TPE gloves instead of Nitrile gloves, we can reduce more than 1000 tons waste each day and much more energy.

CPE and TPE gloves


20 years ago, we only have PE Gloves in the market of food contact , it contains HDPE and LDPE Gloves, HDPE is harder and thinner, LDPE is softer and stronger.

They are made from blowing machines and already known by lots people. Here i simply introduce it for you again.

PE gloves also called poly gloves, because everyone know poly, and recognize polyethylene as poly and also think poly is just polyethylene. So the PE gloves are well known by everyone anywhere in the world, and the PE gloves are real disposable, only one-time use. Because it is very thin and not strong enough for long time use. But after many years development, it has been separated into many small parts to meet customers’ requirement.

Type Poly gloves

1. Cheaper and cheaper

Not all restaurants and small hotels can afford the expensive gloves, and many competitors of gloves wholesales want to win the market even just 5% or 3% percent cheaper, but for very big company, 3% is a lot of money, if they can purchase cheaper gloves, that means more profit. To meet this point, some factories cut the length, shorten the width, and use thinner film to let the weight of gloves lighter. And some add calcium, some use recycle material, some even don’t have quality inspectors and managers even machine repairs to reduce the cost. New double models machines invent in this purpose.

Cheaper PE gloves

2. Strong enough for one hour use

Some customers still insist on good quality PE gloves, weight above 0.7 gram even 1.0 gram. To make sure the quality, some factories add LDPE into HDPE gloves to make the seam heated stronger, because LDPE material has very good heated performance. Also LDPE can make the film looks more clear and clean, some customers prefer it, it looks pretty transparent and good for healthy and beautiful. Especially for Japanese market, 0.8 gram is the bottom weight, because it should be strong enough for one hour use, and should be not broken when using.

3. AQL 2.5 hair dye glove

Though it is very difficult to meet this quality standard, but lots factories tried, because more and more hair dye companies and brand owners want to cut their cost. In last years, PVC gloves and Nitrile gloves is want they packed in hair dye products, but now LDPE gloves are used a lot in this industry, because it is strong enough for one-time hair dye operation. And LDPE gloves have good seam heated performance, can approve AQL 2.5 even AQL 1.5 water test.


4. Hang up gloves

If you have things in your hands, and want to pick up something else but you don’t want to touch it directly, such as fish, chicken, meat, i think you don’t want to wash your hands especially in such virus environment, then you need it, the easy wear hang up PE gloves, just need to reach out your hands into the gloves. It’s useful ideas that gloves industry develop to meet people’s demand.

Disposable CPE transparent Food Contact Hange glvoesDisposable kitchen Paper or Plastic Card Header blocked PE Glove with hook

Though most people think it cheap and easy to get, it help a lot in daily use.


CPE gloves only has one more character than PE gloves, looks very similar, and if you search on the internet, you will found two different explanation on it. One said CPE is chloridize polyethylene, but it is wrong, totally wrong! Chloridize polyethylene can’t make film gloves. The right explanation about CPE gloves is Cast-PE gloves, use nearly the same material with PE gloves, to be exact, the same material with some LDPE gloves, that’s why we said it is developed from PE gloves.

At the first time CPE gloves invented, it is made by chlordize polyethylene with wet casting film machine, after few years developed, people found the extruder machine can also do it with special models, called film models. But normal blowing LDPE material can’t used in cast film machines, because some material Melt Flow Rate can’t meet standard, if it can’t reach 2.0 g/min, it will fail to make film in casting machines.

CPE casting machines and explanation

From 2000, CPE Gloves has appeared on the market, mainly for Japanese food market, because it is thicker and much stronger than PE Gloves, very fit for food factories, that workers need to wear them whole day or half days. If you use PE Gloves, it must be broken after one hour using even the gloves are very thick, because the film is not strong enough.

As usual, CPE gloves mainly has 22 microns, 25 microns and 28 microns types now, some even want 20 microns, but it’s too thin to supply Japanese market. Now the 22 microns thick CPE gloves are most popular in the world. Because normal CPE gloves are all have very deep embossing, you will feel thick even it only has 20 microns.

After embossed, it will be around 100 microns that even thicker than PVC gloves and Nitrile gloves. Though most of them can’t approve the water test AQL 4.0, but in daily use and food contact factories, it’s enough to meet all requirements. Cheap, easy to wear, not easy broken, strong enough and food contact safety, these trait make CPE gloves popular in the food contact industries. And now, more and more people prefer it.


In 2009, Blackbox Plastic is proud of developing the TPE Gloves, and speedy supply it into the world market, also has a great cooperation with L’oreal, P&G, Mcdonalds’ and other famous brand in the world. And till now, it is still the biggest and best supplier in the world.

TPE gloves are very similar to CPE gloves, some customer even don’t know how to distinguish them. Nearly same production method, but different material, that’s why we also call it second generation CPE gloves, C2 gloves, C2 PE gloves. CPE gloves usually use very thick embossing to increase the feeling thickness, but TPE gloves usually use smooth embossing to strengthen its soft feeling and better elongation and also tensile. But in recent years, some customers need to stick and better grip TPE gloves, Blackbox invent some new embossing called 3D emboss, diamond emboss, it really very very welcome by all customers.

Different TPE gloves' embossing

TPE gloves usually use TPE material, LDPE, LLDPE and MLLDPE, but some factories use SEBS,TPR, TPV, POE, POF, EVA such softer material instead of TPE material.

TPE called thermoplastic elastomer, it is plastic but also has some rubber function, so when it making gloves, the model is different to make the gloves seam stronger. After it mixed with LDPE and LLDPE, it will be easy to make film and gloves, but it is not easy to make gloves strong enough to approve AQL 1.5. People who want to buy TPE gloves all need it strong enough to take place of Nitrile and PVC gloves.


The price space of PE CPE TPE gloves

Because the production method is very simple and very similar, most gloves prices depends on the weight. PE gloves are most light, so it is also cheapest in all kinds of disposable gloves. CPE gloves are little expensive than PE gloves, even the same weight, because different film making method. Casting film machines need more energy to melt the material, and with higher temperature, the casting film machine can produce much more than blowing machines. TPE gloves are little expensive than CPE gloves, because the TPE material are much more expensive than normal PE, nearly double. It cause the TPE gloves’ price is very high.

Here you are the form for your clearer understanding.

PRICE (USD/1000pcs) Film thickness (Micron)
8 10 15 20 22 25 28 33 50
HDPE GLOVES 1.5-2.0 1.8-2.5 2.0-3.0 2.5-3.5
LDPE GLOVES 2.2-3.2 2.7-3.8 2.9-4.0 3.2-4.2 3.5-4.5
CPE GLOVES 4.5-5.5 5.5-7.0 6.5-7.5 6.8-8.0 7.5-9.0
TPE GLOVES 7.5-9.0 9-15 12-18

In this form you will find the PE gloves are really really cheap from factory, but even the most expensive TPE gloves are still much much cheaper than PVC or Nitrile gloves. That’s also the main reason more people choose them. They are all food contact safety.

Even you use it every day, and every day you use 10 pieces gloves, for one whole year, you only need to afford around 50 dollars, that’s the most cost you may pay, but you can protect yourself and your family everyday! How cheap and how worthy they are!

The main differences of those gloves

PE, CPE, TPE Gloves’ main material are all LDPE, LLDPE and some MLLDPE, nearly the same, but different manufacturing. PE Gloves is stamped from blowing film, blowing machine is not very stable, but can blow very thin film. The machines are much cheaper than casting film machines. CPE and TPE Gloves are stamped from casting film. Casting film machine can produce as thin as 18 micron, and the thickness and quality can be very stable, much better than blowing machine, machines are also much bigger than blowing film machines.

Because different film manufacturing, it cause totally different performance. PE Gloves is cheaper, thinner but won’t very strong, because the film is cooled down by air, can not very speedy and not stretched by rolls. CPE and TPE Gloves are much stronger than PE, but more expensive than it, and can’t be so thinner. TPE Gloves are called second generation of CPE gloves too, because it developed from CPE Gloves. Different material and different manufacturing makes it much stronger than CPE Gloves, even stronger than PVC Gloves, near Nitrile. The tensile is above 3.6N and 500% if the glove weight is above 3.0 gram, so it is welcome in food factories.

Let’s talk about it deeply.

Differences between PE gloves and CPE gloves

HDPE LDPE CPE different size and embossing

Please look into the photos above, i think you can find the different.

First of all, the glove size and dimension, normally, HDPE gloves and LDPE gloves are bigger than CPE gloves, because PE gloves are not strong enough and very thin, when people wear them, it need to be easily worn, and easily take off.

Secondly, the embossing. All PE gloves, no matter HDPE or LDPE, if it has emboss on it, the embossing is in one direction, and because the embossing step is after the film cold down, the embossing is not full, one side is dent, one side is bulge.

CPE gloves are all has embossing on it, mostly are deep, few customers prefer shallow. And for CPE gloves, we also have inside embossing gloves and outside embossing gloves, because CPE gloves are made by two film roll, we can make the embossing both inside or outside. And also it different from PE gloves are one side is bulge, but another is flat, because the embossing step is on the very first step when the film is very hot and flow. The embossing will be better performance when using not like the PE gloves embossing disappear.

PE and CPE embossing

Thirdly, the physical performance, include elongation, tensile, water test. PE gloves, especially HDPE gloves, don’t have good elongation and very hard. Because of this point, it can be very thin but don’t have good seam strength. Normally, HDPE gloves only have 100-200% elongation and around 1.2N tensile at break, and can’t approve any water test. CPE gloves can have much better elongation and tensile though it’s nearly the same material with PE gloves, because the casting film machines heat the material to 240 degree, can let it plasticizing much better, make the film very soft and stronger.

CPE and PE physical performance

Differences between CPE gloves and TPE gloves


The same, the first step, let’s discuss the photos above, i think you also can find some differences.

First of all, the glove dimension, though we can make totally same dimension gloves as well, but few customers want the TPE gloves as big as CPE gloves, because TPE gloves are much softer and have much better elongation, can fit hands better, every customers prefer it feeling a little tight after worn.

Secondly, the embossing is different, though some customers let us make the TPE gloves embossed the same as CPE gloves, but still 90% TPE gloves in the market are still the very smooth embossing, that called super powder emboss, you even can’t feel it on the glove surface. And in recent years, we develop some 3D embossing, like sucker, some customers call it diamond. Beautiful and better grip.

TPE and CPE embossing

Thirdly, the physical performance, including water test, air pressure, elongation and tensile. TPE gloves must be strong enough, so air pressure is a new test method for inspecting the seam tensile. Water test is used to inspect the pink hole, because no matter how strong the gloves are, seam is easy to have pink hole to permeate water. But CPE gloves are not used to test the air pressure and pink hole, because of the deep embossing, it is very easy to have pink hole in the seam that can’t see. CPE gloves’ film tensile is also good because of the film casting technology, but elongation is not as good as TPE because of the material, the TPE gloves have so good elongation because it have TPE material in it. TPE material is made from rubber, that’s why it has so good elongation.

CPE and TPE physical performance

The differences of PE and TPE gloves

It is so huge, i didn’t want to talk about it before, but i found lots of European and American users don’t know CPE gloves before. They use PE POLY gloves and Nitrile gloves or PVC gloves before, and in Corona virus, the PVC and Nitrile gloves are so expensive, they have to choose one substitute, that’s why more and more brand owners want to expend their category immediately. TPE gloves is the best choice for them. So lots people want to know what TPE glove is, and why it’s much better than PE gloves.

You can find they are totally different by eyes, from the appearance and internal physical performance. TPE gloves are much thicker and softer, and have much better elongation and tensile, it’s your best choice to take place PVC gloves in daily life using.

Choose your best gloves what you want

Of course, every one want to use Nitrile or PVC medical gloves in any situation, but we shouldn’t do that, that is really a waste of resource.

After you know those different feature among PE, CPE, TPE gloves, i think you may have some ideas and suggestions in which situation you should use.

PE gloves are so thin, so fast food restaurant, and one-time touch need them for very short time using and easy to wear.

CPE gloves are stronger enough to prepare food and do some simple food contact working, just like in the family kitchen, supermarket back kitchen, some sushi bar that you will need to wear it to prepare food for customers in one hour.

TPE gloves are much stronger to take place of Nitrile gloves that you will find it can be used half a day won’t broken.

Thanks a lot for your reading, hope this short article can help you in your life. And if you have any suggestions and questions, welcome you leave a message here, and welcome you to discuss with us too!

Development of PE CPE TPE gloves

Before 2020, only little people know CPE and TPE gloves, but now more and more person recognize them. As more competitors in this industry, factories has tried a lot new ideas of them. PE gloves also has very strong elongation type now, CPE gloves too, they has divided into more small family. TPE gloves because their expensive material and price, it has coming down to use cheaper type TPE material.

Automatic, no matter CPE gloves, TPE gloves or PE poly gloves, are all film type sealed gloves, so people want them cheaper and cheaper. Use machines to take place worker hand working is a good method to reduce the cost. And because of machines, it also can reduce hand or body touching, make the gloves more clean and healthy, if the automatic machines design and work well, the quality also will be better than hand making.

Easier use, less touch will make the gloves film more healthy and clean, more and more virus and bacteria happens in the world, some even are never happened before, disposable gloves are needed than ever before, but we don’t know whether it is clean or whether it is polluted after making during the transport and wearing. So some factories develop new model gloves, called Deli gloves, hanger gloves, some make new machines to help users to wear.

Environmental, more use means more waste and more pollution to the earth, we need to make it environmental and biodegradable to protect our earth. Many material are developed and used, though it is not good enough and strong enough, but worth, and will develop better in future.

Automatic machines for PE CPE TPE gloves

After many years development, more new machines has came into this market, total automatic glove making machines, automatic glove folding machines, automatic glove packing machines are most useful machines now, they can reduce lots costs. Though these machines are not good enough like hand making, but because there is less workers now, they are welcome very much. And also when factories use these machines, they can reduce some costs and control the quality, machines can be improved quickly, but workers are not easily.

disposable tpe glove


TPE gloves are very few demand in the world, and price is close to PVC glove, not many users prefer to change to use the TPE glove. But the users increase every year, not only the price, but also the environment. TPE gloves are all thinner than vinyl gloves, that means no matter during manufacture or destroy them. It will use less energy, and also it not use plasticization, so will be helpful to environment too.

Today, after the COVID-19, more and more persons try to use it to replace of PVC, vinyl and Nitrile gloves and learn it, and i think will use it more in the future, also will promote the development of the TPE glove and material industry.

Different TPE gloves' types and Colors

According to the embossing, mainly divide into 3 types. From the first type super tiny smooth embossing to square diamond embossing, all types depends on the customers and users need.

Super tiny smooth embossing:

Disposable TPE gloves is devised to take place of Vinyl gloves or PVC gloves, so it need to be similar to them. This first type super tiny embossing makes the TPE film very smooth and soft, feel very nice and fit hands well. Smooth type makes it slip and can make sure when you use them to make sticky food, it will not dirty your hands and sticky on your hand, will make your works easier.

Square Diamond embossing:

Most of works need non-slip gloves, because they need to catch tools. In this week, we create and developed new type square diamond embossing TPE gloves, to meet customers’ requirements. Though it still can’t be as sticky as hands and Nitrile gloves, but can meet most works, and also when you wear it, you will feel more and more sticky.

CPE gloves embossing:

Though diamond embossing TPE gloves is most sticky in all TPE gloves, but it is difficult to produce and also we blackbox plastic has the patents. So many factories use normal CPE gloves embossing to sell, and also it is more sticky than smooth gloves of course. Diamond, square is the most popular in this divide. But it is so similar to CPE gloves, and also it feels not so soft as normal TPE gloves, it is not popular in market and users.

Different embossing type TPE gloves

Length, mainly it is 255 mm to 260 mm, shorter than CPE gloves, but similar and little longer than Vinyl and PVC gloves. In Japanese market, 280 mm is most popular. 280mm can protect users’ wrist better than 255mm, so welcome more.

Weight, normally it is 1.9 gram per piece for Medium size or 2.0 gram for Medium size. Some customers require thicker type to be similar to Vinyl and PVC glove, 3.2 gram even 3.5 gram, very very strong. But not as soft as thinner gloves, so we don’t suggest customers to choose those types, not economical, and feeling not good.

As to comparison to Vinyl gloves even Nitrile gloves, TPE gloves are easier to wear and take off. But easily to drop off even during using, so we develop new model type to solve this feedback from customers. Wrist contractive and waist contractive new models are very good solution for it.

Here i show you a video how it works and performance. Click this photo, it’s on our factory’s face book.

TPE Gloves usage

Why TPE gloves created

At the very early year, PE gloves are created for daily use, very very cheap, but very very thin and too vulnerable to protect people in longer work or long time using. Then CPE gloves are developed by a new type film making technology, with much higher temperature, though the material almost same. But film tensile and elongation is much better and can bear harder and longer time work, especially for home kitchen and food prepare.

Some restaurant and food factory think it’s still weak and can’t afford their work requirements, they prefer the Nitrile glove or PVC gloves. But Nitrile gloves are very expensive, and factory will use and waste a lot during daily working. So some customers want to have another choice to use other cheaper healthy gloves, then TPE gloves developed.

TPE gloves are not some special material gloves, just add some better tensile material into the CPE gloves to improve the tensile and elongation. Also the quality with the sealing and the film, it can meet AQL 1.5 water test, so can meet the factories’ requirement. The price is only 30% of Nitrile even less, with cheaper material the price can be down to 20%.

TPE Gloves VS Vinyl Gloves

TPE gloves are developed to replace vinyl gloves finally. Because vinyl gloves are not environmental welcome. It contain Vinyl, plasticizers, and much heavier, also it is a waste of energy. No matter TPE or Vinyl gloves can’t biodegradable easily, so after using, we need to recycle them. Vinyl gloves also called PVC gloves, TPE gloves also called generation 2 CPE gloves.


TPE gloves mainly use TPE and MLLDPE, LLDPE, LDPE mixed material to produce, all material are green and recyclable. Though they are not biodegradable, but they are cheap and easy to make, no smell and can use longer. Vinyl gloves mainly use vinyl, plasticizers, because vinyl contain chlorine, also the plasticizers are not stable in the glove film. They are easy to separate out when heat or touch acidic or alkaline things, so it is not welcome in food contact.


Vinyl gloves is made by production line, from mixed material to dipping, the film will stay on the glove model, and after drying, it will be taken off from the model and can be worn. So during the production, we can’t easily stop it when we found any problem. TPE glove is stamping from TPE film, TPE film making from the film making machines, like T-die, blowing machines. It’s two steps, so when we found any problem, we can just stop stamping and after we solve the mistakes. We start again as we want. So as usual, TPE gloves is easy to increase the capacity.


Vinyl gloves price is much higher than TPE gloves, though the material is cheaper. Vinyl material is around USD 1800 per ton, TPE material is around USD 3000 per ton. But the production cost is different, Vinyl gloves need much more energy than TPE gloves. Also the machines cost, one Vinyl gloves production line need around USD 1 million dollars, and daily capacity is 250,000 pieces.

And the same capacity for disposable TPE gloves only need around 0.06 million dollars! That mean if you invest 1 million dollars, you can have 250,000 pieces per day vinyl production line or 4,000,000 pieces per day TPE glove production machines. Totally different costs cause different prices. Vinyl gloves price now is around USD 35 per 1000 pieces, and TPE gloves price now is around USD 8.2per 1000 pieces. That’s why more than more persons choose TPE gloves.


Both two types gloves have 4 quality levers, AQL 1.5, AQL 2.5, AQL 4.0 and no quality requirement. But both types can’t used in surgical operation, Vinyl glove contain too much plasticizers, so it is forbidden in food contact industry, but TPE gloves is popular in it. Vinyl glove strength is not strong enough to use in surgical operation. TPE glove can approve, but it is sealed glove, no hospital will use it for medical purpose. Tensile and elongation is similar.


They both can used in general purpose, such as cleaning, clear, food prepare, nursing, repair, touch. But because Vinyl gloves is seamless, TPE gloves is seam gloves, so some users prefer Vinyl gloves. Friction is similar, also lab mainly use Nitrile gloves or Vinyl gloves.

TPE glove vs vinyl glove

TPE Gloves VS PE Gloves

They are both made from film, TPE film made by T-die casting machine, PE film made by blowing machine, and same stamping machines.


As both called PE material, so their main material is nearly the same, also TPE material can be blown too. MLLDPE, LDPE, LLDPE are the main materials of two gloves.


Bowling film machine is cheaper than T-DIE casting film machine. One T-die casting film machine can buy 5 more blowing machine, but T-die casting film machine can produce more than 2 tons film one day. One blowing machine can produce around 0.6 ton film, stamping machines are similar price. Melt mixed material, then stamp, these two steps will make the seam gloves.


TPE gloves is expensive than PE ones, because the TPE gloves is double heavier than PE gloves. The price is nearly 3 times expensive, so the reason is not only the weight, also the production method. Though it’s 3 times expensive, but the price is still very cheap. PE gloves price is around USD 2.0-3.5, TPE gloves price is around USD 7.0-12.0 per thousand pieces. Packing way is also a very important reason for it. Some packing style even expensive than gloves self.


TPE gloves are mainly packing in box and bags, these packing style are also main for PE gloves. But PE gloves also have deli packing style, it also called hang glove or easy wear glove.


PE and TPE gloves are totally different quality lever, PE gloves can’t inspect as AQL lever, they are real disposable. AQL 1.5 TPE gloves even can use in hospital for medical examination, so it’s much stronger than PE glove. PE glove are very thin and not strong, so only use in few food contact or dust contact work, such as fast food kitchen.


They are both used for food contact, but TPE gloves are much stronger than PE glove, so many food factory use TPE gloves for whole day work. It’s the most economical glove, because PE glove are too thin to use many time, Nitrile glove is too expensive.


No matter PE or TPE gloves has many sizes, such as SSS, SS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, but like small size, though they both have small size, but totally different dimension. Same size glove, TPE glove is smaller than PE, like Vinyl glove, fits hand well, soft, good feeling. Because TPE glove is much stronger than PE. It can be like that, but PE glove can’t, because they are thin, are not strong, easy to broken. If you use such small dimension size PE glove, it will be broken very easily when using.


They both has transparent, translucent, blue and black.


Both can’t biodegradable, can recycle well, but TPE gloves is better than PE gloves. It will be biodegradable around 20 years, but PE gloves will need around 100 years.


TPE gloves’ production process

Easy production method, film casting and glove stamping, but not means easy producing. Gloves are easy to have broken glove when producing, because the quantity is too much. One stamping machine can produce around 100,000 pieces per day, one casting film machine can make around 2-3 tons per day, these film can make around 400,000 pieces.

Film casting

Mixed the material and melt it to around 220 degree, film model set around the same 220 degree. Suddenly cool down the film with emboss if needed, after it cool down, the film is stable. And cut it into small width that fit glove models, then roll the film on the tubes to rolls.

Different formula needs different temperature, too high temperature will cause the film turn yellow, and even will cause some black burnt plastic spot. Too low temperature will cause the material don’t melt completely, will cause some white plastic spot and big hole. So suitable temperature is very important in film producing.

Glove stamping

After film making, we get the film rolls. Two rolls needed to make the glove, because the glove has two layers of film. Glove models is very hot like 300 degree, much more than melt temperature, because the speed normally is very high, like 130 pieces per minute. It cause the machines need to be very stable that can’t take mistake in a whole day or some hours. Every mistake on the machine will cause to produce lots of defective gloves. Model releasing oil and High-Temperature Resistance Paper needs in the middle of models and film.


Quality Control and Identification

After the world happens to spread COVID-2019, gloves are needed much more than before, and no matter factories and distributors all want to sell them and have them. New distributors want to win the new market quickly and want to earn more in short time, so more and more factories start to produce it even some cloths factory.

How a new factory can supply a good quality disposable TPE gloves in such short time? I don’t believe! No matter how much you buy, quality is the most important. Because defective gloves will cause you infecting the bacteria even some clean area, particularly in hospital and live animals. So we must choose the best TPE gloves when we buy.

Factory found years or brand establish years

Why i put this on the first point, because i don’t believe that such new factories or brand can supply good quality in very short time producing experience. Though it is a very simple product, but it is very fast speed production, workers’ experience is very important. So i suggest when you choose it, you need to know how many years the producer founded, more than 10 years experience is the best supplier. I don’t suggest you choose those factories that only start to produce less than 3 years.

Glove Feeling

More and more factories don’t observe the original formula, some new factories even don’t have formula, just use very common strength PE material like MLLDPE to replace the TPE material. But no matter what you use, if you feel the gloves hard and not soft, that means they cheat you, and use less TPE material. No matter which kind of TPE, if they use less than 25% percent, the glove will feel very hard.

Blow up the gloves

Blow up one piece of glove, you can find whether it is strong enough during working. Strong seam break tensile is very important for TPE gloves, it should be above 2.0 N. If under pressure, you will hear brisk sound, that means it good.

Here i also finger out the most defective gloves, and how they happened during producing.

One layer film gloves

Those gloves can’t be used, and nobody can bear it. When workers produce the gloves, during the production, the film roll suddenly break inside, then there will be only one film on the glove. It will cause some pieces of one layer film glove, when the worker find it, it already has some beside the gloves. So the workers need to throw them away, if the worker don’t throw it, there will be some pieces packed into box.

Big hole on gloves

Most is because the film melt temperature, too high will cause black spot and big hole, too low will cause white spot and big hole.

Less fingers

Some gloves has 4 fingers or one layer 5 fingers, but another layer is 4. Those are because one layer of film is move to left or right, not in the middle. If the middle finger is cut, that is because the machine has problem in the motor.

A lot of black spots

Material is dirty or lots of burnt plastic.

Big hole on glove edge

If the glove edge has big hole no matter where, that must because the glove is not easy to tear off the film. It has 3 reasons: broken High-Temperature Resistance Paper, less glove model pressure, thicker film.

Fly, mosquito, hair, or big dust in the gloves or packages

That must because the factory doesn’t have good quality control system. Fly, mosquito, big dust from working environment, not enclosed space at all. Hair is because the workers don’t wear hats to wrap up it.

Above are unacceptable defective TPE gloves, i think these are the base of any factories’ quality system, and if one factory happens more than 2 such big quality accidents in one year, those factories are not good of course, we don’t suggest you to choose them.

Some smaller defective are acceptable if in AQL 4.0 lever, because too many quantities that gloves are in one container, we can’t promise that there will be non defective glove at all. But AQL 4.0 is requested.

Defective TPE gloves

Choose Your Most Value TPE Gloves

Talked about so many kinds of disposable TPE gloves, how to choose the type is very important. Cheap price, good quality to cover your demand is the best choice.

Choose the good brand is your firstly choice, Amercare, Bitoor, Blackbox plastic are both best TPE gloves quality in the world now.

Choose the right type for you, if you only need it to wash things or clean, you just need the value type, maybe a little harder than others, but enough. If you need them to work in the hospital, then you need use the best one, the premium thick diamond embossed type. Even i suggest you to use CPE gloves if only to clean dust or use it to eat things.

Choose the right size for your hand

TPE gloves is similar to Vinyl gloves, so what size you use for vinyl or PVC gloves, please choose the same size.

Use a ruler to measure your palm width, as shown in the illustration, and then write down your dimension.

When you choose seamless gloves, if your palm width is less than 8 cm, please choose to use the small size. If it is between 8-9 cm, please choose medium size. If it is 9 to 10, please choose large size. Of course, not everyone’s palm size is in this range. Some hands are smaller or bigger, we also have XS or XL for persons’ choosing.

The development direction of TPE gloves

TPE gloves is so good, much cheaper than Vinyl gloves, and much better than PE gloves, so many factories and distributors want to develop it.

TPE gloves also have many no good performance, such as not resilience, too slip, not as strong as Nitrile gloves. To solve these bad weak points, we have tried a lot work. Such as to add some TPU into it to improve the resilience, or some SEBS, but TPU is too expensive, SEBS is not good to produce. Use both side embossing side to make it more grip, make it non slip.. Use special glove model to make it not easy to tear off hands and can use it much longer. Use stronger MLLDPE to make the seam tensile much better.

Many, many different method and ideas from customers or ourselves. Also We found the price is still what users care about. We start to use auto machines to produce to reduce the cost.

Resilience TPE glove

The current situation of TPE gloves

As the price of Vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves prices coming down quickly, the TPE gloves’ price has gone down too, though not as fast as Vinyl gloves, but it is more value than ever before.

The future of TPE gloves

No matter how good it is, how bad you think, it is already accepted by lots of users, and has got many fans, but still many users don’t accept it.

It surely will be biodegradable in the future or even stronger than now, with recycle system in all over the world. I think the both situation will appear in the future, because too many things that use plastic, not only gloves. Plastic is the most useful thing, which the world can’t leave it away, like the petroleum.

A simple article, hope you can learn something with the TPE gloves. If any future information or suggestions, please feel free to contact me and discuss with me.

The newest market information for TPE gloves-2021.09.18

More and more gloves has poured into the market, not only TPE gloves, but the market don’t need so many gloves, so the price suddenly drop down to bottom, even cheaper than the price before COVID-2019. Vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves’ price also drop down, so many medical purpose use Nitrile or PVC gloves has turned back to them.

This exacerbate  the price and also influence the factory production, lots TPE gloves factories has stopped to produce it after March of 2021, and some factories only open half lines. And another bad news is the material and crowd sea shipping lines, some new factories are already bankruptcy.  But of course some factories like us are still busy, and focus on supplying the best TPE gloves and try to develop more economic type and more beautiful gloves to the market.

Hope it is useful and helpful in your future work and life. I wish you can like the disposable TPE gloves and can develop better types, also hope it can defend you in future.

Thank you a lot for your reading, best regards! Wish you healthy and wealthy!


Why more and more people choose TPE and CPE gloves

More and more persons choose CPE and TPE gloves instead of PVC and Nitrile gloves, no matter they are cheaper, but also they can cover most of daily work, and also better for environment.

What are CPE and TPE gloves

CPE and TPE gloves are made of the most PE material and made by T-die casting machines, not use CPE material, just normal PE material, so they are accepted for food contact.

Use 2-4 different types of PE material mixing and melted, after suddenly cool down, it will be a very thin film. After made with a roll, it will be stamped by a glove model, packed into a bag and box as required.


Strong tensile, Good grip

Strong enough and good grip make sure the gloves can be easily used in food contact and food preparing industry. TPE gloves’ tensile is above 3.0N and elongation is above 500%, nearly same with PVC gloves, and it is fit for hands, can be used in lots of works. CPE gloves are strong enough and much cheaper than PVC gloves.

The material of TPE and CPE gloves

The main material of TPE and CPE gloves are mostly same, they are LDPE, LLDPE and MLLDPE, but TPE contain the most different component is TPE. That material can increase the elongation and tensile of the film, and also make the gloves feeling soft and better fit.

And no matter LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE and TPE are all food contact, and no harm to the environment.

How to produce the TPE and CPE gloves

1, Material mixed, this first step is very important, mix the several types of material enough time, that will help the film equality and easy to melted and stamped.

2, Film cast, put the mixed material into the T-die casting machines, the machines will melt the material and press it into film, then roll it.


3, Gloves stamp, take the rolls of film on the gloves stamp machines, use the gloves model to heat the film into glove appearance, tear off the offcut.


4, Quality inspect and packing, after making the gloves and packing them into bags or boxes, the workers will inspect the quality firstly. And after packing, the QC will exam the tensile, elongation, quality, sealing tensile.


Less harmful to environment

Environment is more important than ever before, we should choose less harmful gloves, Though the PE film and also hard to biodegrade, but in the production time, it is very litter harm. The TPE and CPE and PE gloves are much better than PVC and Nitrile gloves.

Gloves’ Future

No one want to destroy the environment and our earth mother, but we also need to survive. 2020 we are experiencing the 2019-COVID, the gloves are demanded most than ever before, but we also know it is very harmful to the environment, we searching and trying a lot of material that called biodegradable material, but no one type can meet our requirements, no matter the performance and feeling, and also because of the biodegradable function, it is not allowed in touching food. Of course the price is 3-5 times than normal gloves.

We hope some one can develop the real biodegradable additive, or some new plastic than can be biodegradable 100% but also can meet the requirements of users, that is real helpful for all the industry. I hope the day will come soon.



Thanks a lot!


straight and oblique line edge

How Disposable PE Shoulder Length Gloves Developed

Disposable PE Shoulder Length Gloves are used a lot in veterinary and stock farm. It is very useful in protecting human and animals. Different countries’ customers call them different names, such as OB gloves, long examination gloves, soft disposable examination gloves, Super Sensitive Disposable Examination Gloves, AI gloves, artificial insemination gloves, PE long gloves, EVA soft long gloves, super touch examination gloves and so on… Different material and different thickness, but they all do well in different situations.

When we start to produce pe shoulder length gloves

In later of 2005, we started to produce this type of gloves with automatic long gloves instead of hand-making machines in Guang Dong province. We required our short glove machines supplier to make it in order. In the beginning, it only make about 20,000 pieces per day and very hard to produce. After some changing of the machine, we can make this shoulder length gloves 50,000 pieces per day in 2006. Based on this, we cut off the prices a lot and get a lot of orders no matter straight line or oblique line.

Long gloves production line

Click here Youtube link to show you how we produce it.

Developing of pe shoulder length gloves

2 years later in 2009, we met our very important customer, most famous brand in veterinary. They give us some new ideas and suggestions, by that, we develop some new types.

1, value type, only use LDPE and LLDPE material, a little hard but strong enough when using them.

2, Super soft type, most 30% percent EVA material used instead of LDPE, much softer than value type and also stronger, because long gloves are mainly used in animals’ body, softer gloves will be better for animals.

3, Super touch type, same EVA compost but use MLLDPE instead of LLDPE, much stronger than above types.


And also for the edge of the long gloves, we have straight edge and oblique edge.

Straight edge is the old type, 80-90 cm. It is easier to make.

Oblique edge is the new developed type, it can protect more shoulder and make the gloves fit your shoulder better.


Different thickness and different length depends on the customers’ requirement. 20 micron, 23 micron, 25 micron is normal thickness types, for length, 60cm, 80cm, 88cm, 90cm, 92cm, 95cm, 97cm. And so many colour, transparent, white, blue, green, red, pink, orange, yellow, gray and so on custom colour.


Shoulder protect gloves with neck strap, PE long gloves with elastic band are two expensive types, can protect users better.

How to inspect your pe shoulder length Gloves’ quality

Quality is very important for each glove, for this long examination gloves, whether strength and strong enough is most important point. Because it is used in animals’ body, it should be not easy to broke and leaked.

Normally we have 4 steps when we inspect them, Look, Pull, Blow and Hang.

1, Look, this first step is very important before you use it or after you purchasing it. Check the sealed line whether there is broken hole or long fur. Then take the glove in light, inspect the film whether the film is shine and smooth, do not have many non melting point. If the supplier purchase recycle material instead of raw material, the gloves maybe cause bad disease for users and animals. That’s why we should look the film firstly.


2, Pull, pull the gloves hard to check the gloves are strong enough when using, it can check whether the supplier use many calcium carbonate in it. If they use many calcium carbonate, the film will be harder and no strength.


3, Blow, first blow it by your mouth, full it with air, and put your arm on it. If the gloves are strong enough, it will be broken on the film. If it broke in the finger’s sealed line, it is bad because the gloves are not sealed strong enough. And if your supplier are professional enough, they should blow it by air pump with 0.5MPA in 10 seconds.


4, Hang with water, fill the gloves with 3L water, hang it 2 minutes, not break. AQL 1.5 is for this quality inspect step, allow 1 broke in 32 pieces.


Choose your best type

A lot of users do not know how to choose the gloves in so many types. Here i introduce some methods. Firstly, where you will use them. If you will use it to exam the sick cattle or pigs, i think the 23 micron(7.0 gram) and normal LDPE types is enough, red colour. If you use it to artificial insemination of the big animals, i suggest you to use the better softer one, green or yellow will be better than red, to check whether you hurt their body. If you only use it to exam the cattle’s stomach, i think 80cm is enough, because it is not so deep if your cattle have hole on them.

Anyway, if you can let your users use it carefully, value one is also enough in any situation.

20 microns (6.0 gram) is developed for cheaper price but more sensitive when using it, though it is thinner and softer, but still strong enough for using. But if you will use it to artificial insemination very strong cattle or other big animal, i suggest you not to use this thin type. No matter how good it is, it is thinner, the film couldn’t be as strong as thicker one.


Long gloves also can protect you away from virus

It is made of PE film, one kind of material that hardly let the air pass through, so it is also a good kind of product. Especially its long length can also protect your cloth and body, the virus or even COVID-2019 will not infect you.

PE Shoulder Length Gloves’ Future

No one feel the changes of this long gloves in last years, but it happens smoothly, especially the quality requirements. Strong enough is not the only requirement of the gloves, more and more customers need them looked better, shiny, beautiful, fit well, softer, and sealed line should be smooth and strong.

Now it developed into 3 ways. One is cheaper, cheaper and cheaper, it requires manufactures to choose cheaper material even add more and more filler, and make it as thin as possible. Second is better for using, add a elastic band in the end edge of gloves, make it with neck strap or cut a line on the edge that can hang over your neck. Third is using environmental material, it is always the focus point for all plastic products.


Thank you a lot for your reading, best regards!


Disposable Clear PE CPE Food Contact gloves

A lot of food factories and suppliers changed to use CPE TPE Gloves

USA market is the biggest disposable products’ market in the world, including our Poly Gloves, PE Gloves, CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PVC Nitrile Gloves. But from July of 2018, China-USA trade war started, more and more products are needed to pay imported tax. PVC and Nitrile gloves are also in the list. Some USA customers started to search suppliers in other countries, but it is very difficult in short time, so some customers started to use cheaper gloves. TPE glove is their best choice now, very soft and strong enough to do food prepare works.

After the trade war started, TPE gloves and CPE Gloves orders increase nearly 50% than before, but PVC and Nitrile gloves are droped a lot. Chinese goverment start to close the old factories or cut the factories’ capacity by the reason of environment, very good policy, can reach 3 targets: first of couse is for the better environment, more and more chinese people want to live better.Second is to cut the too much capacity for every industry.Third is to stable the price of things and social affect of the trade-war.

No matter the trade war continue or not, more and more companies will start to use cheaper gloves, TPE gloves and CPE Gloves are their best choice, don’t you think?