Soft Colored Household Cleaning TPE Gloves

How to choose Food Industry Gloves

In food industry, gloves are used a lot,contain disposable gloves…
Disposable Thick CPE POLY Gloves of food preparing instead of PVC

Why choose our best quality CPE TPE Gloves

CPE TPE Gloves are new types from  PE Poly Gloves, a little…
Fold Plastic Aprons

PE Gloves and Aprons Folding Machines

PE Folded Gloves and PE Folded Aprons are welcome and needed…
Veterinary body cover plastic products

What disposable protect covers we must use in veterinary and livestock

The world's population has increased to 7.5 billion in 2019s,…
Food contact plastic gloves

Why we should use food contact gloves and how to choose

More and more  bacteria and viruses invade human's lives, especially…
Different Coloured HDPE and LDPE Poly Gloves

LDPE and HDPE Material and Films Used for Poly Gloves

    Polyethylene (PE) is a polymer polymerization by ethylene,…

LLDPE Material, Most Important Material in Poly Gloves

    LLDPE, full name is Linear Low Density Polyethylene.  …

Bitoor Plastic Website Founded

Bitoor Plastic was founded on 2009, already 10 years, founded…