New year new journey for the new life 2020

2020, after surfer so serious virus, our factory has started…
disposable gloves and face mask

How can we protect ourselves from the 2019-nCoV

At the end of December 2019, Wuhan, China reported 27 cases of…
Disposable Strong CPE Arm Length Gloves with Elastic Band

Why CPE Elasticated Long Gloves are more and more popular

Key Point is the gloves are much stronger, Will Not drop when…

Plastic Bags, Angles or Demons

Greta Thunberg, Times’ 2019 person of the year, youngest ever,…
straight and oblique line edge

How Disposable PE Shoulder Length Gloves Developed

Disposable PE Shoulder Length Gloves are used a lot in veterinary…

Disposable cloth protect your pigs away from ASF

China is the biggest pork consumer market in the world, African…

What is disposable gloves?

Disposable gloves are the very important items in gloves, they were invented to protect the doctor's hands and avoid contact with the patient's body.

Six Fingers’ Long Examination Gloves For Veterinary

All Normal Gloves have 5 fingers for users, but for veterinary…

Marine plastic garbage harm to everyone

Human creat the plastic,and the plastic has come back to feedback…
Disposable Clear PE CPE Food Contact gloves

A lot of food factories and suppliers changed to use CPE TPE Gloves

USA market is the biggest disposable products' market in the…

How many disposable products used in last years and future

More and more countries' government request people not to use…

All kinds of PE material’s price decline

Last years the oil prices stay on the low lever,but start to…