All kinds of PE material’s price decline

Last years the oil prices stay on the low lever,but start to rise in this year. However American resent president do not want to trade fair, he want all things American first, that cause a lot of countries not happy, especially China. China government do not want to sign unfair trading agreements, so Trump start to trade war with China, and improve a lot of import Tax from China. That cause the factories in China do not have enough orders, nearly 20% capacity is stopped. And also the Chinese government start to treat very strict on environmental protection. Factories have very hard days. Bad demand is most important reason for plastic prices. We called this period waves washing the sands.

The LDPE and LLDPE is nearly the same, all items’ prices are around RMB 9000. HDPE is start to expensive from 2016.

So now is the best time for quotation and orders,cheapest time! And we have purchase more than 1000 tons of material for the future orders, make sure all our products use the raw material, also make sure our prices are the best!

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  1. Eli Jet says:

    Why it happen, the oil price going down, hope disposable gloves’ price will not increase any more, god!


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