Bitoor Plastic has become to be a huge company after 15 years producing disposable plastic products experience, export nearly 50 containers every month.

Bitoor have service P&G, L’OREAL, KAO and so many world’s best brands many years, mainly in food prepare, food contact, medical service, hair-dye, veterinary, animal care and nursing industries, also daily-use and super markets.We can double your sales from not only cheaper prices but also best quality!

Bitoor’s main products include PE Glove,Poly Glove,CPE Glove,TPE Glove,PVC Glove,Nitrile Glove,PE Apron,CPE Apron,PE Gown,CPE Gown,PE Shoulder Length Glove,EVA Long Glove,PE Shoulder Protect Glove,EVA Long Glove with Neck Strap,CPE Long Glove,Face Mask,CPE Sleeves,CPE Shoe Covers,PE Boots and so many disposable plastic products.Each day Bitoor can produce more than 10 million pieces gloves.

Bitoor have very expert QC system, no only QC departments in every workshop, also independent inspector for every customer!That’s how we control better from original material to finished goods.We have passed ISO 9001,ISO14001,ISO13485,CE,BRC,HACCP,Social responsibility audit and so many audits and certifications.We are AAA lever supplier of L’oreal from 2010, the top lever!

Based on credibility, develop by creativity.We assure each word spoken by us, assure every order lifted by customers, send new product samples to our customers at the very first time, help customers to create new items speedy.Our company mission has helped us to become bigger and stronger with our customers together!

Welcome everyone visit our factory at any time, we are very close to Shanghai Port,1.5 hours driving.You will be surely impressive.Let’s create the future together!

Bitoor was founded on 2009 winter, a SINO-USA company, mainly service for L’oreal hair dye products.At that time we mainly produce TPE Gloves packed in a paper instructions, so we also have a glove packing room service for hair dye companies, such as L’oreal, P&G,HENKLE and KAO.

Year after year, by 2019, our workshop has bigger than 30000 square-meters, already have 20 film blowing machines,23 casting machines(T-die),78 glove stamping machines,4 injection machines,2 apron cut machines and more than 100 gloves and aprons packing workers.We expend our products to similar products, which are also produced by plastic film,PE Gloves,CPE Gloves,TPE Gloves,PVC Gloves,Nitrile Gloves,Aprons,Gowns,Sleeves,Covers,Shoe Covers,Boots,Cloths,Face Masks,Long Gloves,Food Bags, garbage bags and so on.

Our Japanese and USA customers praise our quality and credibility.Every customer who comes to our factory satisfied with our factory environment working condition and our site management.We make sure every step fulfill the ISO 9001 requirements, make sure no defect gloves, aprons or gowns packed in the final packages.

We separate injection, stamping, film and pack workshop for better management, here you are the working photos.