A lot of food factories and suppliers changed to use CPE TPE Gloves

USA market is the biggest disposable products’ market in the world, including our Poly Gloves, PE Gloves, CPE Gloves, TPE Gloves and PVC Nitrile Gloves. But from July of 2018, China-USA trade war started, more and more products are needed to pay imported tax. PVC and Nitrile gloves are also in the list. Some USA customers started to search suppliers in other countries, but it is very difficult in short time, so some customers started to use cheaper gloves. TPE glove is their best choice now, very soft and strong enough to do food prepare works.

After the trade war started, TPE gloves and CPE Gloves orders increase nearly 50% than before, but PVC and Nitrile gloves are droped a lot. Chinese goverment start to close the old factories or cut the factories’ capacity by the reason of environment, very good policy, can reach 3 targets: first of couse is for the better environment, more and more chinese people want to live better.Second is to cut the too much capacity for every industry.Third is to stable the price of things and social affect of the trade-war.

No matter the trade war continue or not, more and more companies will start to use cheaper gloves, TPE gloves and CPE Gloves are their best choice, don’t you think?

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